35915 8th St, Nehalem
(503) 457-7925

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Casey Keating

My wife and I run a small food truck in the area en we tried a massive loaf of Sourdough Bread!I have to say, this is the without a doubt the best sourdough bread I’ve ever had.Amazing people - amazing bread. Hit them up if you are in the area!!Thank you guys!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Janice L

Wow! Really amazing bread. You can order online ahead of time and pick up on the weekend. They leave it in a bag marked with your name to collect. I was not disappointed, so delicious. Really soft, moist interior and excellent crust.

Vicki Corker

Really delicious bread (we got the wild sourdough and baguette), easily the best bread we tried in the area. Loved the honey cinnamon roll too, not too sweet.


You can tell it's good ingredients, but the technique not so much. The (sesame) bread looks like a high hydration dough, but the bread is super dense and heavy and wet in the middle. Sweet rolls were not very sweet either. Maybe it was an off batch.

Julie E

Just try any of the breads. You’ll be back for more. Coffee, too. Really great stuff.

Erin B

What a gem of a place! I am always happy to order WOLFMOON bread and coffee when I'm visiting town. Both are quite delicious!

Jean Miller

OMG!!!! The Rye is fantastic!!!

Lillian Cochran

For 5 years I have been unable to enjoy bread like I used to since chemo ruined gluten for me. I had read that true sourdough bread breaks down the gluten and since I am not celiac, I decided to give it a try. Cue the happy dance! I found Wolfmoon at the Manzanita Farmers Market and bought a loaf of their bread. It has been over a month of buying their bread every week since. No more disgusting gluten free bread with all of the unhealthy ingredients to make them palatable. Yes, the bread is expensive compared to regular bread at the store (not compared to gluten free bread) but IMO it is worth it to have a little piece of heaven back into my life. I highly recommend that you try their bread if you are gluten sensitive. You will not be sorry!


Met this young couple at Manzanita Farmer's market and then their store / bakery in Nehalem, pre-pandemic. Their enthusiasm and sincerity won us over to blind taste a new kind of bread. Since pandemic have to order ahead and pickup from their porch; but the bread is worth it; stunning to look at and "heft" and even better to eat / enjoy! These people / this place embody passion for what they do and are a beautiful gem asset of service and creativity to visiting this area

LeighAnn Noonan

The best bread EVER!!

Mrs S

This place is currently only open for pick up on Saturday and Sunday mornings. You select from several kinds of loaf, order and pay on line and then the bread is waiting for you on the morning you ordered. It is truly delicious bread and it will be in a paper sack with your name on, often still warm from baking and smelling so appetizingly it is difficult not to tear it apart and consume it at once.

Christian Berg

Beautiful baked treats, a delightful addition to Nehalem

Taylor London

Spent the weekend on the coast and was looking for bakery options—managed to snag a loaf of wild bread (WOW), honey bun (delicious, but the density is a bit overwhelming...adding some savory ingredients instead might be worth experimenting with in the future?), and the coffee!! Guatemala was excellent. Excited for the return trip and hope this great bakery can stick around Nehalem for the foreseeable future.

Barak Waxter

Pastrys aren't sweet but I love them that way! Has only barbones coffee (black, latte, espresso) which I like! It would be cool to see them add a few sweet items and sweet coffees. Might help bring in more business! All and all, would recommend you check them out!

Trip Jennings

Very tasty coffee, I had an excellent latte and toast. Great owners too!

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