444 E 3rd Ave, Eugene
(541) 653-8509

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Lora Lee

Everything about this place is wonderful. We decided to appetizer up our early dinner (so we can have room for a 2nd dinner and desserts). We went with a delicious French Onion soup, caramelized carrots, sourdough bread and fried chevre. I could of eaten two of each of these dishes. No shame in unbuttoning the top button of my jeans.... I'm always happy with everything whenever I visit this restaurant. The service is always top notch, atmosphere laid back. This food is happiness.

Ronald Monaghan

This was the highlight for places to dine during our visit to Eugene. We were in the area for five days and this was by far the best location for food. The ambiance is like a bar with seating around the perimeter walls and tables placed on the main floor. There is seating outside on the patio with sun/rain covers over the table area. The food was fantastic. We greatly enjoyed the dishes we ordered. The menu was fairly small and appeared to have a selection based on quality over quantity of dishes. There is one note, we took our young child to dine. There were not many options for a child to select. Overall, we would highly recommend.


Pleasant service, easy pace. We had the roasted carrots for the table - delicious! Amongst four, we had four different entrees and each earned high marks. There was great depth of flavors. We will return- no question about it.

Shad Bolling

Great service and great drinks! I had the pork stew and it was fantastic.

Daniel Borson

We sat on the patio on a lovely, warm evening. Our server was very attentive. The fries chevre balls were fabulous, with a delightful dipping sauce, and the accompanying bit greens were great to cut the fat of the cheese. The steak was one of the best I've had in a while, and ordered rare, it came actually rare. The duck breast was moist and succulent, although it was more medium than medium rare. Where Rye really shines, though, is in the cocktails. They're classic, imaginative, and perfectly well-balanced. I highly recommend.

Dean Foor

We loved the food... its always creative and very delicious.

Andi Jo S.

I'll start off by saying the service was AMAZING. Our servers name was Sarah, I believe, and she was one of the best servers I've ever had. But on the other hand.. the food was not pleasant whatsoever. The rice was undercooked, the salmon cakes were raw. I was told the cooks were new and being trained but still.. it was rough. But again, the service and our server especially were outstanding.

Debbie Olsen

Lovely atmosphere, delicious fresh salmon, great wait staff. They are expensive. But they're paying their wait staff $18 an hour with health insurance and not requiring or expecting or accepting gratuities. They raised the salaries for their staff and everybody loves it.

Charmaine Turner

Ranger is the best bartender ever! Sending lots of love to you from Baltimore, Maryland!!

Debbie Olsen

lovely calm, not too much music, great food, fresh salmon was wonderful. Wait staff was very confident and kind. It's expensive but they don't accept gratuities. They pay their staff $18 an hour plus health benefits, so if that adds on to the price on the menu that's okay with me.

Rachel Johnson

Will not recommend or go back. As someone who managed and ran restaurants for years, there is definitely something wrong in the kitchen.I ordered the top sirloin medium. Came to me seared and rare. I ate a few bites and cut into it to see that it was rare all the way through. I asked for the waiter and asked them to do it again.I wait a long time. My partner finished all of his food and I still had nothing (he says his shrimp was good, rice sucked). Then this poor waiter brought me my food again... I was appalled. They literally spent 10-15 minutes MICROWAVING my steak! All my vegetables were shriveled up and dried out. My steak was curled up chewy stump of meat. I didn't even take a bite. This was supposed to be a nice restaurant and they allowed their chef to microwave steak.They only get two stars because the young make waiter was super nice. Also totally a shame because I feel their pink chick cocktail is one of the best in the city. But you'll never catch me in there again.To the owner/s. I'm honestly embarrassed on behalf of the waiter that had to witness such laziness. Also the manager of the restaurant did not even come up to apologize. If I was in charge, that manager would be out and those chefs back into training.

Jeff Green

One of the things that made me so excited to move to Eugene was the food scene here. However, I was quite disappointed in Rye. My GF ordered a steak, medium. It was delivered rare. She sent it back and they proceeded to microwave this beautiful steak along with all the carefully prepared veggies. It was a travesty. Our server was wonderful, however. The grilled shrimp I ordered was quite good, although the saffron rice was by far the poorest version I have ever had. I hope that the kitchen was just having a very off night and it's not normally like this. I will not be returning here.

Brittany Smith Vance

Delicious lunch. The server could have been friendlier though.

Danica P.

The pink drink was delicious! The server mentioned it was vodka based, but other than that, the recipe is top secret ;) The goat cheese appetizer, caesar salad, and catch of the day (salmon) were also delicious. Highly recommend!

chyna 813

First time at this established. I went for a late birthday dinner. Needless to say the food was outstanding and the wine was to die for. I definitely loved the atmosphere. Although they ran out of a few things on the menu. It was still a good experience and I would definitely go back

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