Ripper's Pub

77 W Broad St, Bethlehem
(610) 866-6646

Recent Reviews

Darwin lara

Very good Turkey sandwich, I added bacon, & the pickles that came on the side. After all, fair price and okay service.

Eric Davis

Small pub with decent prices on cold beers

Riley williams

Great little dive bar. Awesome atmosphere. Buddy loved that he could smoke in here. Not sure if I’ve ever drank that much Guinness in one night… especially on a Tuesday. Older lady waitressing and she was great!

Jonny Williams

Even though my experience after I left this amazing establishment was negative only positive things happen Within These Walls thank you for being established

Pete Black

Not the best bar in Bethlehem. I've gone 4 times so far and twice they've been out of carbonation/soda. I've had a couple different bat tenders and two were great one was quiet moody.

Jason Smith

Best wing's I've gotten from a pub!! All the staff members I meet where awesome

Trevor Jerome Long

A great little bar. Actually it's bigger than it looks. Great selection of beers and liquors. The best burgers in all of Downtown Bethlehem (in my opinion). Excellent service there too.

Dain Rymdeko

Pretty cool little "hole in the wall" bar. Energetic crowd and good prices. A little crowded though.

Nina C.

NEED LIQUOR LICENSE REVOKED Witness an older man being escorted out to the stairs exiting the pub. HEAVILY intoxicated to the point where he fell into Broad St. The older man somehow got himself up when he lost balance and fell into a lamp post and slammed his head on the metal posts at the bottom. NO ONE from in the bar came to help until my fiancé took it upon himself to help him to safety. They OBVIOUSLY served him until he got TOO intoxicated to even speak. He was heavily concussed after. Just shows who they have working there, disgusting....

Mark vanOstrand

Same as always one of the few bars you can smoke in

Hurry Harry

It was very smokey. If you like a cramped bar, this is for you. Unless you're starving, I wouldn't eat here again either. Go for a beer during music fest and move on.

Salvatore Anthony

This place has the best Cabernet in the Lehigh valley. I drive from Philly just to have a few glasses. Amy and Pippy are wonderful

mark richards

Went into the dining room and sat down waited 15 minutes and noone even came over to give a menu or anything so I left. Why have a dining room if you don't serve guests who walk in.

Dennis Keeny

Love the atmosphere the Ambiance the food was great generous portions and reasonably priced would definitely go back again

Benjamin Smaw

Very nice down low spot

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