Panda Express

3883 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 362-2616

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Fred Wellard

Every time, literally, every time I go into this place they are catering to grub hub or some other online ordering site. They have the little printer that sits and just pumps out online orders and each one gets a nice cut right in front of me even though I'm next in line, forced to just sit and watch all the food get taken and once there is no food left then they ask what I want. I ask for what is now clearly emptied and they tell me I have to wait.. no duh. Point being if you would have taken my order when I was next and not 7 more grub hub people and 20 min later, then I would have had my order and been out of the store and the person at home waiting for their food wouldn't know the difference of that or the driver making a wrong turn. I'm physically in the store and get ignored, even when I bring it up to the employees.. they offer me a free small drink and then I go back to waiting because a new order from grub hub just came in.. It was like watching a 3 ring circus with everyone running around with their heads cut off, no one knew what was going on. This place needs someone from corp. to come in and show them what's up. I wont go back just to be ignored.


Had to leave work early cause I got food poisoning here from the fried rice. Something is wrong with it, someone else mentioned they also got food positioning from the fried rice.I've been down for 2 days now and counting.Don't. Get. The. Fried. Rice.

Tammy Bale

Last night my friend and I visited this store and not only was the food good...but the customer service was great! We got given some free food ?

Casey Parks

If you're in a rush, I'd suggest to go in an order as opposed to ordering online to pick up. We were in and out while there was a group of people waiting for their orders. Food's not bad, the kids behind the counter were all pretty nice. All in all a good experience. Looks like you can dine inside but we took ours to go.

CrazyOld Pops

Love their shrimp I'll be glad when it's easier to move around with people but whatever I've been there they've treated me with courtesy and have served good food

Hailey Bradley

Lex is amazing and always rushing but is so kind and makes sure everyone get what they need. Kodey is always friendly and also nice. I will definitely be coming back ?

ken m

nice selection of food with decent prices. very well maintained. will definately return. great wait staff

James Regele

Never have been there, definitely going back wonderful food

Andrew Vanderwall

Love the teriyaki chicken and honey really shrimp! Sometimes they simp on the portions at this location lately. Especially if you order online.

Kelsie Seville

Food is standard fast food but this place gets 5 stars because of their great customer service!

Lisa Powell

This Panda Express is quick and efficient. There was barely a dinner rush. Awesome.

Rena Corey

Wow, this girl walked in around the corner and immediately took the only waitresses attention while me the only customer in the store stood around waiting for them to decide to take my order, then she sets my order out of the hot zone says she'll be right back disappeared into the back for a good 5 minutes only to be brought back out by a waiter on break. Holly wow is all I can say. Think next time I'll take the time to drive over to Turner road.

G Washington

I’ve been here twice. The first time I waited in the lobby for 30 minutes to receive a half made order with an apology and a free drink.Tonight I waited, ordered and when I tried to pay I was turned away because they could not break my $100 bill. It’s dinner rush. My total was almost $20.I’m not coming back to this location.


Usually ordering online isn’t an issue, you come pick up your food from the rack and go home.The app tells me the order will be ready in 15 minutes, i get there in 20 and the to go orders are behind the counter, they said it will take another 10 mins. I wait 10 mins and ask them, foods still not ready and the confused employee is asking me what i ordered, I had a big order so i didnt remember and asked them how they dont know when it was ordered online, after another 30 mins they finally got it.idk how such long times are possible with 5 employees working…unbelievable

Corey Throne

Really depends on who is dishing the food at the timeSometimes it's great, sometimes not. Portion size I mean ?

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