Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

52505 US-97, La Pine
(541) 536-3344

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Edwin Davis

Probably the worst food and service from any dairy Queen in Oregon. Of course the owner lives across the country and can't oversee her own business. "All the queens men?" Your time has expired. Time to GO!

Jerick Akuna

Upon entering I was greeted by Melissa. Her customer service skills were exceptional. After ordering I passed by several dirty tables until finally settling on a table that I decided just to wipe off. The atmosphere felt dirty and honestly lowered my appetite. The food was done in average time. The chicken strip basket tasted good but seemed as if minimal effort was put into it. Pic of toast below. The other guest with me got the pineapple sundae and complained that the pineapple wasnt good but the ice cream was. Other guest also mentioned the mens bathroom was very clean.

Mary Eaton

LaPine Dairy Queen is a friendly, fast comfortable place. Great people atmosphere! Ice cream is still fabulous!Food: 5/5

Jim Barrick

I go weekly for the $7 lunch special in Redmond, 3 piece chicken tenders, fries, drink and small sundae. Sometimes although they don't listen well when ordering and deliver your oder missing the sauces you ordered. Also sometimes when you go back up to ask for your sundae, they forget and you have to go back, again to remind them.Food: 3/5

chris p. bacon

Very slow service for a fast food place. Young man working the microphone sounded like he was on a mild horse tranquilizer. Food and blizzards are good though even if the teenage staff seem like that couldn't really care less.Food: 4/5

Jared Canham

Not sure if I am the only one, but I swear their meat at this location is some sort of substitute. Almost like every meal has been kept under heat lamps for hours. I will be avoiding this building until they go under and are replaced with someone who cares about quality.

Dave Watson

Food was okay and apparently all fast food has gone up in price dramatically and service was really slow at the drive thru.Food: 3/5


There are two very nasty girls who work there one claimed to spit in the food she had red hair and the girl with shorter hair just laughed and said we could do worse. Rather eat at McDonald's than here.

Jacklyn Lovato

I mean it was a dairy queen. Teenage kids slinging icecream lol. Thought it could have been mixed more thoroughly. I felt a bit like an inconvenience.Food: 3/5

Matthew Kraxberger

Dont eat here. My wife and I got terrible food poisoning from food ordered in La Pine on 07Nov at about 6 pm. I will never go back and I reccomend that you never eat anything that comes from this restraunt. Ever. 15 hours of feeling like death from a burger that they had the nerve to charge me for. From a local, this isnt the first time that they have sucked. Save yourself a day of pain and 10 bucks and just go anywhere else.Edit after speaking with a manager on 08Nov: Asked to speak with an owner an was told they dont live local. No general manager available either. Got some kind of manager on the line that asked me for a bunch of information and I took his responses to be condescending when he told me that I should bring him a doctors note. Took two calls to apologize for poisoning my family. I lost my temper. Stay away from this location. They served poison.

Dale Long

Just ate at Dairy Queen in La Pine Oregon 8-20-22 and it still hasn't changed. Ordered a Bacon cheese burger and the beef not cooked correctly, very mushy and the bacon was not cooked properly ( raw). Fries were very good. 11/9/22 still nothing changed. We ordered our meal, got a drink and just sat down and food arrived. Wife had chicken strip basket and she rates it a 2 out of 10. I had a double cheese burger and it had so much condiments on it just fell apartRate it 2 out of 10. This place needs someone from Dairy Queen to come out and so them what quality control is or shut the place down. Please don't reply with your usual message, just do something about the place. We're done eating there.


After visiting us last night, I suggested my Son & Granddaughter stop at Wickiup Station to eat on their way home, but it was getting late, so they stopped at Dairy Queen instead. Sad Choice. Besides watching a female employee cleaning the drink machine without gloves, then handed them their food without washing hands, my Granddaughter ended up getting sick in the middle of the night and missing school today. Still very sick to her stomach today. Sadly, like many other establishments these days, they are hiring whomever they can get to apply. But the worst of it is, these employees are not being trained well or if they are, they are not being supervised well. Food establishments are one of the worst to ignore. They have caused many people to become very ill due to employees not doing their job properly and supervisors not training/overseeing the importance of cleanliness and sanitary conditions. I hope someone pays attention to these reviews and make some serious changes to training, including supervisors, as they are just as responsible, if not moreso.

Scott Evans

Ordered a MEDIUM blizzard. Got charged for a large blizzard. Was also informed their machine was broke and the person working at the front gave me a watery blizzard that was not flipped upside down. I want a free blizzard!!!

Karen R.

If I could give negative stars or demerits I would! Dominic took my order .... Yikes! Hope he isn't working if you come by. I ordered a combo. He said , " you don't want cheese," I said ok but I do want everything else. Well expectations were lettuce, tomato and a few onion. To my surprise I got a 25 cents hamburger with pickles and ketchup!!! It did come with a small order of fries ..... but ... And as I was explaining my disappointment to Dominic another patron was approaching the counter to inquire about the bacon missing from her burger. Best advice I can give you .... Steer clear!

Ryan H.

I've had dairy queen all over the state since childhood and never have i experienced such poor quality and customer service as this one.(or any fastfood for that matter) I took my kids for cheeseburgers, fries and treated them with blizzards. We pulled right up and ordered our food with only 2 cars in front of us(one at the window, and one waiting) i joined the line. 25 minutes later we get to the window, i pay and they hand me running down the side of the cups, messy, dripping small bliazards for my kids I jokingly said, "good thing you didnt try flipping those!" She said " we dont flip at this location, only some locations are required to do that". I responded letting her know i was kidding, but as i took the blizzards, my hands became covered in melted ice cream. I politely asked that she wipes them down and secures lids on them, thats when all hell broke lose. She slams the window and storms off. Now im sitting there for 5 more minutes, stairing at the closed window when someone else, i presume the "manager" opened the window and in the rudest way asked, "do we have a problem?!!". I explained, that I just didn't want to put those blizzards in my car with them dripping all over the place. She finally hand me the 2 smalls with lids, then she tries handing me my large, it was worse then the other 2. No lid and was literally running down her hands. Again, i asked if she would wipe it up and secure a lid on it. She refused and demanded that she make another one. At this point ive been there for over a half an hour, ive got 3 cars behind me now and still havent got my food. So i hand her back the 2 smalls and ask for a refund. She then refused my refund, and when i asked why, she said its because she already gave me my food. I remained calm and explained to her that I've got 2 small blizzards and just handed them back to you. Now i have nothing and shes refusing to refund my money. So i said fine, give me the food then and i wont ever be back. So she finally gives me my 3 cheeseburgers and fries, then closes the window. I had to honk to get her to come back and give me my soupy blizards!! If that wasnt bad enough, the burgers were awful, cheese wasnt even melted and tasted stale like they've been sitting out all day. Im not one to run and write these bad reviews, but something has to give. There has to be some recourse, they acted as if they can do and treat customers as they please and there is not a thing you can do about it. So hopefully this message will reach someone that can do something.

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