Wickiup Station Sports Pub

52600 US-97, La Pine
(541) 536-7577

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We drive to Wickiup Station often, this time will be the last. Button Mushrooms were the size of a plum, To Big and greasey! The Fish was way over coated, for such a small piece!and way too greasey. The Clamchowder changed too! We have always bragged about this place,Sorry not anymore! Very Disappointed. And the table outside was not clean.!

Kathryn Laszlo

I took this photo after having removed the knife and the onion ring topper. I also had already smashed it down some and consumed the other half! Haha! We visited the area and were pretty hungry. Wikiup Station Sports Pub did NOT disappoint!With a definite pub atmosphere, be prepared for some noise!I ordered the BBQ burger with tots. 10/10! It was saucy and juicy, but also held together as I ate it.

Shanon Breitwieser

Food is great. The bartenders are awesome. And they have Fri. and Sat. Karaoke.

Maureen Fasoli

On a non busy day we went for lunch and ordered a chicken quesadilla. Went I took a bite I managed to pull out a long blonde hair from the melted cheese in the quesadilla. Waitress laughed and said I don’t know who’s hair that is cause the cook didn’t even have blonde hair. TOTALLY GROSS!

Catherine Dye

This use to be one of my favorite places to play video poker i could grab a beer and have some fun. I don’t go much anymore because if you take a winning ticket up there be prepared to wait actually flat out ignored. the help will act like they don’t see you even when they are not helping other customers. they give off a horrible vibe and make you feel uncomfortable.last time i just took my ticket with me and had my husband take it back. I think it is rude. it is part of there job and if they don’t like they should have machines removed

Tamara Kendall

Been several times and I really wanted chicken so we went for lunch today. I got grossed out after eating waiting for our bill when I watched a waitress rub her sniffling nose several times, immediately went to place orders on the system, then go get cups for drinks and filled them, and then proceeding to grab food to serve to tables without washing her hands. I do not think I'll be back. Rather drive 40 minutes each way to get broasted chicken. Sad because it's local for us.

dale frankhouse

Wickiup Station has the best prime ribs and the price is great. The drinks are also priced reasonably. Great family restaurant, bring the kids, bring the family. Taco Tuesday is a must. Service is friendly and so is the crowd. Been there many times throughout the year, never disappointed.

Cristie Porter

I will admit, I don’t drink, but everything on this menu is to die for I always get the barbecue burger because I can’t seem to get anything else even though I wanna try it all my husband got a brisket sandwich which normally when me and my family get those they are iffy, but this one was to die for! While waiting for our food one day someone got fried chicken and we could smell it throughout the restaurant we wanted to die we’re like why didn’t we order fried chicken?!?The first time we went, there was a sweet little girl that acted like she owned the place and I tell you what, she did. She was so cute she had the best attitude. I will admit we’ve only ever been during the day so I can’t tell you about the drinking crowd or anything else. But we will be back to try everything that we can on their menu.

Hi ho

Had the smoked beef brisket with baked potato and a salad. Brisket was amazingly tender with a wonderful mild smokey taste.Service was quick. Environment friendly.

David Ardito

Best place in town for good eats and drinks! Food is always done well (Dezi should be a contestant on Hells Kitchen)....Drinks are always poured well and service is spot on. Karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights with Matt is the place to be and never fails to be that "best night ever" - usually those nightly stories shared over breakfast the day after. Rick and Lisa have created an icon in La Pine....very thankful to have this home away from home. ???❤️

Mandy B

If you looking for a place that has great or decent hospitality this is not it! Sad to say. I did not get the gentleman’s name that was serving us he was very dry and kept acting like he was to busy to acknowledge I was trying to pay my bill . No eye contact, very short in conversation almost like he may have been having a bad day, however after looking around none of the staff looked like they wanted to be there . Staff really set the atmosphere and this one was just not one I even wanted to finish my food in so I got it to go .foods ok

Ted M.

I frequent this place often; usually a couple times a week.The food is better then your typical bar food and between drinks and the food the prices are more then fair. I particularly enjoy interacting with the staff and I've met the owners and they seem to be genuinely great people.Special shout out to the most amazing Bartender I've ever met. Darcel a beautiful outgoing lil lady that goes above and beyond to make everybody feel welcome and at home.

Meaghan James

The server was nice as long as she wasn't talking about her husband and kid that worked there. It was also unpleasant when our friends left and her husband came out from the back and proceeded to make fun of them in front of us. Maybe work and family doesn't mix.

Tim P.

Show up at 10:50 to get breakfast on Sunday morning. Breakfast is supposed to end at 11:30. "Sorry breakfast is done for day" So breakfast ends whenever the cook decides he is done. We decide to stay for Lunch. Well we have to wait for the cook to finish breakfast orders before we can start lunch. 11:35, the cook is not quite ready, but I ll take your order. The cook needs to figured it out. Makes us not want to even try and come here for breakfast anymore. In general the food is good and people are nice. But the they need not let the cook run the place based on his mood. Still sitting here waiting on food....

Taylor Ann

If I could give this place zero stars I would. We came here to have dinner and watch football. We arrived at 7:30. The game ended around 8:40. As soon as the game ended the TV's were turned off and we were left to sit in the dark. We checked online before we came and the hours state they are open until 11 pm. We always feel like a burden to the staff here and have even begun changing how/what we order so we get less of an attitude. However, nothing has changed in our favor. They were obviously annoyned we were here, but failed to drop the check so we could leave. They did begin vacuuming while we wewe were trying to be in and out in an hour here. I felt like I was trapped l couldn't leave, but was forced to literally pay my hard earned money to listen to someone vacuum. Also, they offer you extras like sauces and cheese but fail to mention you are charged for each of those offerings.

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Wickiup Station Sports Pub

52600 US-97, La Pine, OR 97739
(541) 536-7577