Angelina's Pizzeria & Cafe

1815 S Roosevelt Dr, Seaside
(503) 717-1230

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Ankit Mehta

The margarita pizza was cold and the Greek goddess salad was not fresh and contained a beetle in the dressing. On the other hand the s’mores dessert pizza was delicious and warm.Kid-friendliness: They had a very nice kids menu with multiple options and kiddie activities.

Floyd Bailey

We were there during a busy time, which resulted in my pizza being overcooked and burned. I informed the server and manager. They remade it quickly. Was great this time. The manager provided an order of cheese curds to help make it rightGave 4 stars do to the fact that the first pizza should have not been served.

Epic Clipz

We had a large group, which we had called the day before. We had to pre-order all of our food (the day before), and they still were not prepared for us. The food that they actually brought out was good and tasty, but they missed several items that we had ordered. We may try again at some point if we have a smaller group, since the food was actually pretty good.

Danyelle Warner

Delicious pizza, sandwiches and so much more! Homemade tea and lemonade that can be purchased by the gallon. Service was terrific even though they were super slammed!Kid-friendliness: High chairs, crayons and coloring pages.


Meals enjoyed by adults and kids! Delicious pizzas, salads and even giant BBQ sandwich was a hit! Kind and helpful staff. Would definitely return.

John H.

We are locals in Seaside that live very close to Angelina's. We have been going to this place for years and have noticed some not so good trends. Let me start by saying that we have enjoyed this place many times but the last three times just got worse and worse. Here are the problems:1. Cleanliness for dine-in is atrocious! I can't count the number of times we have gone and there was food all over the floor under tables and on chairs! In addition, no hair nets, long facial hair, people with latex gloves handling money at the cash register and then just going back and continuing to prepare food. I don't think that the health department would approve.2. Service has consistently gotten worse. I don't think there is much training going on. No one watches the dining room as all the employees are running around trying to do every job. There needs to be a host/hostess that greets people, manages waiting lists and gets beverages (and handles refills). There needs to be someone dedicated to busing the tables and cleaning/sweeping. Someone should be taking the orders and running the cash register, and a manager needs to be overseeing the operation completely.This was really apparent a few nights ago when it took us an hour and a half to order, wait for food (only to have one of our two pizzas forgotten) and to finally leave. Credit is due here as the person in front comped our meal for the long wait and wrong order. We had also waited about 20 minutes for a table just to be seated.3. The table set up in this restaurant is ludicrous. There are 4 or maybe 5 tables that seat 6 and one that seats 4. When just two people come in, it is not uncommon for them to be seated at a table for 6 because there is no where else unless you want to sit in the 5 or so high chairs at the bar. Why there aren't several tables for small groups that can be pushed together for a large group is beyond me.We liked going to the karaoke that used to be on Saturday nights but it no longer exists. Pizza is coming out burned and poorly made as quality here has really suffered. The basic problem here appears to be management. No one really seems to be in charge and putting the employees in a position to succeed. I worry that things are only getting worse with each visit and we may stop going. This place used to have the best pizza on the coast and was a great place to go. It has fallen greatly.

Ryan Nunnery

Apparently they can make a vegan pizza! Just customize the order (build your own). I asked the staff and they said the gluten free dough is vegan. There's also vegan meatballs, dairy-free cheese, and tons of veggie options.Parking: Should be ample parking but may be full on weekends, holidays, special events, and evenings.

Kathleen M.

The food is great as is the service!Good wine selection. It my go to place for deliver and pick up.

Dan G.

The pizza is standard and average. They do get an A+ for for accommodating lots of allergies, including gluten-free and vegan.

Timmy S.

Worst service ever Dakota. The manager has no manners and doesn't know how to treat. Customers should not even have a job. At this point I would give them zero stars if I could They even messed up my son's order and it's his birthday!

Casey Bromet

We had a comfortable meal with 6 adults and 3 kids. We ordered two large pizzas, a few salads, fires and a few small pizzas for the kids. More than enough food. The pizza was delicious, the fries were excellent, the salad was really good. The dressing was an excellent ranch dressing. They gave us that nice Portland brand ketchup. The staff was friendly and was accurate on our very large order. Highly recommend.

Stuart D.

Food: Absolutely the BEST pizza I had in Cannon Beach or Seaside Oregon. Great cheesy bread, and salad, too. Grade A.Service: helpful, friendly, fast. Grade A.Ambiance: was fine. Grade B.Highly recommend.

Kathleen P

awesome food and employees we got there about 5 pm had the place to ourselves then about 15 min later the place was packed and people waiting for a table. I recommend when in seaside a visit.

Hailey Ainsworth

Definitely my favorite place in town right now. Wonderul menu all around and exciting cocktails. The staff is always welcoming. The last few times I've eaten there though the sandwich quality has gone from amazingly wonderful to subpar and i was wondering why that was. My Napoli sandwich didn't have any tomatoes,vinaigrette, or red onion this time, and barely any meat. The bread looked like someone had smashed it in. And for some reason the BBQ and ranch were combined and mixed into one ramicken. Love this place but would love to love it even more!!!! Pics for reference.


Enjoyed a nice cheese pizza and a sausage pizza. Very tasty and cheesy pizza. Great service and friendly. Also had a good selection of beers on tap. Karaoke on Saturday nights

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