Chinese Cafe

401 Center St NE #292, Salem
(503) 315-8669

Recent Reviews

Jose Garcia

Amazing, delicious and great food. This is my go to if I want to get Chinese food. The lady at front is always hooking me up with some great and amazing portioning and I appreciate itFood: 5/5


Dry, cold, not cooked all the way? it's crazy knowing i paid $20 for the meal too. i was hungry and i was craving Chinese food, just for it to be like this? lost me to be honestFood: 1/5

Paul Whitaker

Over cooked food sometimes poor service the ladies are very rude. All your food goes on top of each other and it’s overpriced.

Michelle Vlach

The quality has gone down. The food is very greasy. The oil used is smelly and it leaves a funny after taste and smell. The veggies are not cut to bite size. They give you one napkin as thin as public restroom toilet paper. The fork cannot stab anything. The styrofoam take out box is flimsy. Serving heavy greasy food with a flimsy plastic fork is a recipe for an SNL skit. We ended up throwing the food away because it was so greasy and gross.Parking: Parkade and street parking.Wheelchair accessibility: ADA compliant building.


Don't waste your money here, the man literally PILED food on the customers order ahead of mine, then the LADY literally skimped my order with little meat, RACIST MUCH!Food: 1/5

Michael Macbeane

Old overpriced chicken.The worker legit dug all the way to the bottom of the serving dish to give meThe little old crunchy bits and that’s it. Save your money or go to Charleys.

Norma Grimes

Don't do it waste of your money! Not enjoyable!

Shelby Ivie

Worst customer service ever!!

Jenn G.

I have eaten here before and it has been good but yesterday I got orange chicken, seasem chicken and the rice took it home and was going to eat it but the food was dry and tasteless I had never had that happen before. I took it back and explained why I wanted my money back only to stand their for 20 mins and argue with both women who demanded their food was good and I was lying and for me to leave. I let them know I was not leaving and to give me a refund after much eye rolling and being called silly girl and both women trying to tell me they had no idea how to do a refund and had no idea where the manager was, after I raised my voice a little louder and had another customer stick up for me some how the manager magically appeared and I got my money back. Never again well I eat there and waste my money.

max simon

Food is just ok

Tom Ellis

Love there food

Valerie Watts

Great food

Leland Central

Very good

Rosa og

Worker was very rude and didn’t want to give us a little container to put the Sriracha sauce on the side she insisted that we put it on the food. And was very rude about it. I would give zero starts if I could and to top it off the food didn’t taste fresh at all. Would not do it unless you want to pay for old and overpriced food.

David Richards

If you eat here, I suggest watching what they're charging you. And if they over charge or add some made up fee, do not let them bully you into paying anyways. I refused to pay and will never go back.

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