Johnny's Bagels and Deli

2339 Schoenersville Rd, Bethlehem
(610) 866-5362

Recent Reviews

John Randolph

Delicious bagels and fast service. I always get breakfast here when visiting from Brooklyn.

Liz Doyle

Great homemade bagels and 10 different cream cheese spreads. Also bakery treats and pasta salads. ?

Chuck Gillette

Everything bagel egg BLT! 5 stars!

Don Ryan

I'd give 00 if it would let me worst bagels I eger tasted... Stay away drive down the road to Three Men and a Bagel. Much better bagel made

Jameson Petrochko

Excellent food and fair prices, great selection of interesting cream cheeses. However, takes forever to get your order. Takes 20 minutes to move a 5-person line, the location by Lehigh was much more efficient

Korbin Price

Johnny’s is always fast, delicious, and consistent. Great staff anytime I’ve ever been in. These are some of the best bagels around!

Abdou Diop

Breakfast was great. My kids love the bagel


Great Sandwich stop. Get the Bethlehem

Phyllis Thomas

Johnny's bagels is more than a bagel shop they also have a full menu. The cream cheese is made fresh everyday and so are the salads. They are open from 6 to 5. Bagels are made fresh everyday. They also offer catering. Staff is always friendly

David Sefranek

Delicious bagels and friendly service.

Jeff Beqiri

I really like their breakfast sandwiches. It’s light and satisfying but the inconsistency makes me rate them 2 star. I always ask for condiments on my sandwich like ketchup and salt and pepper and the passed 3 times I’ve been I didn’t get anything. Just a dry breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese. It’s just seems like the guys working there don’t truly care. The product is good but the execution and attention to the customer is terrible. I would never go as far to right a review if it was once in a while but 3 days in a row, same sandwich, same order, same guy making it, wrong every single time.

Dave Battaglia

Good breakfast sandwich varieties, looks like everything is made in house. My only dislike was the amount of chews it took to get the bacon strips down.

Jeff R.

Always friendly people at the counter. Great bagels Ana great selection of bagels and different cream cheeses. The prices are reasonable, and the coffee is above average. My top bagel stop in Bethlehem.

Lissette Colon

I call for a bagel and get a roll of bread with 1 slice of bacon and the worst attitude by the worker there when I picked up my order they had A long line they ask 3 time what was my order to then give me the wrong sandwich and it taste like old oil ugh the worst place to get food

Sameer Sethi

Just had a breakfast with the whole family. Loved the veggie omelettes, quesadillas and paninis . We do recommend others to try it too will definitely visit again.

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