Daynight Donuts

2234 Fairgrounds Rd NE, Salem
(503) 581-0000

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The Tan Hog

This place has the rudest person working at 3 AM. They literally are the reason we will never go into this business again and i will tell everyone i know in the community to do the same boycott of any other daynight donuts. Whoever worked the shift 11/11/2022 at 3 AM just cost this business big time. Absolutely abysmal that this is the attitude customers receive. I will be a Karen when it's deserved. The tan hog is done with this chain for good.

E. Roesch

The owners of this location are always super nice and their donuts are so fresh and yummy.

Rame Mize

I don't normally give reviews, but had to this time. This is the 2nd time I've gotten biscuits & gravy here. Same way both times. Gravy was ok, but biscuits were hard as rock! Do not get the biscuits & gravy!!!

Bonnie Arriaga

Best Donuts in Salem and Albany!!! A must for these wonderful delicious treats. There is a donut place on Queen and Hill in Albany but only open on Friday and Saturday ?.Kid-friendliness: Kids love these variety donut holes !!!Parking: Lots of parking Wheelchair accessibility: Yes , wheelchair accessibility

Reyna Lopez

I went here to get some breakfast for my kids and I. The man at the window took down our order wrong I asked for 2 double biscuits and gravy and he came back with a very small container I was confused as soon as he handed to me I thought maybe they made them smaller now ? So I asked him if this is the new double buiscuts ? And he said no that’s the single. I’ve never ordered a single before so that why I was unsure ? I told him what I ordered I didn’t want this, he said okay he’ll get them and still charged me for food I didn’t want.A girl came to the window trying to help resolve I explained I didn’t order this I don’t want it . She let me know since I didn’t hand it back to him he charged me for it I’m trying to hand it to her and I told her yeah I just don’t want this I don’t need it lol I tried to give it to him and she let me know he’s saying I ordered that. Wow. I wouldn’t ever order the single when I know I might as well buy the double buiscut. I’m a regular and I’ve always thought that way.It’s just so rude to make me pay for food that I don’t want and he was cowardly to have the girl try to fix the situation when he knows exactly what happened. I paid with a credit card so I’m not worried I’m not paying for that. Satisfying the customer would’ve been a lot easier to do instead of losing business. It’s time for a new breakfast spot?

Mommy Of2

Ive been to daynight donuts before never in issue until this time. The staff was very polite and friendly the store itself is usually okay cleanliness wise. My major complaint about the donuts that I received is the price. I haven't been in in a while the last time I bought donuts there it was $8 for a dozen I believe maybe seven this time it was $15. I understand that employees and production costs are more however you could warn your customers like with a sign that says there's been a price increase or something.

Tracy Gates

Ordered a box of donuts via doordash at about 5am thinking they would be fresh, they weren't. They were day old hard donuts. Ordered a croissant thinking it was going to be an actual fresh croissant again no, they literally sold me a Jimmy Deans frozen egg and sausage croissant. Not cool. Will not be a returning customer.

Claire A.

The lady who worked here was super hostile, It really came off she was racist towards white people(I think she was mexican or something)


We got biscuits and gravy today. The biscuits were different and not good. That is the only reason we went there. Guess we need a new place to get biscuits and gravy.

Alyson Matthews

If you’re not using your DoorDash pick up option - take it out of your ordering options or disable it - it doesn’t matter if you’re checking it or not - it’s still collecting $$ for you…. I’ll get my $ back but it’s a hassle I DONT HAVE TIME FOR. Never again. Just going to McDonald’s now. May be generic but I don’t get ripped off and my time isn’t wasted.

Laurie Hermosillo

I picked up TWO DOZEN donuts for my crew this morning (east Salem location)and they tasted like they had been sitting out for two days.. totally stale ?


This was the first time I had ever been in there, and I was delightfully impressed. The staff was friendly, and they had a very wide selection of donuts, including some very unique ones (blueberry crisp!). The one I got (Bavarian cream filled) was very soft and fresh. My only complaint was how much powdered sugar there was on it, but that has become almost unavoidable at any donut shop. I absolutely recommend them, and I will definitely be back.

Clay Rushton

A rare treat that we used to buy from the south commercial location. Passing by the Portland rd location and yes it was 7pm, however we asked if they were fresh, we were told yes and bought both holes and a few doughnuts. Wow, talk about tasting old. They were likely made 8-12 hours prior and tasted like day (or two) old.Come on, you can do better.

Desiree H.

Shitty service and they gave me a MOLDY and SMASHED donut. If I could give a negative star I would.


My brain was running on empty after driving from Grays Harbor down to Salem. I keep a pretty healthy diet these days, but when I drove past Daylight Donuts I had to hit the block and carb up. I wish I had taken some pictures, their selection is mind bending. So many choices, so much original creations.The man working the counter checked in the back when I asked for a Custard Bismarck and delivered. He beared with me while I went through the dizzy array of fried goodness.I had a Fried Buttermilk, the Custard Bismarck and the deep fried Cinnamon Roll. Daylight Donuts.. you guys seriously know your business.If you are local, consider yourself blessed. If you happen to be going to or through Salem, it is just a few blocks from the highway; you won't be disappointed.It would be worth another trip down to Salem just to spend time there at Daylight's and explore their menu further.Five Stars all day

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