Ponderosa Pizza Parlor

52574 US-97, La Pine
(541) 536-1964

Recent Reviews

Mandark Smart

They did have really good pizza but I don't know if they changed the crust but it seems to taste frozen if you go get chicken and jojos......unless your head pass maneyls in Cresent.....that's the best in oregon.....Ponderosa pizza is still fam. Owned I'm pretty sure so that's good and it's best to call in if your in a hurry for chicken they run that broster all day and night ?

Craig Albin

Great Old Fashioned Pizza place in Central Oregon. ? Great Pizza, Cold Beer.

Erik Renick

Pizza was great and staff did the best they could being short staffed due to weather on a holiday. Our pizza was wonderful and piping hot, they may have the best Ranch dressing I have ever experienced

Adam Kirkland

$14.50 for a small pizza is a little bit I think...But it was good with fresh ingredients.Could have used a little melted cheese on top so everything didn't fall of when you try to eat it.( Chicken Alfredo pizza )

Jackie Emery

They screwed my pizza up and remade and screwed it up again. It was a simple pizza, and they were less than polite about it. not worth the coney I spent. I would not recommend eating here. There are other pizza places to eat in la pine and they will get my business.

Jenifer Bassett

I know these are trying times & especially for businesses, but the boy that was checking me out here was so extremely rude & only wanted to argue about the type of mask I was wearing instead of just letting me pay & wait for my order in my vehicle. He was trying to bully me even though I had my full mouth & nose covered and he stated that my face covering & his choice of mask "were the exact same thing". Unfortunately he refused to let me pay for my to go order & refused service. All because my mask wasn't like his that he "had been forced to wear already for 7 hours". An unhappy employee that is willing to bully customers will run off a lot of future business. We will just take ours elsewhere. What a bummer.

mark hovey

We love your place. Old school pizza. No weird restrictions. Just pizza.

Corey X

Sorry, but that was some of the worst pizza ever.. especially for $20 a pie bland boring, can sauce, pretty sure they put cheddar cheese on it.. seems like zero passion for their food.. crust was literally cardboard..

Jason Harris

This review is for the team working on friday night, the 8th of october 2021. We showed up 15 minutes before closing. There was 3 or 4 people that I saw working. They were super busy, but the hustle was on!! Smiles on their faces, everyone working like their life depended on it, a symphony of controlled chaos. This team was pumping out pies and serving guests like a well oiled machine. They were making pies 30 minutes after closing with out any lack of enthusiasm. I have been in the restaurant business for 20 years and I want to let these people know they are appreciated, they are wanted, and they deserve gratitude, for digging in and killing it!! I only caught the young man helping us at the counters name, CRUZ, You rocked! But it was obviously a team effort. I sincerely hope the owners of this establishment know what an amazing team they have. My hat is off to you guys!!Signed a 20 year industry veteran, Chef.


Great food and service! Love the atmosphere too! Family owned and operated for 40 years! Worth the trip!

Allie Cochran

Hire more responsible respectable people. who don't have power trips. Bad customer service.

Kevin Watson

We love the pizza and always get chicken with spuds.

Laurissa Lynn

I've been going here my whole life. It's nostalgic for me. I was passing through coming to visit from California. I had to stop, Always as delicious as I remember. Life long customer.??

Conrad Sperosen

Expensive pizza were talking $15.50 for an 8 inch pie. I was okay with that. I was also told it would take 15 minutes to make me my own personal pizza.Well it took 30 minutes and it was not worth the $15.50. I understand if this is your local pizza joint but if youre driving through skip this spot as the pizza is just not worth it, nor is the wait.

Tj Langan

Waitress that took out order was polite. But kid behind the counter was rude to other customers as well as us. We waited over an hour for our pizza, come to find out it was put into a to go box and forgot about. We were dine in, were not given a apology for the wait or cold food. He simply called our number and slid it across the counter to me. Manners can go a long ways. I will not go back and would not suggest.

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