Nordstrom Mall, 480 Center St NE Ste 102, Salem
(503) 362-9824

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I came here twice early thinking they are open at 10 and they are still closed an hour later. Why do they say they open at 10am when they don’t. I’d rather drive to west salem one that opens at 9:30. CHANGE YOUR TIME so you don’t trick people into coming early

Amber Miller

Great customer service, fun new "unicorn ice cream" treat! 10/10 will be back!

Visvas G.

Ordered through DoorDash, what I ordered and what I got; two very different things. I was hoping for more than a couple of bites from a $7.50, 3 scoop sundae. I'll just get my lazy butt up next time and go get 2 for $5.00 ice cream at Safeway and eat ice cream for two weeks.

Andrea T.

Been trying to call and talk to a person all day. No one has answered and has hung up on my twice.

Robert Cuomo

I get a mocha blast every time I go in there they are fantastic

Janis Thomas

Some of the best ice cream I've had in a while! Highly recommended!

シKoala bear

My daughter just loves to be pampered.

Jeanette Reyes

Lots of flavor choices and delicious ice cream! Highly recommended.

R Ne

Amazing ice cream. Of course it does cost a little more, but of course you are going to pay what you get for it. For those of you who care the ice cream is kosher. At least that is what the little sign reads. So if you enjoy great-tasting ice cream come on down.

Tracy Chapman

Delicious ice cream and lots of flavors.

Joe Patterson

Great ice cream

Viola Barnts

Cotton Candy icecream my fav!

Ricki Labrinth

I postmated here. Very nice customer service. I love their ice cream.

Julian Lee

Awesome place, ice cream, shakes, and ice cream soda are all amazing. Place is clean and staff are nice.

Atkins Angco

Came for my birthday cone. Did not get my birthday cone. :C

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