Carl's Corner

2 W Elizabeth Ave, Bethlehem
(610) 691-1541

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Aaron Dale

This was my first visit. The subs were not bad they just didn't have enough meat (like most places in the valley), but the cheese steaks were very good. There was a lot of meat, and tasted great. I grew up eating subs and steaks from Philly and surrounding areas, so I consider myself an expert on these matter's. Oh yeah the people are nice as well.


Eat from here often but always feel like I'm not wanted here but my money is always welcomed. It's sad when your order is screwed up and missing items but even worse when you tell them about the missing item and they assume your lying and make you feel a certain way, LAST TIME EATING HERE, if your a MINORITY STAY AWAY!!!!

william latorre

It's been a while since I went to Carl's Corner I went there today October 10th 2022 I grew up on Carl's Corner. J's Subs ,but today I was not impressed something about this cheesesteak and the favor was not the same I don't think I would be going back right away I'll stick with my pizza joint

Stewart H.

Very good hoagie. Decent amount of meat. Bread was excellent. Prices were competitive. And service was great.

Anne G.

Holy crap! What a great choice! I found this place while walking the neighborhood. Super super friendly and gracious. Busy on a Saturday at 5 30, but they KNOW how to keep it moving. The food is good. I only "like" cheesesteaks in general, so I'm no expert, but the bread was crunchy and the toppings were perfect. Fries were golden and crispy. And the refreshing to give my money to pleasant friendly people!!!

David Sullivan

When you eat a cheese steak from Carl's Corner for the first time, you wind up downgrading every other Cheesesteak experience you will ever have in your life because nothing will ever live up to the one from Carl's

Jason D

Consistently great food here. Cheesesteaks are not greasy, come loaded with meat, and the bread is always tender yet slightly crispy at the same time that doesn't get soggy. Plenty of friendly staff to keep things running smoothly. Also had a fantastic selection of bottled drinks. As the cherry on top, they're priced to compete and to keep you coming back

Derek DeFilippo

Finally trying a cheesesteak from here


Ran across this place by chance while visiting Bethlehem, PA!!!! Boy was I surprised!!!!! Awesome.....and I mean Awesome food!!!!! The prices were so good that I bought 2 hoagies ( their called subs at Carls ), and a Cheesesteak. I topped My order off with some fries and was ready to eat!!!!! MY 2 hoagies cost around 16.00 and My steak and fries cost about 11.00. After I added My personal touch to My sandwiches, the cost came in around 26.00. Let Me tell You.....the sandwiches were massive as well as delicious. If Your ever in Bethlehem PA, stop by Carl's Corner......Old School Style deli!!!!

She Believed She Could So She Did

Went here for the first time after i googled cheesesteaks near me. Glad i decided to try it. Food was very good, place was nice and clean looking and the prices are well worth it. Give it a try. You wont regret it ;)

Hurry Harry

Decent amount of meat. I really like the roll. 14 inches of hoagie is very satisfying and filling. I even like the resealable tape on the wrapper incase one can't eat it all.

Chris Hearn

I'm from Texas, so new to the cheesesteak world. All I can say is the meat was quality, the bread was soft / toasty and the fries were crispy. Nice execution!

J L.

hands down..the BEST cheesesteaks in the entire valley if not the WORLD! Great friendly staff and always quality fresh ingredients..

Jonathan K.

Love Carl's Corner! Food's always good! Staff thanked me for what I do (was in work scrubs for local ER). An gave me a discount as a bonus. Thanks for taking care of your customers!!

Michael M.

Visiting from out of town and wanted to try something local with coworkers. This place did not disappoint. We all got the Philly cheesesteak which for this part of town means topped with marina and pickles. It was awesome! We also did the onion rings and curly fries. The whole thing rocked. The staff was super friendly.

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