4706 Portland Rd NE, Salem
(503) 304-9170

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Aryanna Mathison

The lobby was closed even though it said open at 7am. Only drive through was open and they took forever to take my order there. The entire point of visiting this McDonald’s was so my kid could get out and walk around and use the bathroom but noooo their posted hours are a lie. They won’t even unlock the door for you. So cool. 0/10 will not come back

Leo Pich

I'm a student at the nearby college, and my partner (who drives me there) will go here everytime I'm in school. She'll sometimes just park in the parking lot while she waits for me, which there has never been an issue with, or will order and park. The food is always consistent and they don't scimp on sauces or anything else!Only once did they ever get something wrong while we've been going here, and that was just a wrong type of soda. They've never missed items, and have always been friendly! Overall, very nice place.

Kerry Crabtree

I visit the McDonald’s drive through more then I probably should but my husband and my favorite thing to order is the caramel frappe with extra extra caramel drizzle however, finding a McDonald’s employee who will provide you with what you requested and little and what you paid for is damn near impossible. However, to my surprise in my husband‘s surprise this evening we visited Portland Road McDonald’s not only were they fast and courteous was good customer service they provided it exactly what we ordered, and with a smile I give more than two thumbs up. This is a four thumbs up.Kid-friendliness: Friendly and helpful provided exceptional customer service

Adam Cardona

I would avoid this place at night! The drive through can be 30 min plus! The night manger Trish is not helpful there. The posted hours at this location doesn’t matter cause they lock up early to avoid customer

Danielle Lindsey

Longest lines, I've waited 30+ minutes in the drive thru several times. At least half the time, the sodas are low on syrup. I stopped going here and will drive further to go to another one if I need to.Food: 1/5


Waited in drive thru for almost 30 min. Difficult to hear staff over the microphone. Food was barely put together. Way to many onions compared to what normally comes on the burger.Food: 2/5

Haley R.

Every. Single. Time. We eat here they mess up our order. Something is always forgotten, burnt, or old. It's less then a mile from us and still not worth the effort to get here.


Decided to grab a bite at night. So I waited at the drive thru for 25 minutes. Only to have the manager refuse to take my order for absolutely no reason. Simply blocked me at the drive thru and told me to get back in line. Go to the other McDonald's in the area, at least they actually care about their customers.


I just sat in line for 38 minutes. Of course that's not fun, but if they're doing the best that they can, I really can't fault them. Unfortunately, they were not. On average they were serving one car every 10 minutes. I finally get up to the window and I see probably 20 pre-made drinks sitting around. One of which was my fanta freeze, already noticeably melted. Then I got my food. Burgers and nuggets were cold, and the fries were dried out and stale, as if they'd been scooped up ahead of time and left to sit for the entire time that I was waiting in the drive-thru. This has been incredibly frustrating, and sooo not worth it.

James Rosalez

Would rate zero stars if possible. Me and my partner placed an online order that said it was ready for pic up at 8:22. It is now 8:50 and not only till I called did they say they would get it out to us. It's one thing if you guys are super busy I get that, but they had the ability to help another customer who arrived after us beforehand. This was definitely not a good experience at this macdonalds location. We just got our food and we don't even have our full order..Just got home and now we realized 2 of our spicy chicken sandwichs weren't plain, and we are missing a ten piece nugget.

Hannah Walker

My fiancé comes here after work around 1:30 or 2 am and the food often tastes as though it’s been sitting for hours! I’m sure I’m inspection came in they would be fined. Not ok.

Ricardo Ruiz

Go here frequently solely because of proximity to my place. No joke, approx. 7 out of 10 times I go here for breakfast and ask for mild salsa, I get the hot sauce instead, which isn't bad either, but gives me heartburn. Just recently went there early morning, got my order wrong after conforming it over the speaker, and there was a bunch of employees, yet I waited approx. 15-20 mins at window.

Brant Heavner

I enjoy McDonald's breakfast menu. It's very nice way to start the day. As always, the staff was friendly and professional. I give them two thumbs up. I think everyone who ac looks at my pose.t

Alexandra May

Usually have no complaints but I got two double cheeseburgers at 3:30 am and they were raw made me bring back my food to get a refund and went through my bag like I was lying about not having eaten them before I was allowed to have a refund. No thanks.

Mike Key

We frequently stop here. Only problem we have is the inconsistency with the quality of food. One time it is hot and the next time it taste like it has been sitting for awhile. We always get hot fries when we walk in and 1 out of 4 times we get hot fries when we drive up.we are starting to think maybe we need to start going to Burger King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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