Dutch Bros Coffee

1102 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem
(541) 955-4700

Recent Reviews

Asher L

You would expect people in the service industry to tip their delivery drivers, especially when they have to delivery in the rain... hope you enjoyed your food :(

djmelenko Rico Sabor Original

As much as I dont like to wait more than nesesary I also understand that Dutch Bros being popular makes It very common to have to wait in line, I really appreciate all the fun workers do to try to speed things up, thank you

Nicholas Kline

It's a Dutch, they're usually quick, coffee is decent, and their staff are always friendly.My dog definitely loves them.Whoever thought of the "pup cup" is a genius.

alicia gutierrez-lopez

I love my strawberry and lemon drinks. Extra strawberry tho???

Tyler Tesla

I don't normally leave reviews but I really wanted to leave a review because these people really went the extra mile for me! Today (6/25) I ordered a large High Dive Rebel and the service was excellent and speedy! Unfortunately when I sped off on my bike the lid popped off and I spilled everything. These kind people had no problem making me another one free of charge which was just so kind especially considering this is a $7 drink they really didn't need to do that! They truly go above and beyond at this location! Can't recommend enough!Thanks again to the staff at this location!

J.A. Brown (Brownie)

At every location the staff is amazing. Always having a great time and enjoying the work they do . It shows

Chuck G.

First time visiting Dutch Brothers and it was a very good customer service experience. The young woman taking our order while in line was exceptionally professional and helpful. I gotta say, though, that the extremely torn denim pants she was wearing didn't project positive image. Another instance of do not judge a book by its cover :)

soleil moor

This is my favorite Dutch. I always ask for a recommendation that is not for and extra sweet and have yet to be disappointed ? Y'all are always pleasant and welcoming. I go to you when I need an extra pep in my step for the day ❤️

Brian Kindle

I stopped here in need of coffee, I happened to get there when there wasn't a line, there was one when I left. This seems to be a busy location whenever I drive by. The drive up order taker was very friendly and helpful with ordering our drinks, definitely worth the price I paid. The employees we're super friendly and got our order perfect.

courtney lynne

i think dutch bros hot coffee drinks are gross in general but their blended rebels are delicious! they're my go-to but for some reason it tastes slightly different every time i order the exact same thing ? also y'alls music is too loud, i can't hear anything and your employees may as well get in my car LMAOOOO.

Laurine Silver

My first time to order. Everyone one was so helpful and nice. They did everything they could make thing's good for me!

Larry Staton

These are some very energetic kids and do their best to keep a smile on your face and give great service.....keep up the great work!!!!

Carolyn Horak

best coffee and best people anywhere!!

Robert Johnson

Folks here are always friendly. Maybe too friendly, hahaha. But the line is always too long. What I like about their main competitor is that I can order ahead online, zip into the store and pick it up. There's no way to order ahead at Dutch Bros. Friendly employees: 5 stars Quality coffee and selection: 5 stars Convenience: 1 star

none none

I received a gift card a a thank you. The guy that took my order was very nice and made some small talk. In and out quick. Custom drink made great.

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