Northern Lights Theatre Pub

3893 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 585-4232

Recent Reviews

Leanne Spivey

Best theater in Salem! The sound is amazing and the popcorn is perfect every single time

Morgan L.

Whenever I'm in the mood to catch a movie, I always check with the Northern Lights first. This place is always such a treat! Not only is it affordable to get in, but they have a great menu that you can eat during the movie, it's not just boring popcorn. The bar is a really nice option too. I love the location as well because there's a lot of restaurants near the theater to enjoy before or after the show. Even an arcade. I definitely recommend taking friends and family, it's great fun!

Linda Sparks

One of our favorites! Great price, good food and beverages to consume during the show, clean facility! A really nice alternative to first run theatres if you either miss a film or can wait a couple months to see it.

Veronica R.

Oh wow! It was so much fun! I bought our tickets online and got to choose our super comfy seats ahead of time. We got our food, which was very good. Our favorite was the cookie sundae. It was really delectable. This was a live comedy show. The opening act was from New York and was very funny. The main act was down right amazing! It was interactive and very NOT politically correct. We laughed so hard! It was a perfect date night for the two of us. We will do it again in March!

Brian Focht

First time this theater and it was an incredible experience. Movies for $4. They have 3 theaters and the seats are very comfortable. It's set up with tables in front of the chairs with lots of leg room. You can order a variety of food and drinks and they bring your food to you before the movie starts and they clean up when you leave. Best movie experience I've ever had. Definitely will be going there again.

Amy Burnett Jackson

Staff is nice & seem to get along well with each other. Movie prices are about $4. Food is great with a full menu!

Frank Lewis

Don't go to the movies often but we had wanted to try this for awhile. We went with another couple. I enjoyed it! It was clean and the staff were polite and helpful. The cost for the movie was very reasonable, $4.00. The food was as you would expect a bit high but not exorbitant. My hamburger and garlic parmesan fries was about $12 and quite good. Be careful of the desserts. My wife had a half sunday and it was almost more than she could eat. My hot apple crisp and ice cream was fantastic and I had to share it with 2 other people! There was plenty of room to enjoy your meal and the staggered starts of the movies keep the lobby from being to crowded. Check their website for the menu and tips on when to show up and how things work. We had a good time and will be back.

Teri Finn Lupoli

Price, friendly staff, quality food, and great movies. What's not to like!

JJ Schirmer

I have nothing but good things to say about Northern Lights. Went there to watch the Super Bowl, go KC. Northern lights rocks. The food is really good. The prices are very reasonable. And the staff is always friendly and helpful. Me and my girlfriend have been going for years,and always have a good time. From movies to stand up comedy and sporting events. There's no other place in Salem that can really compare.

terri dowd

We just had a birthday party here and it was so much fun. Everything was perfect and Brandi was amazing coordinating everything for us! We had a kids party but this would also be a great adult gathering/party spot.

amy chastagner

I've been coming to Northern lights since their opening. The food is consistently good with reasonable prices and good portions. The theater is always clean and the movies sound and look good and are easily viewed from anywhere in the room. Employees are always quick, friendly and helpful. The only complaints I have are the theater seats are kind of odd, if I sat all the way back in the seat, my butt went further than the edge of the seat cushion at the back so there was a little bit of empty space at the back of my chair and the back edge of the seat cushion dug into me. The last few times I've gone, the theater has also been pretty crowded and there's been almost no parking and I've had to park around the corner at the very back of the lot and walk. It's not a very long walk but I feel uncomfortable walking back to my car alone in the dark to an area that no one can see so to those walking to their cars alone be cautious.

Aleena Rock

Beautiful place, very unique. The staff is friendly, and the watching experience is superb. The sound quality is spot on, and the visuals are really good. The only way the experience would be better is if the seats would recline back a little bit.

Sadee Daniels-McInturff

Great place for families to watch movies! Huge menu to order food from and great customer service skills to boot!!! Could it be possible to offer popcorn deals for LARGE families? Thank you for the wonderful experience.

tamara collins

I love coming here. It is comfortable, relaxed and a wicked bargain!!

Paisley B.

So fun! Price is still $4 per person. Popcorn is still really good and made with coconut oil.

Erik W

I've had less than stellar experiences at Northern Lights before, but nothing ever malicious... Always because of so many people attending. Today's visit was exemplary. The staff was friendly, no wait times in lines, the food was excellent as always, and the movies were good. I can't wait to go back again.

Peter Fernandez

Great place to catch a movie. Small, cozy theaters, with tables in front of each row. Very reasonable prices on tickets and food. Super friendly service.

Mike Gerlicher

Watched Downtown Abbey movie here while on vacation. You sit in regular theater style seats ... but there is a dining table in front of you. Prices are great. Loved it !!

David Richards

What's not to love?! I honestly enjoy coming here over the "big" theatres. Keep it up y'all! I appreciate it.

Cathy D

food is good, Movie prices are Great and you can even have beer. My husbands favorite part. always a good movie selection

April Earl

Great staff. Amazing price on tickets. Lots of food choices. And tables for you to eat at while you watch your movie. They do some great things for the community.

J T.

It's just OK... Theaters are clean and nice, food was about what you would expect - lower end pub food - nothing special. Ticket prices are cheap, and theaters not too crowded. However, when you advertise that you are a pub - be one! We went to a 1:30 matinee on a Saturday, pub area was closed, and we were told (by a not-too-friendly staffer) they do not open/serve until 2pm. 2pm came around - no one; 3:00... crickets (again told, "Someone should be there - I don't know"); 3:30 - someone was in the pub area, but I was told "We don't serve until "later"". Come on - how about some customer service! Or rename as theater and food. Mediocre!

Peter S

Honestly, we gave this a try and won't be going back. In theory the idea of a pub movie theater sounds like a great idea. But if the food is terrible, you'd be better off ordering delivery, and watching the movie in the comfort of your own home. This one of these places an entrepreneur should buy, completely give it a make over, hire actual cooks and really make something of it.

Ian Goldberg

Came to the venue because they put on some comedy shows. The theater worked great for the event. The menu looks really impressive but all I had was popcorn, which was popping as they sold it.

Jordyn K.

LOVE this theatre. My son is medically fragile and there's not much to do for kids with disabilities. He's on life support, so he has a few machines that beep. They do a sensory showing of family and animated type movies! It's seriously amazing and we try to always support it. They post it a couple weeks in advance, but I don't always have nurses on the days they have showing or else I'd always go. The staff always helps me get to my seat (struggling with all the machines, bags, and emergency gear) and they always have a smile on their face. They always say hello to my son and make us feel wanted there. There's still a ton of places we can't go and do, so without this place my family wouldn't get to experience the movie theatre. We can't wait for Frozen 2 to play there (my Children's favorite). Please come support this theatre! Great staff and the food is really good. I really love the sauce on their burgers and the chicken nachos are delicious. We went to all the sensory Aladdin shows.

Peter Simons

Honestly, we gave this a try and won't be going back. In theory the idea of a pub movie theater sounds like a great idea. But if the food is terrible, you'd be better off ordering delivery, and watching the movie in the comfort of your own home. This one of these places an entrepreneur should buy, completely give it a make over, hire actual cooks and really make something of it.

Michael Walker

Great food, great beer, good family atmosphere. They have second movies but inexpensive tickets.

Ariel S.

This theater offers great deals for already released movies. The movies they play have been out for a while but the tickets are only $4. Great place to go on a budget. You can order food and take it in to the theater or the staff can bring it to you. The seats are comfortable and they have about 3-4 rooms to watch the movie. Great place!

Alice Myers

I enjoyed the movie and food tremendously. The only thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars is that it was so cold in the theater I had to get my coat. It still didn't keep me warm.

kate McRemus

Awesome place food is good prices are good too. Staff are great and it's a clean theater. Highly recommend

Barbara Bryers

If you can't afford the prices of the other movie houses in Salem, and you don't mind waiting awhile, you get to see top notch movies at a much reduced price....good for my wallet. Seating is cool with tables to hold your food orders...and its great food. I like the relaxed atmosphere.

Amy Nelson

For the price, Northern Lights can't be beat!! The theater seems a bit run down, but I noticed they had new chairs last time I was there which was a great upgrade! Comfy seating, decently priced snack type food and $4 for a movie - awesome in my book!


They show current movies and the food is good, the only thing is there are not too many seats per theater so you need to arrive early if you want to order food.

Cy Borg

Did not expect the quality of the picture! Just as good as watching it during the actual release! The sound is very good as well! Would highly recommend!

Mic Rey

Great for movies! The food is a bit more reasonably priced than most theaters. Still $$$.

Jeffrey Goodwin

Amazing value, excellent customer services and decent food. See a movie and have dinner for the price you would pay to see a movie at another theater! $4 normal Admission when I went yesterday. So throw in a burger for maybe $8-10. Dinner and a movie date for about $30, good luck finding that somewhere else. And the theaters are comfortable and clean, abundant parking, bathrooms are nice. The only choke point is ordering food if they get a rush but even there they have plenty of help and after you order you can wait in the theater, they bring it to you. Highly recommend! Also, watch for special activities on weekends etc, including for children.

Christina M

I've been here too many times to count! And I always have a great experience :) The movies are great quality, food is great, the staff is nice, and the new seats are amazing! The chicken strips are my favorite and way better than any restaurant I've been to!

Tim Adams

I had a great time. Staff was helpful.. Food overall, not bad.. Just like any movie theater, food prices are going to be higher than normal at other establishments. I myself didn't let this discourage me from ordering any food to eat while I watched my show. And yes they do have alcohol there as well..

Heather Akin

Love the $4 price of admission, food & drinks are way cheaper than a regal cinema!! Love the popcorn, I even go in on my way home sometimes & just buy a large popcorn! 😊

Tim Oglevie

Awesome for a cheaper movie experience or if you just wanted to see something you missed on its initial run in the theater. The food could be better but overall it's not enough to deter you from enjoying a movie here. Excellent for kids also.