Schwietert's Cones & Candy

387 Laneda Ave, Manzanita
(503) 368-7511

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Caitlin Franklin

The staff was so rude and unfriendly to us. Any question asked they made us feel stupid and snapped at us rudely. It’s like they didn’t want our business, and we’re angry that we were there.We tried to go a weekend before and they had the door locked 10 mins to closing, and wouldn’t let us in, but after we walked away let the people behind us in?It’s sad this is the only place to get icecream in town, because you guys don’t deserve the business.

Toblerone Jabrone

This place doesn't make their fudge in house and claims to! I've tried fudge from this store a handful of times and it's always dry and old. Ew.

Jacob Jawson

Nice treat on a hot day.

Roman Casillas

How are they going to be closed on a Sunday when in a tourist town

Aslan Tigert

so good omg, i had the mint chocolate chip and the chocolate was delicious and it wasn’t unnecessarily colored neon green

Palik Sara

great place for whole family, salt candies, fudge, and best of all ice cream for kids and anyone lol.


Apparently this little shop has recently changed its name, since I can only find "Schwietert's Cones & Candy" listed on Trip Advisor in other Oregon Beach towns, but that is what the big, colorful sign on the shop says. We stopped on the walk up the hill from the Manzanita Beach, and were thrilled to get cones for the entire family. The ice cream was excellent, and the portions much larger than expected. The friendly woman behind the counter was very helpful and patient with the various selections for our group, and we enjoyed our brief conversation with her. I'd advise getting the waffle cone, which contains the huge servings better than sugar cones could!

Aaron White

Closed 30 min early with people forming a line. Never again.

Eva Moritz

Arrived 11 min before closing time just to grab a coffee but we have been refused service. Don’t suggest yourself with closing times.

Craig Swoverland

Tillamook ice cream flavors. Samples of great fudge. Friendly staff with suggestions of her favorites. Worth the wait if there is a line.

Dotty Scott

Great selection of Tillamook ice cream. We ordered for 4 people, some of the ice cream was freezer burned. I had sherbet whixh was delish.

Brett Bell

This ice cream place could do with some major improvements. It has ice cream which is a huge bonus, because who doesn’t love ice cream???Unfortunately even before you come inside the shop there are a million grouchy signs admonishing you “don’t loiter on the porch” “you can’t sit here” etc etc. This would all be fine if there was an outdoor seating area where you could enjoy your ice cream. It seems really unrealistic to have a bunch of signs telling customers what they can’t do without providing some kind of outdoor seating area as an alternative. You’re left with the feeling of not being wanted as a customer. They could easily give up one or two parking spots in their parking lot, throw up a shade tent and a picnic table or two and people would have a place to sit. It’s not that hard.The ice cream was comparable to what you would buy in the grocery store, if slightly worse and more melted. They claimed to have Tillamook ice cream but it was definitely of a lower quality than the Tillamook ice cream I have come to know and love. Trust me, I am a die hard Tillamook ice cream fan.The employees were doing their best, it’s not an easy job especially in a busy beach town. They went out of their way to make sure I knew which flavors were safe for my kid with allergies. Keep up the good work employees!Also they used styrofoam cups for the ice cream. I have seen a styrofoam cup like a handful of times since 1995 and I’m always astonished when I do, it’s like finding leaded gasoline for sale. Good grief. Get with the times.I VERY RARELY, like once every few years write a negative review.This place could be great with some minor improvements.

Shohreh Hooshmand

Fresh made waffle cones and yammy ice cream

Eastern Mind Fanboy

Yummy ice cream & wonderful customer service!

Sam Smith

The dark chocolate seafoam sucked!

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