4740 Royal Ave, Eugene
(541) 688-6497

Recent Reviews

Samuel Hibbard

Starbucks coffee in general isn't the best, but they generally have free wi-fi and the standard coffee going fare. At least the employees here were nice and got my order out quickly.

Cris Snuggerud

Great coffee at a high price. If you want something cheaper, try 7-11.

Tiffany Peck

Great service

Ludia Wood

Don't like it, too much homeless people in there.

Patricia Wilson

Always a fan of starbucks. Wish they'd lower their prices

Tracie Laiosa

Not enough help. Only 1 person working. She was very nice.

Laura Morales

Grande white mocha. Hot in the winter. Iced in the summer. Or Double chocolate chip Frap. My choices always. I dont really vary.

Justin Pederson

Starsbucks iced mochas are the best

Annette Hepner

I don't go for the coffee -too expensive. I take a bucket of coffee grounds home for my worm buddies in my compost pile. Thanks.

andrew ressel

Probably one of the best places to meet up or Have a meeting

Harmony Cannon

Great coffee, Pleasant surroundings, very friendly staff.

Janis Crook

So so good and they are good at what they make and do

Terry Bean

Quick service and clean place

jeffrey sims

A little over priced but convenient.

Gary Engelmann

You all gotta know this by now.

James Quinn

Love the coffee and the service

Candi Hook

Employees are awesome! Highly recommend their Sugar Free Vanilla Breve Lattes!

Joshua Salaets

I love their coffee. They have a coffee milkshake that is so good. Little higher price than some other places but their coffee is great.

Jessie Jane

Dont know if this is normal but it seemed like they ran out of stuff for my drink and filled it with ice. Theres so much ice I cant move the straw or squish the cup.

Crystal Van Nortwick

I'm not sure why but every time I've ever been to this Starbucks the employees are very unfriendly. They never smile or greet me. I walk up to the counter and they just stare at me. "Hello", I believe is the word your looking for. If I ask for a utensil for my food item they act very inconvenienced by my request. I purchased the bacon sous vide and the guy literally threw them in a bag with no utensils, no holder and when I requested one the said they didn't have any. Would have been nice to know that before I ordered them because now I have to fish them out from the bottom of the bad with my hand. Gross! It just sucks this Starbucks is by my house because whenever we leave on vacations or road trips I always have to encounter these unfriendly people.

Jesse Clark

It's inside Albertsons. They having seating inside. Good service.

A Google User

Mist of the baristas are very friendly and outgoing. Sometimes there's a bit of a line but can't help that too much.