Spice N Steam

165 W 11th Ave, Eugene
(541) 654-0338

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Jennifer Miller

Already ate here twice. So good! Not alot of people were there when we went which was great. Food was fast and fresh tasting, staff was super friendly

Inari Okami

A wonderful celebration dinner with the fantastic Cumin-style Lamb. Spicy but delectable.And they let you skip garlic off of the menu if you ask. Perfect for people with sensitivity.


Excellent freshly made dim sum, lots of choices with some hot, cold and main dishes as well. Don't miss Spice & Steam for great dim sum

C H.

Amazing family run business. We always have the prompt and excellent service. Large portion sizes with soooo many options. We love it here!

James B.

Best place in town to take a sweet Asian girl to. The hibiscus tea is the best!! Service is excellent

Kristen N.

Our server, and presume an owner, Sunny was delightful! We love dumplings, dim sum and duck and they delivered! The peking duck was off the charts delicious! the skin was super crispy and the duck was cooked perfectly! can't wait to go back!

fang ben

The restaurant environment is very good and the lighting is very appetizing. I love the dim sum here especially the radish tripe and fried shrimp balls. A family reviewed frequently must receive five-star reviews.

Cella A.

Cheap & healthy food to split with a friend or two & have leftovers. Always delicious, not crazy incredible but for a number of factors this has become one of my faves in eugene. The soupy egg rice (i like mine with beef) is so creamy & delicious & bright yellow. The beef is silken & there are no strong flavors or heavy gross cornstarch feelings afterwards. The lotus wraps are great to take home as leftover when i need a small/dense lunch& can't bother making sticky rice. My fav dimsums from here are the chazhou dumpling & the chive & shrimp dumpling. Nothing is EVER salty. If u have an issue with that add soy sauce -.- but that makes it so much easier to eat a well balanced, healthy meal when dining out. The house special wonton soup has a few broccoli florets which I think is funny but I won't pass by a perfectly good veggie!! It also has silked chicken, some lil shrimps, snap peas, carrots, bbq pork(?or maybe duck idk but it's yum) & the wontons themselves. And the broth is light!! I really hate when I order a simple soup & I can't even drink the broth bc of too much salt. This is never an issue here :) I also love the shiitake mushroom & baby bok choy stirfry it's simple and tasty and healthy what more can u ask for!!?? The health and affordability here bring this place up to five stars for me. Service is always great & kind & the environment is so beautiful. Yay for happy dining !!

Ashley O.

Let's begin with the fact that they forgot to ring up and send out our entree and we were honestly okay with that. The dim sum here is just okay, it is dry and lacking flavor. I would feel just as content getting the Trader Joe's shumai and bao. Ended up just splitting what was pictured and calling it a night.

Isabelle G.

A little rickety but amazing food. Some of the best Chinese food I've had in Oregon and their sauces are to die for. Really yummy high-quality hand made fresh sauces!!! Try there brown vinegar and chicken fried rice if you go!

Sara L.

I just left and I want to go back. Perfect family style restaurant! The noodles and Soup Dumplings hit the spot and the staff was beyond welcoming! Will be back soon!

Darlene Sexton

By far the best Chinese I have had in a long time. Every single bite was heaven. From the dim sum, spice noodle rolls to the braised pork belly my whole family devoured it all. We went two days in a row because we has to try their other dishes. Please come don't walk run to this place it's beyond amazing. Mongolian beef was fabulous, we had orange chicken 2 nights in a row that's how delicious.

Rhiza Mendoza

Our go-to spot when in Eugene. They serve authentic Chinese food and they're really, really good. Simple, quiet ambience, people there are nice, and they serve soup dumplings! (Bangnam, I think it's called) All of their dumplings are delicious!!This place is a must-try if you like flavorful not just salty, good quality, and authentic Chinese food!

Mica Joy

I stopped in here when visiting Eugene last October and I am so glad I did. I tried several kinds of their dim sum options my first visit and their Mongolian beef. I stopped back by in December and got their roast pork again since it was so good the 1st visit. I tried the Chinese broccoli dish that time and it did not disappoint in the least. The portions were generous. And their chili oil was delicious. The service was excellent. Look forward to returning when I pass through town.

Jay C

I visited here often cuz it’s a good dim sum place for Eugene and I like how their food remind me home …

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