Just chillin'

51470 US-97, La Pine
(541) 907-1824

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Brandy Lee

I have to say that the first time I came in the gentleman working was super friendly.. not so with the female employee. She was horrendous, disrespectful, condescending and overall just plain rude. I have been there singularly, and in a large group and no matter how many times, I really have to say I do not know how she is still an employee in a customer service business. Sorry Jus Chillin' I will not be back and several of the people from said large group will not be either.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 4

Service: 1

Justyce Loomis

This is one of my favorite places in town. They have an amazing menu and all their food/drinks taste delicious (especially the boba). I have been going here for a couple years and have been treated with kindness by all the employees except recently one of the employees have been extremely disrespectful. While me and a group of friends were there buying froyo, we doordashed some mcdonalds (i admit this was a mistake and we did not know that that was not allowed and i am extremely sorry for disrespecting the company like that.) The employee then screamed at me and my friends about this and claimed we had to leave since we didnt buy anything (we just had bought a couple cups of froyo.) We apologized then left. A couple days later we come back in to order more froyo then leave. We walk into the place and that same employee is talking to a customer about the situation we had days pior. She was bad mouthing us to a customer days later. We didnt say anything and just bought our froyos. The level of disrespect that employee had was unjust. We will continue to support this company but wanted to bring light onto this situation.

Ruth Gordon

Great drinks. Friendly staff

Sarah Eshetu

I'm giving 5 stars because great service coffee I ordered was cold kinda sucked but nice place

Matthew Lankford

Just Chillin Frozen Yogurt is a delightful treat! Been there twice with my boys, Daniel and Ethan, and we all loved the strawberry flavor! ? ? Yum!

Tanya Damoude

Love the frozen yogurt. Great shakes too.They have dairy free options too.


The atmosphere was great and nice and cool inside on a hot day. Very nice lady working . Just a note they have doughnuts as well. Nice to know they are locally owned as well.

Michael Jensen

Our favorite donut shop in Oregon!

Katrin Kern

We had delicious doughnuts and a yummy smoothy. Very friendly service❣️

Ashton Brown

Great yogurt! Good toppings. The customer service is outstanding.

Derek Grant

Very pleasant people. Good yogurt.

Tony Kuehler

Frozen yogurt in LA Pine? Even a selection and it's pretty good, including three swirl combinations. Perfect place to stop after some good Mexican food, hint hint

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 2

Service: 3

Christina Parrott

I wish that you would be open on Sundays so we can have doughnuts.


Amazing service and donuts. Will come again


Amazing service and donuts. Will come again

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