1740 Seidersville Rd, Bethlehem
(610) 868-6505

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Frank M.

One of the finest restaurants in the Lehigh Valley. Absolutely incredible for both casual and for fine dining. The Tavern Menu Cast Iron Lancaster Grass Fed Beef Burger* $18 Bolete bacon, red onion, Liberty Gardens' greens, pickles choice of Swiss, blue, or cheddar cheese house made chips or with hand cut fries $4 make it Bolete style with mushroom marmalade $3 Maine Lobster Roll $28 lobster salad, Bolete roll, pickled shallots, avocado mousse, house made chips or with hand cut fries $4

Bennet Strauss

Bolete is one of the best places to eat dinner in the Lehigh Valley. Due to the global pandemic, they went above and beyond to provide covid-conscious people with a safe eating experience (and provide their employees with a safe work environment also). A lot of stick-in-the-mud, sour grape reviewers here don't seem to appreciate their efforts and it's a shame. But if you look at those one star reviews and check out the other reviews those people write, you can quickly discern that they don't know what they're talking about. I'm extremely picky with my food and dining experiences. The Lehigh Valley generally sucks for food. Sorry, it just does. Bolete, however, does not. They support small farms and local producers, their cocktails and food are delicious and seasonal. Eat here!

Allison M.

Bolete is incredible, like nothing else in the Lehigh Valley. We have never been disappointed, and when my parents came to visit for a week we came here twice. They wanted to go a third time as well. The cocktails are outstanding, I've never had anything I didn't like. The lobster roll is always stellar, as are any of the salads. The fish dishes are amazing, and they always have a vegetarian option available. I've also really admired their dynamism and inventiveness through the pandemic. They are the gold standard for how to adapt while keeping everyone safe. I have nothing negative to say about Bolete!

Eric Montoya

The food is just some of the best I have ever had...French cuisine is a semi new thing to me but thanks to this place I will be trying more! The pricing is not cheap but here you get what you pay for!?

Brandon Clemons

I don’t leave reviews but I feel the need to leave this one. It was such a bad experience my friend and I were actually hilariously laughing at our bad time. We were about 10 minutes early for our reservation but had to wait in our car for about 35 minutes. Then we were shown to our outdoor villa (literally a shed). The server directed us on how to properly bus our own table when we were finished. My absolute favorite thing when being welcomed at a fine dining restaurant is b

Michael Suppes

Such an amazing restaurant that has adapted so well to Covid. My wife and I used to go here for special occasions before everything closed down and were hesitant to go back. Now, after experiencing the new outdoor, "sheds," the experience has only improved.Overall this is a restaurant that may be pricey but is completely worth it. From the phenomenal and unique cocktails, to inventive, delicious dishes, Bolete is one of the best restaurants around and I am so excited to go back again.

Vicki Severn

Definitely a unique dining experience. Reservation made, food must be ordered by 2pm. Call the restaurant from the parking lot to let them know you're there. They call you back when your shed is ready (no dining inside as of 6/17/21). Inside your shed, there is a cooler with a thermos of water, buckets for trash/recycling, and a table and chairs (with some led candles for ambiance).Food is brought to your table (and if you want to add anything to your order like a cocktail, you can).When you're finished eating, you can leave whenever you want. They have your card on file and have already added a 20% tip.The food was unique, as well. Interesting combinations I wouldn't have thought went together, but they did and it was delicious. We ordered the burger and the skate fin. No first course and no dessert. The entrees themselves were plenty of food for us.

Laura Domic

This is still one of the restaurants with amazing food. Every single dish we ordered was very nicely presented and cooked to perfection. BUT! I do understand that the pandemic hit us very hard and to stay in business, restaurants had to change a lot about the way they kept everyone safe.The separate sheds are very cute idea, but the pandemic is almost over, people learned how to behave to stay safe, about 50 % of the population is vaccinated...I don't like ordering and paying ahead online. I don't like to eat from paper plates with plastic utensils and drink my expensive wine from a jar. I don't like to clean my own table by putting things in plastic bins on the floor when I go to a high end restaurant.I think it's time to get back to normal.Sterilizing plates, utensils and glasses in the dishwasher is not that hard. I want my awesome dining experience from Bolete back!

Dirty Money On The Trail #DirtyMoneyOTTsneakers

Ate here when I went into the Lehigh valley recreational hall of fame a few years ago. A wonderful experience. 5*, 5 points finest. The ambience and opulence is not displayed on the exterior but the interior is shear grandeur. I love it here. #AuthorAllenDavis creator of #DirtyMoneyOTTsneakers and author of Dirty Money On The Trail book

Nicole M.

Bolete used to be an amazing restaurant. It used to have some of the best food and drinks I've had- I wouldn't think twice about paying over $120 per person. I raved to everyone about this restaurant. Sadly, the Bolete today is a much different story and I do not plan to return anytime soon. First, the food and drinks were just okay, which is a FAR cry from before. The duck came out cold, the haddock came out dry, the ceviche was literally swimming in a pool of deep juice. Next, they charge you a mandatory $30 to eat outside, but that's the only place they have available even after COVID restrictions have been lifted. Additionally, they had a mandatory 20% tip, despite the fact that you weren't waited on- you had to clear and set your own table. All together, for a group of 6 people we paid over $120 in service fees. Also, everything is served in paper and plastic. HOW can you serve a $40 plate on a paper plate? Plates should have always been sanitized so I don't understand how COVID changed the material of your serve-ware. The drinks were not good and inconsistent. Some were in mason jars, some glasses, some had ice and then the same drink remade didn't. Lastly, they made the entire table order by 2pm prior to everyone getting there and for a table if 6, getting appetizer, dinner, and dessert orders organized and communicated was very burdensome. I emphasize with COVID hitting the restaurant industry hard, but I haven't experienced any other restaurant that has gone down hill this much. These people obviously knew what it was to be great before so they know that what they are doing now is not great. For them to knowingly continue to take the hard earned money of their customers only to provide mediocre service at top shelf price is disgraceful. I was honestly embarrassed to have my guests go through this experience.

Janine R.

On word...Inspired! Excellent!! The shed village experience is incomparable to any dining experience I have had anywhere in the Northeast! I feel honored to have eaten here.

VW Chameleon

Such a beautiful intimate experience! Loved the little huts! Food & service was fabulous!! Will definitely go again!!

Sofia Rembalsky

To sum it up in one word: overrated. The wait staff was nice and they certainly weren't to blame for the experience. Overall the food was bland and not what I’d expect for the price. While I appreciate the COVID protocols and we were made aware we'd be eating in a shed prior to visiting, I was very surprised by the multiple hidden fees (additional $35 charge), which were never once mentioned, to sit outside. Kind of crazy that there were so many unmentioned charges plus a very generous gratuity, which they added. We ate off paper plates, drank tap water from a thermos that we served to ourself, and then had to clean our own table between each course into the appropriate "trash" vs "recycling" bins, which were on the floor next to the table. Expected much, much more based on the reviews. Felt like we got played leaving the place. Living in NY I can say this place had NYC prices without the quality.

Cory H

Bolete offers the most unique dining experience in the Lehigh Valley. Oh yeah, the foods pretty awesome too! Absolute must try for anybody who enjoys a top notch experience. The only thing that could have been better is the Biscuit I ordered was cold. Make sure to ask for your biscuit or bread warmed if that's your preference.

Angela Hartman

A lot of hype to eat overly priced food in a shed that sits on the road where loud cars drive by. You are forced to eat with plastic utensils and use paper plates. Then you have to clean up your table before you leave. the best part is you actually pay a patio fee to eat in this shed, but you don't have a choice to sit anywhere else. Don't waste your money. Food was nothing special.

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