The Tao of Tea

3430 SE Belmont St, Portland
(503) 736-0119

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it’s ridiculous that they keep trying deleting our reviews. some reviews from other previous employees were also deleted. but you can still read ours from our project page. earth voice earth power dot org.

Brianna T.

Was a huge fan of 7 Cups which I could only buy online or when I visited friends in AZ, but since moving to Portland a few years ago, THIS has been my equal replacement business for high quality tea. A vast selection of unadulterated, full tea leaves and jaw dropping packaging on their tins, and everything is sourced, like holy wow!

Dr HNS - Lazy Tiger Mum

The Tao of Tea is hands down the best loose leaf teas ever. I love the containers that the teas come in and the flavours in the tea are so refreshing and calming at the same time. I gave several cups a day and it helps me digest.

Brandon Bressi

Hands down, still the greatest place in Portland for tea, tea ware, loose teas, and tea culture. Can’t wait until the teahouse opens back up again. Until then, the Leaf Room is still a gem, and the place to taste and purchase anything needed. Alicia reigns as the tea wizard and deeply knowledgeable human on all topics tea related.

Joshua Kessluk

3:45 on a Monday. Hours say they are open but are definitely closed. Past experiences have been good, but the wrong hours listed is unfortunate especially since I drove here.

Ana K.

Tasty vegetable dumplings and decent black tea. Was great for a quick Lunar New Year lunch.

that one reviewer

Awesome amount of tea definitely have to shop here

Ciera M.

Love this tea shop. Their Red Bush Chai & Lavender Camomile are my favorite. Their tea ware is also beautiful.

Mia K.

This review is for the tea - I bought the lychee black tea blend. I am a cha (aka tea) aficionado and I grew up eating lychees in my country in South Asia. I was shocked because the person who sold it let me smell a sample of lychee tea and it smelled just like lychee. To my surprise when I opened my container, it smelled bad. Not even the nice fragrant of black tea leaves. There is NO lychee or fruity flavor. And it's a terrible black tea. I wish I could return this. Does anyone who work at this company know what lychee actually tastes like IS my question. Who let this happen.

Karina Kisselite

Good selection of teas, cute tea tableware. Can’t stay to drink tea because of COVID though

Matt R

Great resource for Portlanders to get premium loose leaf teas. Yummy stuff. Choices from around the world.

Matt Ryan

Great resource for Portlanders to get premium loose leaf teas. Yummy stuff. Choices from around the world.

michael chiu

Nice tea shop with variety of choice.

Luke Taylor

Favorite place to purchase the ?'s best Tea

Niko Z

I didn't know until I went to the Chinese Gardens that they serve the same Tea. I've been coming here for years. The leaf room and Cafe are both fantastic.The Cafe is a place I've calmly bantered with company, brought family and even dates. Its very comfortable.

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