Martha's Tacos & More

440 3rd St, Lafayette
(503) 864-3304

Recent Reviews

Nissa G.

This is the best Mexican food I've had in a REALLY long time. We ordered the huevos rancheros and they were insane. They make house made fresh corn tortillas in house and I'm certain that their other food is just as good. You should definitely go.

sabrina bayha

Good prices and friendly staff. The Carne asada tacos were ok.flavor but blad to me. Maybe they forgot the onions and cilantro that would have helped. Also the bland salsa tasted like watered down Pace from the grocery store so this is not my favorite for a street tacos but it was good enough and the price was right.

Josh B

The best around. Extensive menu of delightful choices, I have yet to have anything that was not wonderful.

Stacy S.

My friend and I so randomly found Martha's tacos and are head over heels for this place! The food was amazing particularly the wet tamale. Great service great food highly recommend.

michelle w.

In the tiny town of Lafayette there is amazing Mexican food at Martha's. It is just a tiny restaurant providing the best Mexican food I've had in Oregon. Kids all loved it. Adults all loved it. What a lovely family atmosphere and wonderful food. Definitely recommend.

William Nice

I love Martha’s Tacos, best tacos in the world!!! ??? ? ???????????? ❤️‍?❤️‍???✔️☑️?️‍⚧️????

Jennifer Aguilar

The food was great but the salsas were not spicy at all. They definitely need to bump up their salsa.

Matthew Owen

The food was amazing, especially the steak dishes. Reasonable prices and excellent service.

Kristen B

The food is ALWAYS amazing here! I love the atmosphere and the genuinely kind workers. Quick, friendly, quality service. What more can you ask for...

Keegan Barney

So dang good. I use to go here all the time 7 years ago. 1st time back in 7 years, it's exactly the same, AMAZING! No enchiladas I have ever had taste this perfect. Thanks Ladies. Lola thinks they are great too!

Sara Estes

A 30 minute wait for food but just because they're busy on a Taco Tuesday :-) they have amazing food definitely well worth it!

Casey Ward

It's my husband's favorite place to stop for tripas tacos! I tried the burrito supreme with chicken, it was delicious!

Roberto Patron

Excellent service and delicious authentic Mexican food

Caleb Holsworth

Really good food and great service!

Shaun M.

Stopped here and I wasn't disappointed! Great food, friendly staff, and large quantities. They always seem to be slightly busy, but never too busy, and I've been meaning to stop forever. Got the tacos and a burrito, and was really happy with both. The burrito was huge, and felt like I really got my money's worth.

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