Spice N Steam

165 W 11th Ave, Eugene
(541) 654-0338

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Aaron Standish

This place was great! Not just the average Chinese food place. We got the sample dim sum plate, spring rolls, Mongolian beef, vegetable lo mein and the honey walnut shrimp. Very big portions and everything was delicious! We will absolutely be back!

Fran Gillooly

This was our first time in, we will be regulars! The taste of the food and the teas are so incredibly fresh and flavorful. I ordered the spicy popcorn chicken and it’s fantastic! It’s got such depth of flavor and texture. I highly recommend this if you like flavorful heat! Our seven year old son had some special requests and the wonderful woman Miranda who helped our table was so kind and thoughtful. She’s one of the reasons we will be back. This is a beautiful places to dine. The kind people and the open modern style with the warm, intimate setting makes for a relaxed and chill atmosphere. The menus is clear and informative and the prices are perfect. Everything we ordered tasted so fresh and real! Overall this is the best Chinese food restaurant in Eugene we’ve experienced. We have to try everything on their menu the flavors are that incredible.Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Scott Besemann

Much to love here. BBQ pork apps were great, veggies tasted fresh, Kung pao chicken on point, curry was deep in flavor, vegan dumplings were outstanding. Tea was delicious. Only knock is the creaminess of honey shrimp. So much seemed legit but this was too american.Service was ok...seemed short staffed but they really did well bringing out food and filling waters. But as the place got busier, the staff worked HARD to keep people happy. Only issue is that we had 8 people which apparently triggers an auto gratuity. No one mentioned it. If I hadn't seen it, I could have double tipped. Poor form.Overall, I don't eat out at Chinese very often, I'd rather make it at home myself. But this is pretty good and would recommend it if in the area.Dietary restrictions: Had enough vegan options for dinner.

John A.

Good food! Great service! Our server was very quick and efficient! Love the food and the dimsums are great!

Amy L.

I love going there with my family to have dinner. The food always amazing but the service were crappy. They always short handed on staff. We waited for 30 mins for the server to comes and takes ours order. We literally sat there for an hour just to get ours food.

Autzen H.

After the late night Oregon/Utah win, we didn't get back to our hotel until 12:30-ish...which caused us to miss our 6am United flight home. Since we had time to eat, i looked up Dim Sum and found this place downtown. We got there when they opened and they didnt disappoint...fresh, hot and tasty. On our list when we get back to Autzen. Need i say anything else?

Stephen S.

Dim sum was good, they obviously have staffing problems as the service was pretty bad and chaotic for a week night, imagine the weekend is a ****show. Don't expect more than one drink and any water refills, probably why we saw some much take out. Doubt I would go back.

C C.

Always excellent and fresh ingredients. liked rice noodles combo with mean and the pork belly with preserved beg

Liz L.

Omgggg. I'm sitting in my hotel room with a full belly and a happy heart. I cannot hype this place up enough. I moved to the PNW. Work has me traveling all over and I happen to be in Eugene this week. I haven't found that many good Asian spots north of Portland so I opted for it tonight. I ordered braised pork (served with cabbage). It was so delicious. Via the DoorDash app you can extra protein and extra spicy, so I did cuz I was starving and was ready to grub. Finally a restaurant that makes spicy food, not just say spicy and have it be non existent. At one point I unattractively sneezed 4 times in a row and had to blow my nose twice. LOL. It's been years since I've had legit spicy food. The hotter the better in my book. I would absolutely order again and would recommend. My only disclaimer is for folks who have sensitivities: it is topped with a ton of chilis, minced garlic and it absolutely has MSG. I don't prefer eating MSG. But I don't care when the food tastes this good. Lol Again, would recommend.

Jennifer Miller

Already ate here twice. So good! Not alot of people were there when we went which was great. Food was fast and fresh tasting, staff was super friendly

Inari Okami

A wonderful celebration dinner with the fantastic Cumin-style Lamb. Spicy but delectable.And they let you skip garlic off of the menu if you ask. Perfect for people with sensitivity.


Excellent freshly made dim sum, lots of choices with some hot, cold and main dishes as well. Don't miss Spice & Steam for great dim sum

Jennifer M.

So good. We had more than is pictured and I have already been back since this. Prices were reasonable and the food was delicious. So glad I stumbled across it when we were searching for food

Brent B.

The menu has amazing photos and everything we ordered matched those expectations. Dim sum menu is small, but hits the spot. Entree portion sizes are great for sharing!

C H.

Amazing family run business. We always have the prompt and excellent service. Large portion sizes with soooo many options. We love it here!

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