NOLA Doughnuts

110 NW 10th Ave, Portland
(503) 895-6350

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We visited on the donut tour and this was our favorite stop. Hands down better than VooDoo. This is a gourmet donut and worth all the calories! Very unique!

Rovingaile P.

4/5 overall!! Orange Grapefruit La'ssant: 4.5/5! The fruity flavors were light and did not taste artificial or too sweet! Cinnamon Sugar La'ssant with Chocolate Ganache: 3.5/5! The cinnamon flavor wasn't present and fell flat for me. I love chocolate, but it tasted like a sugar doughnut with too heavy of a chocolate filling in the middle. The donut ended up highlighting the chocolate more than cinnamon, but I think a better balance could be reached with increased cinnamon notes and decreased chocolate ganache. Mini Beignets: 5/5!! This was my favorite of the three desserts. It was not oily, and the pillowy inner texture was amazing. The powdered sugar added just the right amount of sweetness! Overall, I definitely appreciated their ability to have classic and unique donut flavors, and the texture was good!

Laura Y.

What a cute little spot and happy I found in before wanderjng into the rest of downtown area! There was no line when we got there just 2-3 people ahead and bu the time we got our doughnuts there were 10 more people in line which you already know is a good sign! I was definitely getting their smores and their beignets but made a spur of the moment decision when i saw the toffee crunch one too. Had to have it because I love toffee and of course this was a trip so i couldn't just say I'd get it next time since I don't know when I'll be back in the area. So the winners were definitely the beignets for the pillowy softness as they should be and then next was the toffee crunch one for texture and then the smores just for the luscious chocolate flavor that was oh so good! Mind you I definitely didn't finish these all at once because hello sugar and it was the 2nd stop of the early morning so I had to pace myself but even day after these are great quality and huge portions so ya won't be disappointed my friends and recommend sharing one if ya don't have a big ol sweet tooth like myself. I'll be back next time I'm in OR!!

Morgan M.

The woman working was texting for a solid minute when I walked up. She wouldn't even look at me. It was so weird I just kinda waited it out. Then finally I spoke up and said I had an order and gave her my name, Morgan. She stayed typing on her phone and said "Morgan what?! We have tons of orders here!" And motioned to a little table behind her. I could see it was one of literally 5 orders on the table, none of which were "Morgan" besides mine. I gave her my last name. As for the beignets, they were so undercooked that the yeast was like a gas bomb inside when you bit into it. They were soft on the outside like a roll. The whole experience was bizarre and unpleasant.


We decided to do a self-guided "Donut Tour" during our visit to Portland this weekend. We have to say the donuts at Nola were far better than the ones we tried at Voodoo. The lemon poppyseed donut was our favorite! We loved the decor inside, which made us feel like we were back in New Orleans.....and the two women behind the counter were friendly and professional. Unfortunately, we had arrived too early to sample the La' time!


The lemon poppyseed classic doughnut was one of the best donuts I’ve ever had

Brittnie P.

Really enjoyed this doughnut shop but wasn't my favorite doughnut ever. We got the almond type La'ssant which was VERY good! The maple bar was decent but my boyfriend really liked it! I think the La'ssant was 5/5 and the bar was 3/5 but he gave 4/5

Ann P.

Delish! So glad we stopped in even though it was late in the day and the selection was limited. The cinnamon roll was amazing as was the vanilla and honey. We ate it so fast I didn't have time to take a photo!

Tae Kim

Their donuts are just too good. Ill come back to Portland for this.


I’ve been wanted to try New Orleans beignets for so long. Lucky to find it here in Portland! Loved the Orange Grapefruit flavor the most! The Lemon Poppyseed is great too!

Dannie C.

La'ssant Doughnuts! Seriously Amazing Creations! Chocolate Nib was amazing rich and flaky! Also had an Orange/Grapefruit one...both were fantastic but at $6 each...a bit more expensive and more flavorful than my kids would appreciate...which is probably why they offer a handful of 'kid friendly' doughnuts that are still cut square so the kids don't even realize they aren't getting the same as your doughnuts are worlds apart...albeit, they are still tasty...but just your standard yeast raised doughnut! And at only $2.75 each...a little easier to swallow! Good show NOLA!

Lauren H.

Tried the poppyseed lemon, chocolate glazed and honey nut donuts. The donuts weren't anything special, plus were a little too sweet and unbalanced. Ordered the beignets, which were truly exceptional (and they come out hot). We liked them so much we ordered a second round, rather than finishing the donuts we ordered. In summary, this is a great place to come for beignets, not so much for the donuts.

Sarah G.

so GOOOOD! i would say try at least once if you like croissants you will like these. Also conveniently located walking distance from Powell bookstore and shopping stores. I forgot what flavors we got but it these two both have jam on the inside and on top so it was very jam heavy, so very sweet but still delicious

Jesica G.

Delicious donuts! Came here for the La'ssant and stayed for the Beignets. As soon as you enter you can see the amount of detail into this shop! The beignets were delicious although I wouldn't recommend blowing the powdered sugar on the person you're eating them with, because you'd wish you had ate it all. These culinary masterpieces are surprisingly not oily and very light on the dough. If you try the La'ssants I'd suggest getting the spiced honey walnut delicious. The cashiers were very nice and their suggestions were great. Overall a good spot to try and come back for more.

Ben Johnson

Great little donut shop. I get the not so fresh donuts and these are way better than Krispy Kreme fresh. These donuts taste great and different from each other unlike most other places that make one flavor and different shapes.

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