McCarthy's Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar

534 Main St, Bethlehem
(610) 861-7631

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Lina J Acevedo

Consistently good food, best service in town and lovely people. Their brunch and nights music are amazing. Been there many times over the years with and without babies as friends, I will continue coming. Everything is very high quality a d they really care for her customers!!!

Alexander Bell

Had a great experience on the patio here. Beer was perfectly carbonated, and their fish and chips were some of the best I’ve ever had. Only oddity was the extent to which they wanted to check ID… I’m in my mid 30s and look it! They asked for two kinds of ID… weird. Merch looked inspired.

George Rohrer

Service was average considering how busy they were should be expected. A couple of things downgraded my review which I offer here as constructive criticism. My wife's salad came missing the grilled tomatoes advertised, when we pointed it out the waitress, shedid not request them from the kitchen, when she asked for extra dressing for the bowlful of lettuce staring at her, an extra charge was added. Also beware taking advice from bartenders pushing expensive whiskeys! Make sure it's a fresh bottle if you do try. By the way we tipped 15% on the meal and 20% on the bar tab.

Maddie Brown

Kyle the bar tender is amazing and John the server is so nice!! Amy is also awesome. Such a great crowd

Brittany McCausland

Love the food and the tea here. My favorite part is bringing my pup and having a pup bowl for him too. Definitely try the strawberry Jameson.


Beautiful pub. Fan-freaking-tastic food. Fondue appetizer was delicious, enjoyed the combo of tomatoes, apples, and amazing bread. The Irish cheesesteak was perfectly cooked, corned beef, cabbage, onions, and swiss....toasted bread. Yum. Would definitely go back!

Chris E

Thought I would stop in during a recent solo trip to visit my family in the area. Barring the unfortunate issues finding parking in Bethlehem, McCarthy's is in a nice spot off the beaten path but easily within walking distance of the Main St. shops.I walked in to a sign saying "the hostess will seat you". No hostess but a number of employees around. It was only a minute ot two before I was able to catch a seat at the bar. The selection of whiskeys is very nice if you're a whiskey person. Beers, not so much but still some quality options.I decided to order the Fish & chips on recommendation of the bartender to go with my Kilkenny cream ale. At $17, I expected a very filling portion, but one piece of fish and a handful of chips on the plate left me wanting a little more. The food was plated very nicely on a long rectangular platter. It did nothing for my expectations as its a pub, not a fine restaurant. At the price, it seems lost between expensive for what you get, vs cheap for what you didn't get. Everything on the menu seems that way. Like a $2 upcharge was added to what's considered "normal" pricing at other venues. I will say that the food was very good, but not something that garners any type of upcharge.Being left wanting a little more, the lamb stew was the next to catch my attention. I ordered a cup and it came out relatively quickly. I'd been reading some reviews that stated there wasn't enough lamb in the lamb stew and found that not to be the case. There was a good amount of meat in the stew and the base was delicious. I did find the meat lacking in texture and flavor that I expected from lamb. It experienced more like a budget beef roast than lamb. A coarser grain, tough cut indeed considering the softness of the stew itself. The veggies and soda bread made it a good option to round out the meal, and I was thoroughly full after.All in, one person with one beer, an entrée and cup of soup is $35. Ok for a once and done, but the proximity to "touristy" Bethlehem is definitely seen. Definitely stop in but expect to have a pretty good size tab.

Thalia R

This place is great ! I love the different options of whiskey they had. I really loved the infused whiskey, I would say it's must that you try. The bartender was really helpful and he allows for you to mix the infused whiskey up to three different kinds. I didnt have the food but I saw a lot of people ordering food.. it looked really good too. I will definitely be back when I come back to visit.

Sandy Moore

Excellent food and service. Such a great assortment of intriguing items to choose from! Will be returning to work my way through more of their menu!

L. L.

Nice place. Good food, good red irish beer, exceptional service (thank you, John!). We had mussels for an appetizer, flank steak and salmon for main. Cooked perfectly, good combination of herbs and spices. Desserts were sticky toffee pudding (more of a cake with hot toffee sauce, tastes wonderful) and a sconut with rum-raisin icecream (just as good). Off the major street traffic and noise, cute terrace for those like me who prefer outdoor dining. Would definitely go back.

Abi Jackson

McCarthys is a shining star in Bethlehem. Not to get biblical, but it is. We walked in thinking “I’ll sit at the bar and have a Guinness like at every other Irish bar and it will be fine”. Little did we know, Kyle (pictured within) was waiting behind the bar with an extremely impressive selection of whiskey, scotch and bourbon from every corner of the Earth. We started in with some whiskeys and a Guinness, which was, in fact, expertly poured. These potent potables were paired with a masterful analysis and description of any liquor we inquired after. Kyle presented the restaurant week menu - featuring SCOTCH EGGS (google it immediately) - which was delightful. We then put our trust in Kyle to craft an off-the-menu whiskey flight and we were absolutely not disappointed. The man what he’s talking about. This place is a *cannot miss* so put it on your list.

Charles H

Nice selection of Irish beers. It's nice on the weekend you can get breakfast until 4p. Food was good. Chicken Tikka Masala, left me craving just a little more Chicken.


Enjoyed out time at McCarthy's, I ordered form the restaurant week menu. I ordered the mussels was not happy. The kitchen rushed the order out, 6 of the mussels were not even opened. It was mentioned to the waitress about them not being done and did not seem to be interested in correcting the problem. Cottage pie was very good and sticky toffee pudding was excellent. Others in the group had salmon salad, Cuban sandwich and beef on a week. Everyone enjoyed their plates.

Hrōþiberhtaz M.

Aces. I'm always on the hunt for something touting the authenticity of the Seven Kingdoms. And a Whiskey Bar to boot! The staff know their scotch. They came over to the table when I had a question about a limited batch. The food- yes, that's what brought us here. Cottage pie. Fish & Chips. Both were spectacular. We split them. I liked that I could add my peas to the pie as needed. It had a nice gravy on top. Throughout, there was a great herb flavour- especially that of rosemary. The Irish brown bread was a good touch for sopping up the last bits of gravy! The fish was moist, flavourful, crunchy, and perfect. Upon ordering, I was asked if I'd like malt vinegar. Of course! The tartar sauce was a nice surprise- dill and capers made this better than normal! Chips were good too. Crunchy- home made. Not overly salted! Pardon the anachronism here, but we started with the Ploughman's Lunch as an appetizer- be forewarned this is a small meal! Branston Pickle. Grainy Mustard. Cheddar. Homemade Pickles. Apples. Irish brown bread. G-D perfect! Boddington's on draught is always pleasant. Great beer selection. Even better 'whiskey' collection. The curator knows his business. I had a nice wee dram (neat) of the newest addition to the Ardbeg family- Arrrdbeg, as well as a nightcap of Blanton's. Always nice to see fine eateries selling both of those. I'll return. Cheers!


The food is above average in quality and includes some unique options. Excellent service and friendly staff! We stumbled upon the location while walking around and we will be back!

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McCarthy's Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar

534 Main St, Bethlehem, PA 18018
(610) 861-7631