Pho The Good Times Asian Bistro

2729 Shadowview, Eugene
(541) 357-4971

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Nathan Daley

I’ve been here a couple times and I think the food is good. My favorite dish so far has been the “Bun Bo Hue”. The staff is always friendly, but I wouldn’t recommend coming here if you’re in a hurry. They’re a little slow between taking your order, getting your food and trying to get your bill. But overall a decent experience. I’ll probably come back for more Pho.

Suwimon Sutantawong

Delicious food and excellent service. The pho had perfect portions of meat, noodles, and soup. Definitely recommend this place and will go there again.Food: 5/5

Patricia M.

Typical post-COVID experience. One waitperson. Restaurant interior looked like it needed a coat of paint and some upgrades. Pho needed more protein. The pork bahn mi was awful. Did they use slabs of SPAM for the pork? Won't return.

Cynthia C.

I'm from LA and was not impressed by the food. Short cuts taken. Some vegetables seemed to be frozen. I guess maybe it comes down to flavor. It was ok but nothing I would take a out of town. Service was ok. Friendly staff, place is clean.

Shawna C.

Best phô in Eugene. Service is always awesome. And it's a cute little restaurant in a delightful part of Eugene.

Gloria C.

Long story short, the waitress spilled my bowl of pho when she brought it to the table. Half the broth and meats were spilled out with only noodles and a couple of meats left in the bowl. I was sitting there soaked in hot broth all over my pants and shoes and some on my sweatshirt. The waitress goes to grab a rag and some napkins and starts wiping down the table and collecting the spilled meats. In her defense, she was apologetic and it was an accident. However, it was very unprofessional, disappointing, and disrespectful that she did not offer to make me a new bowl of pho or take it off the bill. That is what made me furious. This is not the service I was expecting at all and definitely not the experience that anyone would want to deal with. Final rating is a 0. I would not recommend and will not be coming back.

Tracy J.

Delicious Pho! Their special rice is very good too. Generous portions, great for take-out. 1 order is enough for 2. One of my new favorites in Eugene!

Dara Udoh

Pho and tea were good, till I got to the bottom of the drink and found a shrimp shell. Don’t know how this even happens or if it was on purpose but this seems like it violates a few health codes. Eat at your own discretion.

Don P.

It was closer than our usual Vietnamese restaurant and we gave it a try. It's far more Thai than Vietnamese given the flavors and presentation. The Iced coffee was definitely Thai, and the Pho was murky rather than clear and not like any I have tasted in the past. It was not horrible but terribly blasé. The waiter was awesome, very pleasant and concerned when they delivered the wrong soup. We appreciated his concern and he can wait on us any time , just not there. We won't be back. Not that it was bad, it was so-so. When it comes to Pho so-so doesn't cut it. Sorry, We came looking for Vietnamese Pho and iced coffee, we got neither.

Chandler Paris

Great service and great food. Also had a good selection of beers to choose from.

Chris Tine

This is a fusion pho spot, not your typical hole in the wall 72 hour pho broth dining experience. The food was good but service lacking. One person in our party ordered a bowl of pho that never came because it was left off the order slip. Seems a relatively simple issue to address however the wait staff was extremely inattentive. We came here anticipating great food and service, we were sorely disappointed.

Chloe J.

Chicken salad with rice vermicelli in it is my favorite thing ever! My grandma craves their papaya salad also. Such great high quality food in my opinion. Definitely a top choice when deciding where to eat out!

Betsie R.

Best pho around! This place is my favorite. I get the pho tai, and the beef broth is so killer, and has the most depth of flavor. Enjoy!

Andrew B.

If you order online for pickup and tip, the owners pocket the money. Not sure if that's legal or not, but it's certainly in poor taste.

Jeff M.

Big mistake today at lunch. Did dine-in for first time in ages. We've been doing take-out for months to support them during pandemic. Food today was fantastic as always. Service was nonexistent. The two servers were more interested in their phones, conversations & TV then visiting any tables. Final rating is 0 for service & 5 for food. For us this will become a take-out only establishment.

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Pho The Good Times Asian Bistro

2729 Shadowview, Eugene, OR 97408
(541) 357-4971