Northern Lights Theatre Pub

3893 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 585-4232

Recent Reviews


They show current movies and the food is good, the only thing is there are not too many seats per theater so you need to arrive early if you want to order food.

Cy Borg

Did not expect the quality of the picture! Just as good as watching it during the actual release! The sound is very good as well! Would highly recommend!

Mic Rey

Great for movies! The food is a bit more reasonably priced than most theaters. Still $$$.

Jeffrey Goodwin

Amazing value, excellent customer services and decent food. See a movie and have dinner for the price you would pay to see a movie at another theater! $4 normal Admission when I went yesterday. So throw in a burger for maybe $8-10. Dinner and a movie date for about $30, good luck finding that somewhere else. And the theaters are comfortable and clean, abundant parking, bathrooms are nice. The only choke point is ordering food if they get a rush but even there they have plenty of help and after you order you can wait in the theater, they bring it to you. Highly recommend! Also, watch for special activities on weekends etc, including for children.

Christina M

I've been here too many times to count! And I always have a great experience :) The movies are great quality, food is great, the staff is nice, and the new seats are amazing! The chicken strips are my favorite and way better than any restaurant I've been to!

Tim Adams

I had a great time. Staff was helpful.. Food overall, not bad.. Just like any movie theater, food prices are going to be higher than normal at other establishments. I myself didn't let this discourage me from ordering any food to eat while I watched my show. And yes they do have alcohol there as well..

Heather Akin

Love the $4 price of admission, food & drinks are way cheaper than a regal cinema!! Love the popcorn, I even go in on my way home sometimes & just buy a large popcorn! 😊

Tim Oglevie

Awesome for a cheaper movie experience or if you just wanted to see something you missed on its initial run in the theater. The food could be better but overall it's not enough to deter you from enjoying a movie here. Excellent for kids also.

Ken Davis

This is a great place to go see movies for a reasonable price and also have a pretty good meals, also for a reasonable price. Staff at Northern Lights are attentive and helpful and give great customer service. I just wish they could start showing the UFC again which I enjoyed going to see, but I understand the fact that the fights cost so much to get now, it has priced everybody out from watching them.

Ralph Eckis

Good place to watch a movie at an inexpensive price. Not fancy but clean, cool on a hot day. I thought good sound.


Price for movies are great that is about it. We ordered a burrito that Taco Bell food taste so much better, the burger my boyfriend got tasted awful would rather have a 7 11 burger over theirs and the fries that came with it had no taste to them and they were cold!!!! WORST FOOD I HAVE HAD IN A VERY LONG TIME!!!!!

Jessica Wright

You have to wait a little longer for the good movies to get here, but the prices are Sooo worth the wait! The set up is nice for multiple kids too. Snacks are decently priced. Nothing fancy but the kids don't notice the difference :)

Joi Poulin

Great place to enjoy recently released/ older movies and have some good food for about 1/3 the cost of your average theater.

Kassie Brown

I love this place. I get a piece of pie and a beer every time. It is great the prices the staff. The place is super clean and comfortable without the crazy pricing.

Christie Van Winkle

This theater is hidden behind the Panda Express and Chipotle building on Commercial. One picture is coming from the north and the other the south (I'd say which ones, but Google keeps changing the order).

Shannon Lopez

Good experience every time we have gone there. The prices are right and they have a great menu for both food and adult drinks. Only complaint is it could be a bit cleaner in the individual theaters themselves.

Jay Kober

If you have never been, it's time. The place is clean , staff very friendly , and admission cheap. Dinner s and snacks different than any 🎥 theater you've been to. Beer and wine too

Adam R.

Great place to take the family for a cheap movie. The kids movies tend to sell out quick so I recommend getting there a little early.

Munkers Awesome

I've been going here as long as I can remember, and each time, without fail they deliver! I absolutely love their prices for everything, and the food there is delicious. Also, my experience watching the movie itself is also great every time. I highly recommend going there at least once.


It's like a neighborhood pub. We always see someone we know! Uncrowded film viewing, because they removed every other row for easy access and eating/drinking. We split our favorite wrap, and voila, dinner and a movie is all of a sudden quite reasonable... and efficient... and definitely enjoyable.

Bill E.

This is a great little get away for a movie and something to eat. Got a wrap, and a drink. Food was great. Theater is small with tables between the rows. Tons a room and comfortable. Great food, great movie and a bar to enjoy a beer or cocktails. Great little gem. Remember, this is not your a typical big grand theater but what it lacks in size it makes up with character. The young lady behind the register was nice, food was great, and great beers on Tap. Good times for all

Thomas Parslow III

Great affordable outing for the family. Good selection of beer and food. Been here at least 30 times now - always a positive experience.


We like coming here when we missed a movie that we wanted to see. It's nice to have a beer or cider while watching your movie too and be able to set it on a table, not in a cup holder. We haven't had any food here so I can't say anything about that. The movie prices of course are lower at $4 so I don't expect to be wowed with the facility. It's always been comfortable and enjoyable.

Natasha Conover

We love this theatre! The tickets are reasonably priced and it's very clean inside. The staff is friendly and the menu has a large variety. I did not enjoy the taco salad I ordered though, and remember the good being higher quality; I'm glad they gave me a fork to eat it with, because it was filled with bottom of the bag chips impossible to scoop with.

Marcia Lancaster

It's great when the chamber of commerce has their greeters meetings at northern lights food is marvelous nice selection comfortable seating you don't feel crowded and a table in front of you so that you don't have to try to hold the plate on your lap. What more could you ask for when you're listening to a lot of people talking? Great acoustics for hearing the speakers. I'm glad when business is go ahead and have the meeting at northern lights it's easy to get to and it's very comfortable to be there.

Debbie Forkin

Instant Family was so good I was crying and laughing through out the movie. It was great to order dinner and they bring it to you! We love Northern Lights!! Great prices too!!

Bryan McGivney

Really pleased with the ticket prices here. I didn't get food this time but in times past it's been good. Theater seems about as nice as any. I like this place because my bill may be the same as other movie theaters but I get dinner with it, woot!

April Morrison

Love this place. Friendly staff, yummy food and it’s great to know you can still go out to a movie and not flat-line your bank account! My thanks to the owners! I appreciate Northern lights! Every city should have one!

Becci Bazen

This is a great little spot to see a movie. If you want food or beverages you might want to get there an hour early. The lines were ridiculously long and the service was very slow.

Bradley Berthold

Awesome theatre. The seats are a bit "flat" and worn but the food is great the prices are excellent and even the theatres themselves have spaciousness, nice big tables for your food and drink. The screens are good. Great date night place

Jane Avery

Absolutely love this place! Just wish it wasn't so far away. Well worth the trip though! Excellent for family or a date night! Highly recommended!

Karla H.

Great place for a date night with my hubby. We love to catch dinner and a movie at the same time the food is delicious with perfect serving size. For the price, it makes life fun and affordable. We pat th movie get out of the first run theater.

Tracie Beckes

Took my 11yr old to the movies, had a great time. Long food / drink line but we could've gotten there a little earlier. Great staff. Cleanliness was good food is tasty

Bryan G

We really think this is the last haven of value in the Salem area. For $4 a movie our expectations were exceeded by the cleanliness of the theater and the friendliness of the staff. Thanks Northern Lights for being a great place to visit.

Sandra G.

I used to love this place before the prices went up to 4$, food prices were raised, and less and less staff working to control lines, people who barge in front without getting in line and stopping people from going from 1 theatre to another without buying another ticket. It's obvious the staff is overworked as they barely talk to guests, dont commuicate when the movie you are buying a ticket for will be an hour late, you will be waiting for your food until the end of the movie, and frankly they just don't care about you. I will give a place a couple of chances to get it right, after all anyone can have a bad day. This is the 2nd time for Northern Lights so I guess our family and friends will be paying more and getting a better deal and not feel like we are ripped off. Maybe they could update their description To the correct prices, and work on acquiring more staff to run the place more efficiently.

Cliff S.

Old, kinda dated. Line to get in theater totally unorganized. Got a crappy seat scrambling to figure out where to go once doors opened. Ordered food, my burger was dry and tasteless. We'll go again, but eat first and get there early. Fiasco.

Clifford S.

Old, kinda dated. Line to get in theater totally unorganized. Got a crappy seat scrambling to figure out where to go once doors opened. Ordered food, my burger was dry and tasteless. We'll go again, but eat first and get there early. Fiasco.

Ashley A.

Cheap tickets, decent movies and I can have a nice beer and popcorn on a budget. Nothing fancy but perfect for a night out. I've never really like movie theaters but this place has all the right things to make it worth dipping into my budget for going out.

Never KnewU

Good times. This venue is perfect for a rowdy group of kids, teens; a stressed out trio of Moms sneaking out for a girl's night, or a more intimate evening away from the flat screen at home. The seating is roomy and the tables accommodate drinks and food, (see menu) parking is always available, and you just can't beat the price! Still GREAT! New acts - more fun!

True V.

Never again. Old, outdated movie theater. It's dirty and their service was terrible. We ordered food before the movie started and an hour later they said they were packed and behind. We canceled and they still made us pay for the drinks we didn't drink. Everyone else got served. Maybe they're racist, because we were minorities. Beware. You may starve before you leave. Gross place!