Fresh Elements Restaurant

364 Center St NE, Salem
(503) 581-1668

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The tofu Mongolian special and veggie pho are so, so good. Love that they have tasty vegan/vegetarian options.

Greg Garcia

Went to pick up order for someone last night here at 933ish. Saw the food on the table. Open sign was on. Door was locked. Called them: phone was off.

Jay Nelson

Run away! Dirty, dirty, dirty. Very much regret feeding my children here. Mediocre food comes nowhere close to making up for the grime. We will be hosing down with sanitizer tonight.

Kevin W.

I love this place, been going there for years. Very happy they are still open. In fact, it's about time for a trip down there lol. Not sure whats going on with the haters, having pretty much any food delivered is a crap shoot at best. Never as good as right out of the kitchen. Never have anything delivered.

Alexandria Wu

The salad rolls were loose and minimal, the peanut sauce had very little flavor, and the pad thai was very disappointing. It didn’t really have a flavor and the veggies in it were three small broccoli and lots of undercooked onion. Super disappointing and not worth $16. I never write reviews and hate leaving bad ones, but my goal is for this place to take a look at their product and improve which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 1.

Clay Cooke

I am sorry of a regular at Fresh Elements. It has been my experience that the food is always delicious and well prepared. Dae Tu the owner has a passion for Asian food, and it is quite evident.

Lyd C.

Everything seems very fresh, the waiting time was around as expected, the staff seem very hard working, and the food smells nice. I have few complaints and I definitely recommend to others in the area.

Molly Clark

If I could leave 0 stars I would just based off the fact there was a LIVE cockroach crawling around on the tables and chairs in the dining area. The carpet looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed in a while and had a lot of stains as well. I have no idea how this place is still open as I’ve seen reports of cockroaches IN peoples food as well.

darryl larson

Best food. Love the pho here

Savannah Nelson

Great pho, great Vietnamese coffee, and very friendly staff!

Habacuc Reyes

I love the owners of this restaurant. They make really good food. Me and my family will be back soon.

Armida Barlow

The noodles were still good and it was warm. I gave a 3 star because their noodles barely had any meat in them !

Kelli Wilson

They weren’t wearing masks while cooking. I wish I would have known that before we had eaten.The vegetarian pho was a big hit with my kids even the picky one. The rest of the food was just ok.

Keith Lum

Mapo tofu? Certainly not this... Zero spice and flavor for a classic dish. I'll not be eating from there again.

Jessica Renteria

I love the salad rolls! so fresh and filling . Price is great as well.

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