Nong's Khao Man Gai

609 SE Ankeny St C, Portland
(503) 740-2907

Recent Reviews

Micah S

Asian food and service at this spot is great. visited on a wednesday i think. i'll return family next time. the bill was good for what you get.

Kacy Jones

One of my favorite places in Portland. Best place to get a simple, fresh, and delicious meal. When I don't feel like cooking, it's my default place for dinner.

Renee Morgan

Chicken and rice sounds so basic but it is so good here. The preparation and the sauce elevate it to out of this world levels. I've had it in Thailand and this is the only place I've found it in the U.S. You can buy the sauce to take home. I'd go here weekly if I lived in Portland.

Jenna Lee

Obsessed with nong's! The tastiest chicken, broth, rice, peanut sauce, broccoli... All a match made in heaven, and good quality ingredients + friendly staff too ?

Charley Traylor

Where my love of KMG started! Life is better with Nongs and her simple chicken and rice. And the fried chicken skins are a real treat. I usually buy 2 servings so I can enjoy 2 consecutive days. Too much KMG is not enough. Thank you Nong!

Jon S.

I remember trying my first Khao Man Gai years ago thinking I could eat this all the time. I remember trying Nong's KMG thinking I could eat this every single day. The consistency is unmatched even after all these years. Every bit of the chicken, rice, broth, and cucumbers are to die for. The sauce is above and beyond full of flavor and richness. When I'm not in town, I dream about this food.Also the people working here are incredibly nice and very fast.

Rod I.

Definately at the top of my list for all Thai food that I have had. The chicken was white breast meat and the vegetables were fresh. Absolutely fantastic. I had the #5 and it was grand. DO IT.

Tip K.

I loved khao man gai growing up in Thailand! I was ecstatic to find that Portland had a joint that specializes in this Thai comfort street food. The soup and and broth rice is pretty authentic and the fried chicken skin add on is my favorite. However, the chicken tends to be dry most times. I had only discovered them after quarantine so I need to say that they absolutely need a better system when taking orders, call ins, and lines. It's pretty popular so there tends to be long lines and sometimes randomly two where it's mixed with take out pick up and dine-in ordering. Most often, other customers don't really know what line they're in anyway. They also only have like two tables available and the other restaurant next to them are absolutely not keen on sharing their slew of 8 extra tables. It sucks because I could easily be a regular here but $13 for the regular size? Ehh probably not. $16 for the "large size" that is ACTUALLY the normal serving in Thailand for $16? Absolutely NOT!!Food: 3/5Experience 1/5Would love to see improvement if capable :)

Sha P.

I go to Portland from Tacoma just to have Nong's Khao Man Gai. What does that tell you? You have to try it. Chicken is tender and so flavorful.

Pavknee M.

It was really simple and good food. We ordered online, food was ready within 25 mins. You can walk up to the window and head to the Left side that says "Pick up" to avoid the line. There are three outdoor tables and you bus them yourselves. The Thai iced tea was refreshing and tasty, seemed like two ingredients, and it was well made! The broccoli is steamed, the peanut sauce is yummy and the chicken is boiled. If you get the Chef's choice, today we got white meat and the soup/white sauce on the side is used to drench your chicken and rice. It turns into a warm & salty porridge. I didn't catch any special flavors, it just fills up your belly and is warm, simple, and homely food. The ordering process was easy, there aren't many overwhelming options, and if you want to take home the sauce, a T shirt/hoodie, or just need a drink- they've got other options. Topo Chico, sodas, and ice cream are also available! Feels like a clean lunch option for those that want a balanced meal.

Sean Letterman Shirk

employees are rude and disrespectful

Maya K.

Got takeout during covid and the chicken is delicious! Loveeee the sauce and I recommend their homemade pickles!

Chris L.

Was very tasty and homey. Enjoyed the chicken and rice very much and highly recommend. The side soup, not pictured, was whatevs. Pricey for a small quantity but I'd definitely get this on a regular basis.Ps. There's a ramen place next door that pairs amazingly with this dish. Otherwise, I wouldn't have liked it so much. Pps. Service was annoying. They didn't call my name when the food was ready. It was sitting out chilling for prob 10 min after it was ready. I had to go up and check why it was taking 20 min when there was no line. The dish was cold... not even warm... bad service baboons.

Alisa B.

A pretty mediocre experience. After seeing Mike Chen hype up this place, I had to give it a try while I was in Portland! We ordered the Chicken Khao Man Gai with white and dark meat, a Thai Tea, and a Lychee Margharita mix. The Khao Man Gai was $12 and the portions were TINY. The chicken was very tender and the broth was flavorful, but the rice wasn't anything special. Plus, I was still left hungry after. The whole meal could fit in my hand. The Thai Tea seems to be pre-mixed and watered down. Unimpressed. However, the Lychee Margharita mix was a hit when we mixed it with tequila! So yummy with the real lychees. The staff here is very friendly, so it sucks that the food didn't live up to the hype. Not sure if I'd come back.

Ethan B.

It pains me that I can't justify a higher review, as everyone who works here is just so wonderful. However, the food just can't be justified. Bland clicken, bland cucumbers, bland rice. Nothing has any flavor and barely any seasoning, and while the sauce helps quite a bit, it doesn't do enough to distract from the sensation of eating chicken-shaped sawdust.I know everyone else loves this place, and you probably will too, but I just can't find the appeal after several visits.

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