4724 Royal Ave West, Eugene
(541) 688-0652

Recent Reviews

Brock B

Got a footlong wheat double meat double cheese 5 days ago. Have spent the last 5 days in bed sick as a dog. 10/10 am going back again.

BroC H.

Been reported 5-11-2020 to Oregon Health Department , Lenora at the Albany office 5419811125. Highly suggest avoiding this place if you value your loved ones.

Vernon Bowden

Horrible service. Extremely rude, and you can tell the employees hate having people in the restaurant. Why is that some subways allow you to customize the sliders and others dont. Definitely need to train your employees better. Ridiculous.

Karen Packnett Ensley

What can I say, the food is awesome and so was the staff. Plus the facility was spotless!

Bryan Murphy

They used to be good but now they just get orders wrong

BJ Reo

This Subway is close to my house I order food here often or at least I did. I continuously was getting my sandwiches messed up(not complex either). I started going to another store for a while which was all right. I was going to give this store another go round since it's 2 mi closer to my house, until I sat on the phone on hold for a solid 2 minutes before I hung up. I could hear 2 employees who were no longer helping customers but we're chatting with each other about what they were going to do after work.

BlackGG 1.

A new person was slower than usual and it took 15 min to make 2 subs and she didn't listen to the coustermor


Delicious food and cookies

Jade Hampton

Of all the subway sandwich shops I've been to this is one of them


Delicious food and cookies

Banana Jelly YT

Delicious food and cookies

Brian Koller

I watched the girl making my sub move the knife cleaning station to the sink behind the counter. When she did this ,liquid from the cleaning station splashed all over her glove. She continued making my sub without changing the glove.

The Gamer Girl -Kaylee

They make good sandwiches, I haven't been disappointed once.

malakai smith

It was good

Jody Whitney

Love them subs and service is top notch

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