Redtail Espresso LLC

575 2nd St, Lafayette
(503) 714-4026

Recent Reviews

Michael Wilson

They make good coffee

Don Oltmann

Good coffee always. Very friendly and have dog treats.

Diana Gonzalez

Love the everything bagels!

Tatjana Gretchen Musgrove

Absolutely love this place and the people that work here! This is definitely my new and favorite place to get coffee. Thank You for making my coffee and morning amazing!❤️

Melody Broten

Drive thru coffee huts are everywhere these days but rarely do I find one this good. They even have biscuits and gravy! As an espresso enthusiast, I'm admittedly picky about my cappuccinos but both times I went while in town, it was perfection. Baristas are super friendly too.

elaine garcia

Great drinks and love sitting at the little table outside watching all the birds coming to the feeders.

Susie Morales

This size of coffe is all I need every morning, to start my days ! ?? if you have a chance, get a caramel frappe with a special caramel whipped cream, my favorite so far.

Sean Nitarius

First time here. Holy Moly!! Im sure it gets busy at times here, but we had zero wait time except for getting our drinks (less then 5 minutes). The Caramel Frappuccino I got was the best I ever had, as was my wifes white mocha ice coffee. If ever in Lafayette, Oregon it is worth the $$.


If you can deal with the roller coaster of emotions/unprofessional attitudes from employees and you don’t mind paying an arm and a leg… their products are absolutely delicious and I’d say almost worth the money.

Ashley Cully

Red tail espresso’s drinks taste better than most coffees from other places. My husband and I are pretty snobby coffee people ( we order our beans directly from a coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii) but the drinks from here are a nice treat. Totally recommend trying one and the ladies are so friendly!

H Hicks

Fast, friendly service. Americano was delicious. Will be back

Aidee Ortega

First off, I pulled up with a mask on and the lady who helped me didn’t have a mask on. You would think still being in the middle of a pandemic and in the food industry that they would be wearing mask when helping a customer. She never even asked if I was comfortable with her not wearing one. If they can’t abide to the mask mandate, it makes me wonder what other rules they aren’t following when it comes to handling food and drinks. Second, I ordered their “blended energy drinks” and it was not at all what I was expecting. They must add some sort thickener to it because it tasted more like a smoothie than an energy drink. It almost had a milky taste to it.

Chehelah Moe

10/10 the black and white mocha . Love it. Cute and small

Bettina Pierce

Friendly service. And they make my blended chia so yummy! It's not just flavored milk like another place people flock too... ;)

Bettina Moore

Friendly service. And they make my blended chia so yummy! It's not just flavored milk like another place people flock too... ;)

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