Fills Donuts

1237 SW Washington St, Portland
(503) 477-5994

Recent Reviews

Nick T.

Great donuts! Love the selection of different then your every day donut. Nice outdoor seating

Jennie Green-Childs

What a treat! The crew that was working was so friendly and professional. My son and I loved the 3 donuts and we also tried the soft serve too. Yes, we went big, lol! We were at the LO location, and we will be back! They even gave me a chocolate cone on the house so we could have the full experience.

denise m.

Tried the new store in Lake Oswego this morning to see what was so special about these donuts that are at best bit pricey even for a treat. We bought 6 different types and each was well lack luster in taste. I'm sure many enjoy the taste of hot greasy airy pastry topped with various things and flavors and over stuffed with mediocre jams and creams. We didn't. We can now say been there done that no need to go back.

Carl B.

The berliners are great, truly. They have well thought out, well executed flavors. But the star in my eyes has to be the crullers. Their soft, eggy dough melds perfectly with the glaze. It's hard not to inhale them. Don't pass on the berliners but above all else, get yourself some crullers.

Justin Reynolds

The donuts were great and a wonderful selection. Can’t wait to try the fries and burgers next time.

Joshua Kim

Tried the pop up burgers, not any donuts.The buns is crispy without being too oily. It’s definitely a different consistency than a grilled or toasted bun. Even the brioche flavor is slightly different, maybe nutty?The hamburger as a whole was just too salty for me which sort of ruined the experience. If there is an option, next time I’ll have to try it without salt.The fries have the consistency, thickness, and taste (without truffle oil) as little big burger fries.Best of luck at their new LO spot!

William Nahorn IV

Fills Burgers was well worth our drive down from Vancouver. The brioche buns were crisped to perfection and the garlic aioli lent a delightful zing to the cheeseburger. The veggies and beef patty were fresh. The staff was very friendly and they serve Coke by the bottle.

Shy jackson

Come on down and try (Fills) delicious burgers.I love your banding marketing skills.Aron you rock it was nice meeting you.


Loved these donuts! The strawberry rhubarb was to die for and I can't stop thinking about it! Definitely worth a visit!

Patrick B.

Great donuts! The flavors are subtle and not too overpowering. Great selection of donuts and coffee. Only complaint is they don't have milk for delivery. The donuts are also a good value for boutique donuts. I highly recommends

Reggie C.

If you're looking for more of an "elevated" donut experience then visit Fills Donuts. Their boutique and specialty donuts range traditional sweet to even savory donuts (Eg pimento donuts, etc.)

Elizabeth Doerr

They made my day having crullers. I figured the name implied only filled donuts which are all well and good but I LOVED the crullers. It’s not a style of donut many shops try to make. We grabbed a filled donut as well and enjoyed it though I can’t overstate how big of a cruller stan I am.

Darcy Joyce

I got the strawberry rhubarb and the earl grey creme. Both were delicious. I really appreciate the unique, adventurous flavors they offer. The shop itself was also really nice inside. My only criticism was the doughnuts were just too big. They are truly an XL doughnut and no one needs THAT much sugar. They could be half the size and I would be content.

Edana Harrell E.

DUDE, this place has changed my complete outlook on filled donuts. I've always not been a huge fan of donuts with fillings but that has been completely changed by this place. The spicy donut with cheese filling was a favorite and so was the earl grey.

Jay K.

I saw this place on Eater and had high hopes but it was just not very good - the donuts tasted like they were made the day before or older (and wrinkly and oil was seeping out) but the employees are nice.

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