3423 SE Belmont St, Portland


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Really, really good - short, solid menu, great bread, great fries (they gave us ketchup and we didn't even notice because they were so well cooked & seasoned on their own) and this is a sandwich that hits that really great sweet spot between being saucy and satisfying yet also light, with some good vegetal crunch and bright flavors. Tried the Binghamton (a bit spicy, more marinated pepper action) and the Doner (a little lighter, crunchier, yogurt sauce) and both were great.

I love Boy Howdy PDX, I just read about it three days ago on and went today to try it. I grew up in Upstate New York the home of the spiedie. I've been eating spiedies for over 60 years and unfortunately I haven't been able to have a spiedie at a restaurant for 10 years. Boy Howdy PDX is the solution to my problem. They serve authentic Upstate New York spiedies that are very very good. If you aren't grabbing your keys and heading for Boy Howdy PDX you might full review

The sandwiches they serve up are amazing! I had the Doner, and the super tender chicken and crisp veggies were perfectly highlighted with a tasty yogurt sauce. The roll it was served on was a revelation! Crispy on the outside, but with more flavor than a typical baguette. Served with a mountain of perfectly cooked fries, it was a really satisfying meal. Will definitely be going back and trying the whole menu!

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