3904 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 363-0172

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Emily C

This is my go to location, and the service is amazing! The people that work here are so kind. My only complaint is sometimes my drinks are inconsistent, and like other people have mentioned, if they’re busy the parking lot is an absolute nightmare. But that can be avoided by not going during peak times!


Very nice people that works there. However when i order mango dragon fruit refresher they neglected to tell me they didnt have dragon fruit umtil after i paid for it at the drive through. i was told that it taste the same just without the dragon fruit. It didnt taste the same, so apparently i paid $5.00+ for water with very little taste. They didn't offer to give me the water free. You can see on the label mango dragonfruit. But its just water.

Andrew Vanderwall

Fastest Starbucks to get in and out of on South commercial. Especially if you order ahead on the app

Sam M

They get my order wrong literally everytime I order Uber. Never had a good experience here. Go to Dutch bros it’s cheaper, tastier, they’re nicer people, and you won’t waste your money! Idk what your doing if I order a toasted white chocolate mocha with extra syrup and sprinkles and it comes to my house as a plain coffee. I work in fast food, I am pretty reasonable with workers, but I have a standard when coffee is the only thing you sell and you still manage to completely ignore everything on the order ticket. But the Fred meyer location is awesome . not oak hill.

Tanya Rieck

Super bummed as this location didn't open on time. Said they open at 430 and waited at the drive thru for 10 minutes just to be told they were short staffed and opening late. The hard part is you could see 4 people walking around in there, and they didn't even say they were closed until after I had been waiting. They saw me sitting there too. I understand the short staffed but hate that there wasn't a sign out or something to help save their customers time and they didn't even apologize for the inconvenience.

Jullian Rudy

I ordered one drink, and they made it wrong. When I’m paying $5 for coffee and it’s a simple drink, I excepted it to be done correctly.

Michelle Martin

Very fast and efficient young group of people working together behind the counter. Always friendly.

CPR “PuertoRico”

Best coffee ever!! Coffee should tasteSmooth, creamy and hot! And that's STARBUCKS COFFEE!! it's Worth the wait and worth the money. No matter what flavor I try, it is awesome and delicious and tastes like the flavor you ask for, even when you ask for a milk alternative.

Carl Garrett

Starbucks is Starbucks minus 2 for just being multinational, but was a good Starbucks

Haydito Burrito

Great Starbucks, best I’ve been to so far. The walk-up area is great, and the staff is friendly.

Chris O'Connell

This is my favorite Starbucks in the Salem area. Everyone is incredibly friendly. I have an invisible illness that sometimes manifests in ways that I outwardly show pain. One day recently a team member noticed and empathized with me while making me feel special. I wish I knew their name so I could post it here but ultimately it doesn’t matter since in the 2.5 years I’ve been going here I haven’t had a single negative interaction. Awesome people make for a great coffee experience.

Anabel Hernandez-Mejia

Have normally done drive thru at this location. Was needing to stop for an online meeting so parked to dine-in & use their table & internet. Thought set was interesting as it is all outdoors. The window & seating area are facing opposite of the road which helps make it more enjoyable & conversation less interrupted. While excellent for summer, cannot imagine it used throughout rain & winter season.


I ordered a caramel macchiato and it didn’t come with any caramel?? They just gave me milk and coffee

Hallo Kitty1

Drinks are good, service is great. Staff is very friendly

Just Jessi

Just like any other Starbucks. Enjoyable coffee

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