Cinco de Mayo Mexican Restaurant

51470 US-97, La Pine
(541) 536-2236

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Kevin Mccord

First time coming here and it was very good ! Staff was super nice even when we had a problem with Judy's dinner , they replaced it and made it right ! Very nice and we will be back !

Lisa Carter

Quick lunch on our way to Bend at this tex mex style restaurant. Fast and friendly service, filling portions, and a huge menu with something for everyone. I am very happy I got the *half order* of nachos as my meal because leftover nachos are never good, and I definitely couldn't finish all of it!

Al Lenaburg

Wow! We follow a plant based lifestyle. This was a great option. Nothing on the menu that says vegan But we ended up ordering the D7 Fajitas with veggies instead of meat. Lots of broccoli, cauliflower, red and green bell peppers, mushroom and white onions all grilled to perfection. We also had the Burrito Supreme that comes with 2 burritos. These we had with veggies as well, & we're great. They were very accommodating to prepare these plates as we ordered. Also they used a minimal amount of salt as requested as well. Very good food & guarantee you will not go away hungry. Two thumbs up. ?? Thank you....


Good food, large portions, reasonable prices. Food came out fast and hot. Wait staff was friendly and attentive. Restaurant was clean and inviting.

Timothy Hoehn

To Start, I am from out of town.But this feels like a Mexican Restaurant that has adapted to it’s environment.Queso Cheese that was actually Microwaved Nacho Cheese? Come on folks…The food is adequate and for anyone who’s never had Mexican food elsewhere it’s probably pretty good, but for us, we were left wanting.

Jennifer Baker

Absolutely the worst Mexican food we’ve ever had....My Chile relleno had a small piece ofa Chile and the cheese was chewy. I ordered a “Cadillac margarita” that tasted like Kool-aid withzero alcohol.My husband ordered a carne asada burrito without sour cream...had sour cream on it... He saidthat it was mediocre at best and wouldn’t have eaten it if he wasn’t so hungry. Service was not great.Must say the salsa was good. Don’t normally don’t give reviews but this place gets two thumbs down!Obviously won’t be going back. ??☠️

Suzy S.

As someone from AZ, I'm somewhat of a Mexican food snob. This is definitely the BEST Mexican food I've had in Oregon.

Danielle Walsh

This is the best Mexican restaurant in all of Oregon! I'm originally from Southern California and obviously very spoiled when it comes to authentic Mexican food. Their salsa alone is best I have ever tried. Their margaritas are wonderful. The bar tender has high elbows! The sweet and sour mix wasn't to sugary, a lot of the times it gives me a stomach ache. Next the food, OMG, I ordered the Chimichanga with shredded beef and my husband got the Carne Asada. My shredded beef was amazing, it was cooked perfectly and was juicy and seasoned. The beef didn't get stuck in my teeth at all and was not dry. The rice was cooked perfectly not mushy at all! Even the beans were good, had great flavor and texture. My husband's Carne came with homemade corn tortillas that were so soft. The Carne was also perfectly seasoned and the carne was soft not tough at all. I loved the salsa so much I bought a pint for home. I have had Mexican food in Portland, Salem, Klamath Falls, Bend, Redmond and Medford. This is seriously the best place I found in the entire state! I can't say enough good things about this place.

Haley R.

Ever craved Mexican food for miles but couldn't find something that sounded good? Well that's us, Taco Bell caught our attention but waiting at the light we saw the best thing ever. A Mexican restaurant! And not only that it wasn't packed and super clean. So we walked in, immediately noticed how friendly the workers were. The server was a bit behind, but that's understandable since she was practically the only one serving tables. Our food came out delicious and hot, so it was amazing. Overall this place is super cute and a really good stop to take. If you are thinking of Mexican food this is your place. Our taco salads were delicious and totally different from what we are used to. They had chips as the base instead of a taco shell. Saving this to my bookmarks to come back the next time we drive thru.

Candace Tarkeshian (AnimePython)

Our friends just moved to La Pine and we came to visit. This was their top restaurant recommendation and WOW! We were impressed. Large portions, lots of options, and the friendliest staff all solidify that we will be coming back. Ample parking, easy to find... It was precisely what we were hoping to find.

Patti Mueth

Food it great, service was even better. The flavored Pina Coladas are amazing

Andrew D.

Coming from Portland and from the east side of Portland where there are many Mexican restaurants to choose from. I think their food is right up there although my wife said the nacho chips at the beginning of the meal were stale. We showed on a packed house on a weekend before the actual Cinco de Mayo. I enjoyed everything although I asked for extra tortillas to go with the steak fajitas after the waitress gave me the check. After a slight eye roll she charged me $.60 apiece for three more tortillas. The waitresses could have been a slight nicer but it was a packed house and they were busy. Top two restaurants in La pine.

Shy Tart

Excellent homemade Mexican food in lovely downtown La Pine, Oregon. Clean restaurant serving alcohol with lunch. Very nice ladies serving us. Pleasant atmosphere. Will return. Redmond, Oregon

Dennis F.

Salsa - all three were really meh not worth it at all ... Food - Dinner was Not bad not amazing .. a little high on the price side for Mexican food.. but that seems to be the thing these days .. Home Made Tortillas were great Service - Not bad. Place had no music or ambiance which made it kind of weird.

Jace Tuttle

Keeping the Lapanese folks fed. Good staff, good food. Likely the busiest place in town so there CAN be a wait. But it's not bad enough on pass on

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Cinco de Mayo Mexican Restaurant

51470 US-97, La Pine, OR 97739
(541) 536-2236