Lake Oswego Ice Creamery and Restaurant

37 A Ave, Lake Oswego
(503) 636-4933

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Jackdaw C.

I think the only two employees in attendance must have been in love. They were giddy teenagers and had eyes for no one else. When he was serving up ice cream he was texting her. I imagine his clever teenage prose was sweeter than the ice cream that was cramping his style. The effrontery of those pesky customers were getting in the way of his vacuous river of lol's to the love of his life. Her attention seemed to be on being in the back room so she could send her sweet stream of lol's his way without those gawd awful customers looking to her for anything. It's true they weren't on their phones the entire time. There was a period of mutual goo goo eyes I ruined by asking for a menu. And there was a short period of time where she was looking at him with some longing. I think I saw her take a deep breath too. It looked like the real McCoy to me but I'm so socially inept I wasn't thinking and asked her if I could order and destroyed that moment too. She must have recognized me for the lout I am and punished my idiocy be getting the order wrong. It could have been an innocent mistake though. It's a long way to the kitchen and competing with the thoughts about lover boy for the entire distance my order was sure to fall by the wayside. Next time I won't hinder their young love. I'll go somewhere else.

Ramsey S.

The restaurant has a prime location. It's very clean. It has nice people who are very attentive. But it has terrible food. I hope someone else takes it over and makes good health food. If you want low quality foods for sky high prices this restaurant is perfect for you. If you want healthier foods you need to eat some where else. Disappointed, it has such potential. If the bank was health conscious, they would default. Would a healthy person or group please take this over?

Uyanga O.

Just tried their breakfast burrito with sausage & it's really good! We haven't tried out their whole menu but so far their breakfast was a win.

Sherry P.

A friendly teen age boy made my ice cream cone without wrapping the sugar cone in a napkin and handed it to me after touching the bare cone so I had to take it without anyone washing their hands. not happy

Lisa Waldeck

So my mother and I came in there yesterday for lunch. She had the Tillamook cheeseburger with fries and a lemonade. I had the guacamole jack burger with fries and a Pepsi. Two hours after lunch we are both in the bathroom with diarrhea. And both of us are still not feeling well today. Probably will not give that a second chance after my bathroom issues. Just telling

Mehdi S.

I came there tonight as a first time customer all the way from King city to get a cheeseburger and fries. Before I start driving there, I checked on Google maps, and it said that they're open till 10pm. I got there at 8:30pm, and this white dude named Cooper without approaching me nor opening the door or window, tells me with his hand gesture in front of his neck that they are closed. I checked the business hours sign posted at the door, and I verified for myself that it said that they're open until 10 PM. I pointed to the sign with my hand gesture that the sign says it's open, but he would not come over to talk to me. I step aside for a few steps, and then a few minutes later, I see this white guy come knocking on the sliding window, and the same guy whose name is Cooper opens the window and serves him ice cream in exchange for payment. I have lived in the United States for 26 years, and I have never experienced something like this. I was confused for the first time in my life as to why a business would be open and closed at the same time.

Bill A.

We went tonight with the grandkids. It was terrible!! Terrible service, or lack there of. No adult on the scene managing the place. Our order was messed up and tasted terrible. I hate to say it was the worst meal we had in a very long time, but it's true. Won't be back ever again!!

Bree S

Little tip. If you burn the food. Maybe remake it. So sick of getting home to blackened bread in my sandwich or burnt chicken tenders that smell like charcoal. Good food when made right but if the kitchen ruins the food they should remake it. Disrespect. I’m not paying twenty bucks for a lunch I have to toss in the trash

Reggie J.

Went for a milkshake, they were out of chocolate ice cream. Who runs out of chocolate?

fati steff

Staff of local youth, most often friendly although not always great at managing a crowd, and crowds are typical here.They sell the three best local ice cream brands (Tillamook being our fave) and priced slightly below other "gourmet" level ice cream shops!Lunch and breakfast are standard diner-type menus, also great!Seating is limited indoors (5 tables?) More seating outdoors weather permitting.


The ice cream is good!!So many different tastes. Wish I could try all of them.I like the guava one, it has a strange special name I can't remember.

Candice Ray

Fun little spot if you are looking for not crazy salt and straw flavors. They serve Tillamook ice-cream which is always delish. Friendly staff.

My S.

Nope, no way, never again! Used to be doesn't cut it! I'm not paying today for what used to be! Message to the owner: Grow up, stop acting like you're all that! You're not, you're a tiny little business, which requires a lot of work! Something you didn't learn growing up. Now's your chance! It's called owner operator and 100% accountability! Get that, and you may be able to revive this once neighborhood favorite and make yourself a very nice living (AFTER YOU FIX IT, NOT BEFORE)!!

Ms. M.

We chose the local option instead of Salt and Straw. They had amazing flavors like huckleberry, lemon sorbet, and something chocolate that was really good. The girl at the counter explained that a scoop was basically three layers. I asked if I could use three different flavors and she said sure. We were all happy with buying local. One scoop was plenty.

Kim Kasabian

ICE CREAM REVIEW - When you tire of the hype of Salt & Straw, walk across the street to this local creamery. They have about as many flavor offerings as Baskin Robbins, but with rotating, local flavors, like Marionberry (yum). I much prefer handing my money over to these fine folks than standing in line at S&S for Bacon and Blood-Swirled Chamomile Cheddar Ice Cream. You feel me?

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Lake Oswego Ice Creamery and Restaurant

37 A Ave, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
(503) 636-4933