Mitzi's Table

3650 Linden St Rt.191, Bethlehem
(610) 730-1670

Recent Reviews

Evelyn Caetano

Thank you Mary, the Greek salad and spinach pie was the best I have ever eaten the spinach pie was so good , so creamy. each time I visit my sister I will want to order it!!

Natasha Fluck

Absolutely one of the Best Brunch spots in the area! A must try!

Megan Gerhart

This is not your typical dinner! Expect to get the most delicious and succulent French toast and eggs Benedict!We can't ever go wrong ordering their stuffed French toast of the day.The home fries are always perfectly crispy, even when take out.With two little ones to drag in periodically, they even still offer curbside to go.The only complaint is that they open at 8:30am, so I have to wait for breakfast!

Dangerous Dan

Delightful. Great service and two tasty coffee selections.

kyle seney

Incredible edible menu worth exploring every facet of. Great locale and atmosphere. Abundantly friendly attentive staff. Love this place!!

Mauro Cabell

Food is definitely good. Service depends on if you are a regular or not and who the waitress is. After being seated by host we waited as a waitress passed us by, then she stood and chatted with the customers behind us. She was not taking an order she was having a conversation. After 10 minutes of waiting, we asked the host if someone was going to wait on us he said Mary will be with you. Waited another 5 minutes asked the host for coffee. He said Mary will get it. We said Mary is busy talking. When Mary finally arrived and asked us what we wanted to drink we said we had the host getting us coffee because we were sitting so long. She said OK and didn’t even offer an apology. She was definitely annoyed that we were annoyed at her lack of service. Having worked in the service industry we know what it’s like to be busy or short handed and we are very considerate when that is the issue but there is no excuse to have to wait so long while the workers have long conversations with the regulars. Another table had come in well after us, got seated, waited on and drinks delivered by the other waitress well before Mary even came to our table. So 5 stars for food. 0 stars for Mary.

Noah Annicchiarico

Great service and better food. I'd go here with family and maybe even some friends. Everything is made with care and are all very large portion sizes.

Mitsouko Chatelain

Everything was so delicious! The service was great. The waiters attentive and the absolutely not one thing tried wasn’t good.We ordered the beignets, French toast, pancakes, breakfast with meat (they make their sausages in house) the multigrain bread was so fresh, which I think they make as well.The eggs Benedict … yum yum yum

Tabetha Benintende

Go to Mitzi’s- one of our favorite places! Whether it is for pickup or dine in, always wonderful food and an array of options. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have something such as a kids menu. We went there the other day and tried the mocha beignets BUT!!!! My sister wanted peanut butter sauce instead… OH MY GOODNESS!!! We were in heaven!!! They tasted like a Reese’s peanut butter cups- so addicting and a must try!!! Totally should add this one to the menu


This is the first time for us but definitely not the last! Really nice place from the time you walk in it is a great atmosphere. Everything was so good even down to the coffee. Thumbs up for this place!

Bob Piano

Absolutely first class, food, staff, feel! Awesome place!

Victoria Campanine

Just left after an amazing breakfast! I had the Benedict Florentine and they were phenomenal. Will most definitely run and tell my friends about this place. Also the server Nikki I believe, I apologize if that is wrong, was extremely nice and attentive but not over bearing! Can't wait to come back already :)

Paula Counterman

Great food and great service...

Julia M.

Very impressed with mitzis table for their breakfast/brunch options. Staff are extremely friendly and the space is super cute.

Paul Kisslinger

Seated quickly, greeted by server and drink order taken. Upon return took food order. Very polite. Food delivered fast done perfectly. Will definitely return.

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