Happy Bibim Bap House

635 Chemeketa St NE, Salem
(503) 585-1530

Recent Reviews

Caitlin Christian

Fun place to try Korean food, they have a large menu and pretty good prices. We tried a lot of their soups, mostly because I watched a Nation of Broth on Netflix and became obsessed with the idea of trying Korean soup. It did not disappoint! My favorite thing we tried was the spicy skate jigae soup, which is a spicy seafood soup. I will be back for sure.

Kathy Gomez

Our waitress was sweet and helpful. The food here was a very pleasant surprise. Their Gresham Roll was a DELICIOUS sushi choice. They had multiple little appetizers that were a yummy unexpected addition to our meal. The #6 sweet potato noodles were A+. Looking forward to trying something new next time. The prices were nice and they wrapped up our meal with a small piece if fruit. So glad we followed the reviews on this one.

Robert Mosher

Despite the fact that they were very busy this Friday afternoon, we got seated within about 5 minutes at a nicely cleaned table. Food orders were taken promptly and it came out faster than we expected. The fact that a lot of their options are gluten free is amazing for my wife.The food was filling, flavorful, and delicious! This is my 3rd time going, 2nd time this month, and they're high on our lunch date list.

Jay C

4.5 with no rounding. Impressive to their attention pancakes, but little bit expensive. Other food is great, cheap and tasty. But for the ramen is not as spicy as I expected.Overall. Kinda cheap and tasty, just so you know I am not a big fun Korean food. But I like it. Btw, service are really nice.

Pa Her

Been coming here for a long time. Very good Korean food and all the staffs are friendly and so is the owner. ?

Marcelyna Walters

I love this place! I've been ordering from here a few months since moving to this area but they have THE BEST Korean food in the area, hands down! I went in to eat for the first time and they definitely did not disappoint me! Their service is amazing, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. So yummy, so nice! ?

Sera Do

Had a really rough day and was just praying for a pick me up and God delivered! The food was amazing and was more than I expected. Thank you so much!!!

Dayne Havens

The bibimbap and sushi were PHENOMENAL. The service was just as amazing and they even gave me and everyone else some complimentary dishes to enjoy while waiting for our food! Highly recommend to anyone looking to try Korean food!


Wow were we disappointed. We’d eaten here a couple years ago, and the kitchen is attuned to Salem tastes, but what awful pasty tasteless dreck did we get here. Our family takeout experience was sub par. One person, not usually a foodie, said: this is tasteless, is there some soy sauce? Ouch. We’d eaten recently at Corvallis Koriander -/ we won’t be returning here anytime soon.

Ray Carter

What a wonderful restaurant. The staff were a delight, cheerful and attentive. The food was even better. We'll definitely be back soon.

Tita Butler

The food is really good and the server and the owner are really nice ?

T Tsen

Nice staff. Very hardworking and attentive. Shrimp tempura was way to greasy. Had to wipe down the oil with napkins. Small complimentary dishes were tasty. The bibimbab lacked taste. It had a lot of ingredients but tasted like nothing

Brian Sheller

What a wonderful experience. Great service. Delicious food. Something different to try at every turn, and all the choices are great! One very important piece of advice: go hungry!

Marshall Zoerner

Their Staff is so Friendly and welcoming. Their food is authentic and so good, and it just keeps coming. I have taken many people here and they have all been impressed. My kids also love it. Good for any occasion.

Anabel Pachano-Arismendi

Restaurant at the center of Salem, Oregon. Has pretty good customer service, they give you an appetizer on the house, and take your order and bring the food quite quick. Food is really good for a fair price... They have no dessert but gave us two pieces of watermelon at the end!

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