IKE Box Café

299 Cottage St NE, Salem
(503) 581-6154

Recent Reviews

Grammy G

Love Ike box. Have visited a few times. The ambience is great. An older building with access to multiple rooms. Big open seating area. I get the vanilla latte both hot and iced and they are both delicious. The latte has a carob sort of flavor not sure if it’s the vanilla or the coffee beans that have that flavor but it’s delicious! The bagels are yummy. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Rach Leder

My opinion is a little biased because of dietary restrictions, but the GF cookies are great and the chai latte is really nice. The drip coffee is also surprisingly delightful if you enjoy a strong medium roast. The space is super unique with a stage and lots of room for sitting, etc.

erica n.

Excellent customer service, great coffee, cool vibes and lots of space! Their staff is always so kind and accommodating

Kat J.

The courtesy and unique menu here are fantastic! There are a variety of seating from meeting rooms (without doors for privacy), to tables, benches and patio space if the weather allows. There is ramp access to get inside for wheelchairs and strollers alike and a stage for performances in the main room. The menu on the wall across from the barista counter has unique flavor drinks to try, while their menu overs a variety of tea, coffee, and ice or hot non-caffeinated options. There is grab and go food in a cooler by the register or more options on menu. Their Italian sodas with alternative milk is delicious, and the lavender lemonade doesn't disappoint (if lavender doesn't taste like soap to your genes). Duncan is the reason for the high rating and is the best at helping you find something new to try or something that will become your next favorite. The staff is friendly and understanding, especially if you choose to make this your study or work from home space and tune out their cleaning before closing. They kindly remind you instead of asking you to leave. There is a station for water and sweeteners etc to add to your drink choice but also to bus your own table.

Maggie Basiaga

I came here earlier this month on the 8th of July. It was a Friday afternoon. The vibe of this shop was kinda strange. There was a guy with a beard and glasses at the counter that wasn’t very friendly and a girl who seemed new.I was hoping for a nice latte with latte art on top. I got a latte sloppily made and double cupped (which is bad enough when they do that at Starbucks) and the girl puts the lid on the cup for me which was immediately a red flag. I took the lid off and there was a lump on cream/foam. Like she just dumped it on top. The guy instead of giving this poor soul any support had his back to the whole experience. The girl was awkward and not friendly at all either.I was really disappointed. The coffee tasted ok. Would not recommend.

Nidhal Al-Rubaye

Very friendly, nice and well informed about their coffee. Plus, the place is an old theatre and it feels like one, in a good sense. I'll come here again whenever I'm in town.

Lisa G.

Great coffee shop with a unique history and yummy Sisters Coffee. Check it out next time you are in Salem!

Jessie Vegas

Very clean. Big building. Smells homey when you walk inside.

Shelaswau Crier

Love Ike Box! The space is wonderful, large open with cozy spots and my dirty Metolius chai is always heavenly. A friend and I meet here regularly and the friendly barista knows our order, including that we prefer real mugs to paper cups. Everyone who works here is very friendly, great customer service. And the company has an honorable community mission to boot.The only downside is the limited selection of food items, but what they have is good.

Jessie Nikas

Very clean. Big building. Smells homey when you walk inside.

Anna L.

Average cup of coffee. Knocked stars for price, service and taste. If you're not a morning person, don't work mornings. Self service drip coffee at this price is not ok. I was handed an empty cup for close to $4. And the coffee is mediocre at best. Now the building is a big old house and has potential to be a really chill place. The other thing I noticed was the absence of the smell of coffee. It would be like walking into a bakery and my nose not being greeted by the scents of fresh baked cookies, bread and cakes.

Angela Gravett

This is a gorgeous café. The interior is spacious and the painted murals are lovely! The coffee is delicious. The service was great. I would have liked more substantial food choices, but that's a personal preference.

Tammy L.

Great spot to hang out. Had an iced Chai and it was definitely the best I have ever had. We also had an americano and a bagel both were great. Staff is very nice.

Denise Slater O'Mara

Really neat place. I wish I had time to sit and enjoy my delicious coffee.

Ben Reddaway

Delicious smooth coffee, coffee is from Sisters Coffee, syrups from Holy Kakow, baristas have skills. Highly recommend.They have a community room with seating for twelve people and

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