Dutch Bros Coffee

4612 Portland Rd NE, Salem
(541) 955-4700

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Brett Downes

Came here in the morning, I've got a tea and it was made just right, I have an issue. A lot of them wear that he's a dirty spoon or it's not rinsed off good enough and I taste other people's orders that are stronger flavor than my tea, this one was perfect and I had great customer service as well, it was a lie before I trained but it's normal

Dawn Leach

I used to go here all the time but have switched stores because they never get my order right. I went there today was asked 3 times if I wanted whip on my drink I said no all 3 times and still got my drink with whip on it.. I will never go here again.. I gave 1 star because I have to in order to leave a review but if negative stars were an option I would give several of those.

Christie Scott

I know that the drive-thru is really important especially when the line blocks most of the driveway in a plaza of businesses but to order my coffee and stand at the counter and watch them make it least six car orders before anybody bothers to start mine and there's four people working was a little disappointingFood: 5/5

Kc Remingtonwinchester

Always amazing if u like sweet try an large kicker 5xs sweet add extra caramel drizzle. I do iced it's much better cold. The cocomo(almond joy) 3xs sweet blended is dank also

Mikaela Guthrie

Apparently they don't even know how to take an order. I order a blended 32 oz campout. They gave me a 24 oz iced cold brew campout. How disappointing.Not mention I made sure that I would have had time to catch the bus after grabbing my drink. Them having to remake my drink made me late.

Leanna Smith

They are so wonderful always ask how r day is an always friendly an there coffee is funaminal love them.

Acacia Nycole

The parking lot sucks but that's not their fault, they still have great green tea & they're very friendly.

Holly P.

Every time I'm there someone comes up to my car with an iPad to take my order, but I haven't been able to see the menu board and I want time to look at it (Not a lot, but I don't have it memorized and I like to try new things). So I never know what to get or how much it will cost until I pay for it. But the coffee is good and they do through their line quickly. This location in particular is a weirdly crowded parking lot to get in and out of.

Miriam Moran

The people who served us last Sunday afternoon, the truth is, I don't think they wanted to work, lousy service, from the person who took our order and worse, the one who served us at the window, I asked them about the stickers that are free for the app and they responded very rudely, I say if they don't want to go to work or attend to people, they should look for another job, that's not for them.

Fxit Right

This place has the best customer service of any business in America. I’ve been to Dutch bros in N. cali Southern California and Arizona and all of them the people who work there are all up beat spunky people who love their job. I love their service and whoever does the hiring does a great job.

Alex Lyle

Rudeness of one staff member. My drink was not made correctly. Took it back and same result.I asked for the syrup that was missing. Thought she was going to throw it at me while rolling her eyes and being huffy.Never got an apology or a thank you.

Elizabeth Green

They are usually great here but I went by late one night last week and was not happy. I ordered a Frost like I always do and it was like water. The drizzle went all the way down to the bottom and when we mentioned it to the kid, he said that's a Frost and that's how they are made so basically tough luck.

Alysha Meadows

This is the worst Dutch bros I have every been to. Lobby is closed at 8pm but the door was open and my 3 year old had to use the bathroom and was doing the potty dance and they REFUSE to let him use the restroom. Lock the entry door if your closed! Will be calling to complain to corporate!

Jason Jennings

The staff are always cool and the drinks are like crack... in a good way.

JOHN MILLER (Papajohn)

We go there several times of the month. Never get bored with their drinks and great friendly people!

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