Coco Donuts Uptown

709 SW 17th Ave, Portland
(503) 360-1456

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Chris N.

Sunday's are for donuts, right!? Well not at Coco Donuts. Roll in at 9:41am and they have about 3 picked over options remaining. I understand this is a boutiquey luxury donut shop but they may need to rethink their planning especially on Sunday's as this is not the first time I've rolled in and the inventory is depleted. I feel bad for the workers that need to do an apology tour for customers that come to the shop expecting some morning sweetness. Maybe next time (if there is one) I'll be able to support this local small business.

Eva M.

Their donuts are perfectly light and fluffy. Plus they have mochi donuts! Easily my favorite donuts in Portland.

Jonathan Rick

Great donuts, some of the best in town. Try the mochi donuts!

Kali Mustafa

I love this place. It really has the best donuts and the staff is always incredibly warm and friendly. Sunshine in particular is a great asset to the shop and I always look forward to seeing her when I get my weekly coffee and donut. We're lucky to have both her and the shop in our community.


The service here is wonderful. If you are in a rush just call them to keep your order ready especially in the early mornings they keep it ready for you!! I absolutely recommend this place and they are customer focused, friendly and great quality. They have happy hour as well.


Came all the way from Florida...avoided the tourist trap donut shops and went to the roots of a real donut at Coco Donuts, fantastic service, awesome coffee, laid back feel, and amazing donuts !!! Thank you !

Ruthie R

We visited Coco Donuts in the late morning and most the donuts had been bought out. The employee said that they had been unusually busy, so maybe that's not a frequent thing. As a consequence, there weren't a lot of donuts to choose from.BUT the donuts that were there were quite good, and the employee/staff was extremely pleasant and had good customer service. The lavender coffee and Thai tea were good as well. Overall I'm still pretty pleased with my experience at this donut shop.

Alex Palermo

I've been going to this coffee shop for about a year now. The service has always been consistent, but the best part is how personalized it is. I occassioanlly get coffee for my coworkers as well, and she knows each of us by name and our order. Even today I didn't know what to get for one of my coworkers, but she did. Thank you for all the coffee Sunshine!

sato ukashi

I’ve been stopping by this place for quite some time now and the donuts are great with good prices to match, especially since I buy for my company, so it’s always in multiple dozens. Service is great whenever I get this thin blonde girl, given that I’ve only seen like 2 workers over the past year or so. The other boy is very nice too, I might be a little biased since they never have donuts when he’s working, somehow. Anyway, it would be 5 stars if they had a good selection. It seems that whenever I’ve walked in for the past 3 months, I’m always told that they never had their “premium” donuts delivered, which means that they have an extremely low amount of fritters, cinnamon twists, some other donuts, and absolutely zero mochi donuts. Does that mean these donuts have sat since yesterday? It only seems to happen when this one guy is working and I’ve been super confused about it. Is the other girl a manager who does all the deliveries? In any case, great place to go to, just don’t expect to see the donuts you want, then you won’t be disappointed when you go and will be surprised and happy to see what you want… if they get they’re order, that is. 5 stars for service, price, and quality, minus 2 stars for never having “premium” donuts anymore.

Big Yoshi

I used to really love going here, and during the pandemic they were using all the precautions which I love! But now (while still in the pandemic and with herd immunity still not in place because not even 70% of Oregonians are vaccinated) the barista isn’t even wearing a mask! Vaccinated or not, it shows that other customers can come in without and mask and who knows if they’re vaccinated. Just disappointed and shows that they don’t really care about their customers or their health. It’s not that hard wearing a mask.


My favorite donut place. The service is always top notch and between the drinks/donuts, always gonna keep coming back! Sunshine is an amazing barista and 90% of the reason I show up.

Zack Zapata

Went in to a maskless employee talking to a maskless customer about how they can't wait to be at 70% of the population vaccinated because then no one can force them to wear a mask. I don't live in Portland so I won't be going back doesn't carry much weight but suffice to say it won't be on my recommendations list

Paula B.

The staff is wonderful. They do everything they can to make your visit a positive experience. The donuts are fresh and very good.

Rashi T.

The lady at the counter gets 5 stars but the donuts themselves feel average at best to me . I have had Coco donuts multiple times and I never really cared about the taste much . Also , almost all of my visits here they are out of something or the other and perhaps that's why I might not have tasted their best offerings yet . They do have good beverages especially the Lavender latte. The store is clean and spacious and the staff is always welcoming and friendly .

Jill C.

I love this little donut shop! The lady is always friendly and helpful but the donuts are what bring you back! I haven't had one I didn't like yet and they taste so much better than the other fav shops around town. The apple fritters are wonderful, try one you'll love it!

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