3890 Commercial St SE, Salem
(503) 480-8888

Recent Reviews

Qayla Porter

Ask for Stephanie. My girl and such an amazing Bartender. Kills it every TIME.

Kate Daly

I thought l previously reviewed this place, but here goes. Clean, good food, reasonable prices and friendly staff. Karaoke some evenings and a side room with gambling machines. Nice place.


Decent prices behind the bar. Bar could use more than one person on staff (Thursday night) but she was great. The KJ left a lot to be desired. Rude, acted like he really just didn't care/want to be there. The background vocals weren't loud enough for some singers and far to loud for others. We thought maybe he was just having an off night, but 3 times we've been in and this has been our experience all 3 times. Everything else about the place makes us want to come back, but we won't, because of your KJ on Thursday nights.

Lisa Lee

Not very attentive may e because I was. Only drinking water idk

Christine Pineda

I like to sing karaoke and tune, even if I out of practice for years. Now a days I just enjoy singing. Food is okay...


I would enjoy if it was more pirate themed, or less pirate themed. It’s hovering in an uncomfortable liminal space. That is just my personal opinion. Other than that, it’s a nice enough bar. Karaoke is fun, and the bathrooms were exceptionally clean.

KElley JOnes

They have a great bar and I wish there karaoke started earlier they have a awesome bacon Bloody Mary to yummy

Katie Akerman

Had a great time. Friendly staff and amazing karaoke fun!

John L

Visited on a Sunday night. The menu shown in the pictures is not even close to how it is today. Service was emotionless. Won’t be back unfortunately.

Jacob B

Good vp, cute bartenders usually who work their cute buttons off! (Female ones anyways) always popping when I go in there! Brother and I used to tear this pad up when he was alive!

Means Business

Short staff , took awhile for drinks and to cash out but good vibes.

Carolina Mendoza

Amazing food, fun karaoke nights, sweet machines, great atmosphere

Jim Crain

First time here and definitely will be back. Food was good and plentiful at a great price. Beer prices are great at 4.25 a pint and 5.25 for a tall (22oz). Staff were friendly.

Jasmin leona Paxton

A friend of mine and I we're trying to find some food South Salem at night and let me tell you there's not much out there these days we just happened to stumble on Windjammers first time I've been there why did you slam keep this Plaza when I worked for DeSantis landscapes Butthead never been into Windjammers man were we lucky to find I think the only place open South Salem karaoke chicken wings a pretty damn good bartender it was definitely a fun night outdoor smoking with your cocktail and Heat that's a bonus the ambience was good the service was good the food was good drinks we're good I'd give this place and 11 + for freaking being open let alone all the other amenities it was clean,didnt smell like an old ashtray anything like that so I just want Windjammers to know I appreciate you???

Isaac Flores

Pretty good spot for karaoke and such on a Saturday night. Place is clean, the DJ is coo. A good mix of heads, good mix of jams.

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