McMenamins Market Street Pub

1526 SW 10th Ave, Portland
(503) 497-0160

Recent Reviews

Zach S.

Nice chill MM near PSU and the farmers market. We are MM fans so we always recommend a stop and sip

Varian varian

4-1-2023 the place is hazardous. It was so unbelievably smokey. I don't know if the grill is set too high or they have basically no vent whatsoever but I'm at my house now hours later and I still smell grease all over my body and clothes. The place is highly understaffed. Food is typical mcmenamins. Would not go there again to save my lungs.

kathleen g.

My family of 5 tried to eat at this restaurant and they were unable to accommodate us. Not that they were busy, they did not have adequate seating for us to stay. The staff was rude and did not want to try to accommodate us. Do not go to this location.

Clare Q.

It's McMenamin's. It's convenient to PSU, when you order the more reasonably priced fare it's good and worth it, and it's reliable! But it's really easy to pay way too much for something not worth it. I had the salad and by adding chicken and a pop I paid almost thirty dollars. Without sides. For lunch. Quality, location and ambiance are all good. Price, however is really not great considering what you get. (To be clear: If it were a larger quantity or higher in quality I could see the price being worth it. But as it stands, no. )

Bradley Pinkerton

Good fish and chips. Cole slaw was tasteless. Nice restaurant. Need more servers though. Took a while to get dinner but it was a holiday.

Aletha Yates

I was seated immediately. I ordered the 3 piece fish dinner. The fish and fries were fresh and crispy. It was a wonderful dinner. I also enjoyed the atmosphere.

Jason B.

Good beer, great service, and atmosphere.The cod fish was dry and overcooked. Maybe I'll try the burger next time.


This is a quaint bar/restaurant. What I like about this place is there is no homeless hanging outside. The drinks are decent and the food, which I haven't tried since the pandemic, is pretty good from what I have seen others eating. Plus it is close to where I live. Plus they have real menus unlike one other bar that I know. I like to know how much I'm spending before the bill come.

Dan Engholm

I stopped in for lunch yesterday and tried their seasonal special Newton's Third Law sandwich. It was really good! It had a nice, light crunchy texture that lasted to the end because of the onion rings and perfectly toasted bun. It was tasty and the jalapeños added a nice bite in the middle. Of course, I had to opt for the Cajun tots because they're always good. Service was flawless. I'll have to go back regularly.

Amanda Martin-Tully

So many afternoons, evenings and nights were spent posted up at the bar here in college. Whether I was working on a paper due the next morning, writing furiously for the socialist newspaper I was EIC of, or simply sharing a side of cajun tots with a friend ... there are few places more homey than the Market Street Pub. It's great that you can sit down for a pint and burger, or just stroll in for a growler fill on your walk home from the farmers market - the staff here is and always has been thoughtful, and hilarious.

Steffy O.

Cajun tots and chocolate cake are to die for. Service is pretty amazing too and the ambiance is amazing outside in the summer .. not too much in winter!!

James Hotchkiss

Lovely tasting sandwiches and great local beer and wine. Our server (from San Jose) was super friendly, recommending the various food and drink, and even recognised us and stopped for a chat in the neighborhood the following day. If we were staying in Portland longer, we'd have definitely returned.

Kat Wilkins

On my birthday passport hunt we came here and realized we had gone there 4years earlier. Great location. Good food.

Leigh Prouty

Cozy little corner by PSU. Short walk to Arlene Schnitzer and Pioneer court house sq. Friendly helpful staff. Good food. Best Portland dip sandwich I had over all the other Mcmenamins.

Andrew M

18 dollars for the most generic basket of small chicken tenders I’ve ever had. These tasted and looked exactly like the tenders you’d get at the frozen aisle. The fries at this location too were significantly worse than other mcmenamins I’ve tried, over-salted to the point of it being inedible. Not a good location.

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