La Pine Inn restaurant and lounge

51490 US-97, La Pine
(541) 536-2029

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Roberto Stovallski

Got one egg. Said i can't do runny whites. It came underdone and with a hair in it. So i repeated NO RUNNY WHITES and when it came back, they had taken my fork, and now there was so much runny whites i couldn't eat. No way i was gonna ask to get another. Now I still need to find food.

Joshua Cavinta

Best service, best bartender, Mimi, good music, great food and enjoyable atmosphere

Ken Jourdan

I've known the owner for many years, she is always upbeat and eager to get you what you want

Tammy Studebaker

Great food! Great waitress. Will go there again.

Tammy Perry

The breakfast gravy is not very tasty, has a weird aftertaste!


No cars in the parking lot on a Sunday. Figured hell let’s check it out. Walked in to wait and be seated. After receiving no attention while waiting patiently we decided to leave. Place smelled really bad and the people working there seemed even smellier. Good news is we found a gem across the street call The Harvest Depot. Things happen for a reason. Avoid the La Pine Inn

Cameron Alderson

Morning Sunday chef has an on-pro talent for hash browns. I felt no need to season or use condiments on anything I ordered. Very flavorful, affordable, quick service, quality food, and welcoming and friendly staff. Can't beat that. I would recommend this establishment to friends and will eat here again.

Shelby Tilden

Mimi is awesome! Friendly service, great atmosphere

Tami Perry

The breakfast gravy is not very tasty, has a weird aftertaste!

Billy Jean Todd McLaughlin (B.J.)

Don't eat here if you don't have tearable food. That will make you sick!!!

Erik Conn

Mimi is a blast. Love this place. Missing doing karaoke though

Lance Pollard

Good food, nice lounge area, and Mimi(the bar tender) is excellent at her job! Everyone knows her by name and she seems to know everyone else's name. I've only been there twice so far, but I will be back. The food from the restaurant section is good comfort type diner food, everything I've had so far is really good.

Tamara Duckett

Obviously a great Friendly locals spot. Everyone seemed to know each other.But they were kind and helpful to me as I was passing thru.Also BEST RESTAURANT BISCUITS AND GRAVY.(I'm real picky)

James Sarkis

Mimi is the greatest. Drinks are strong. I'm not a fan of their food.


When we come to Lapine we always stop for breakfast and over the years this place has slowly lost its appeal, the coffee is is nothing more than hot water with a shade of color and on occasion you can taste a slight flavor of coffee. The opening time has gotten later and later, I believe this visit they didn’t open till 9am for breakfast. The restaurant side was closed down and you had to eat in the bar so bringing your family is out of the question. Today I ordered pancakes, eggs and sausage, eggs and sausage were fine.....the pancakes were the worst I have ever had in my life. The bottoms were so burnt that once I was able to rip a bite off with a knife it actually cut the roof of my mouth. The center was raw in a few spots and the outer portion could have been used as tire, I finally gave up on attempting to eat them. When the hostess asked how everything was I hit the pancakes with my fork which produced a thumping noise and told her these were the worst pancakes ever. She didn’t acknowledge me, didn’t apologize, didn’t offer to replace them or discount the meal I couldn’t eat a 3rd of. As far as a place to stop for a beer absolutely a fun environment, as a place to eat I’m done.

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La Pine Inn restaurant and lounge

51490 US-97, La Pine, OR 97739
(541) 536-2029