Los Gorditos

922 NW Davis St, Portland
(503) 445-6289

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Food is always fresh, delicious, even fast. I was so surprised at how fast it was this last time I came in, given that only one person was working front of house and kitchen both. I've been there, so much respect but I hope that hardworking person gets some help! How are you gonna be that fast and make me the best burrito by yourself? That talent deserves some rest.

Tom Martin

I'd been there in the past and thought it was quite good. Had an enchilada plate where the enchiladas were left to burn on the flat top. Served up with a thick layer of char.

Dmitry Lukin

My pork burritos stink of fish. Only one thing in my mind…Please separate your seafood/fish away from everything elseI threw all of my 30 dollar meal away and all I hope is not to get food poisoning.

Rob Bowen

The portion size was very large considering the reasonable price, but also tasted really good.

Hannah Ellingson

Extensive menu, and so many vegetarian-friendly options! Will definitely be eating here again.

Jessica Nolan

Super friendly, only one guy working but he was quick and our wait wasn't long for lunch hour. The burritos are great, love the medium orange colored salsa.

Steven Zbylut

I heard their food was good but my al pastor was dried out

Janet Taylor

Terrible...fair burrito, greasy empanata (sp?), dried up something, beans were pretty good.Not something I need to do again.

Jonah P.

I'm vegan and my girlfriend is vegitarian. THIS IS THE SPOT. Going vegan was a tough move, but the food here seriously made it so much easier. This isn't a "mandarin orange and lamb shank taco for $4.75" kind of place. This is a hole in the wall spot with absurdly bangin Mexican food. $2 for a STUFFED taco, and then have options ranging from fajitas to soycurls and soyrizo. Salsas are great, price is right, people are friendly, and the food is 6/5. What more can you ask for?

Eloise J.

I have loved Los Gorditos for years but have been disappointed the last few times I ordered food from them. My burrito was so poorly wrapped the tortilla ended up just kind of sandwiching the burrito filling. One side of the burrito was all beans and the other side was all rice. I then noticed there were ENTIRE tomato slices inside, making it even more difficult to eat. The burrito filling was also very bland. The fish tacos my friend ordered were flavorless. After years of enjoying Los Gorditos I'll probably stop going and stick to La Bonita or other good places in town.

Quinn Ingalls

This place has really gone down hill in both quality and service. Just today I waited almost almost 20 minutes to then have to ask for them to put my food in a box for togo. It felt like an honest mistake until it took an additional ten minutes to get my food back.Used to love coming here for their salsa and burritos but I probably won't be back after today.

Miguel Garcia

La comida necesita picar más. Los chilaquiles estaban entomatados. The food needs to be spicier. The chilaquiles taste too much like tomatoes. Don't get me wrong it was good but just not how they're made normally at home.

Ratatouille F.

Disgustingly delicious burritos. It's a yes from me when I'm in a certain mood, that mood being "I'm currently in need of a flavorful and large burrito to stuff down, potentially with a beer from next door at APEX".

Greg S.

This place is AMAZING!! Always a first stop for finding and consuming REAL Mexican food in the Pearl. Just completed a ' 1 day meal in 2 days..' Now after being double vaccinated, and before quarantined and living 3000 Miles away in HNL and just arrived in PDX, we are slowly letting down our guard and leaving the 'fallout shelter'. We miss all cultures and we all make GREAT EATS and love more fun, delicious, and crazy stuff. And people in PDX (my hometown) are way cool...

Meisha H.

A quick stop for a taco one day, turned into a quick stop for more tacos each day that I've been in the area. Delicious tofu tacos !!!!

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