Sotto Santi Restaurant

10 W 4th St, Bethlehem
(484) 895-3111

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Bar food. Do not set high expectations when ordering food here. Keep it simple. Fried, grilled, or pizza. Entrees are a bust.


First reasonably priced pizza I've had in a while. Tastes great too! Especially if you're a fan of thin crust.

Michael Henne

Food and prices are fair, a little loud service was slow, people were very friendly....

Lucretia Stoudt

Best pizza in the valley!!!!

Randy Rozelle

Listen too the jukebox and the server is nice and it is closer too home and good food

Josh Moss

I order two pizzas from here for pick-up. A pepperoni bacon, and another mushroom. I go to pick up my order and there is one pizza with pepperoni, bacon, and mushroom. I inform the cook that there's a mistake and should be two pizzas, to which he argues with me that it's only one. Yes, I can see you made one pizza, but I ordered two. He then says that he'll make another. I go to the counter to pay and explain to the server that I ordered two pizzas but the order was messed up and the cook was making another, and told her what it was so she could put it on my bill. The server that took my order was on her way out and acknowledged that she made a mistake and thought it was one pizza. No big deal, mistakes happen. I wasn't looking for any kind of discount or free pizza as I had already told the server to add another medium mushroom to the bill. As I'm waiting for the pizza the cook calls the server over and I hear him saying, make sure you charge him, did you charge him, make sure you charge him. Then the server that I closed my bill with comes back with a smile telling me it'll be done soon. Two-faced, conniving people. I can't respect any establishment that acts this way towards their customers. This was my first time ordering from here as I'm new to this area, but I can for sure say that it will be the last and I'll be recommending domino's over this place.


This is what the linguini Alfredo with broccoli and chicken looks like ?

Rena Lieberman

i ordered a chicken piccata and it came without the chicken. only an excess amount of pasta covered in thick white sauce that didnt taste good and super watery articoke “hearts” that were cut properly.

Ang Ruch

Ordered through Uber eats, and was missing an entire dinner. I called the driver, she said she delivered what was handed to her. So I called the resteraunt and they told me that it already went out. I told them it didn't and the girl that answered the phone said she "doesn't know what to tell me because they switched cooks so she isn't sure what went out". She offered a refund if I came in. The point of delivery is because you can't come in or don't want to. I can not due to being in a cast.There was no resolution of getting the food to me, just a refund and for me to go there. Never again will I order from them, app or in person. Conflict resolution isn't something they clearly care about, or fixing what they messed up.


Good food for a good price. Decore could be improved but look past it for large portioned entrees. Really close to Lehigh U. FYI.

Jane J

Wow, it's so bad! Don't ever go! Even if my dog makes it, it will be better than this!!

Bobby E

Great food and beer selection. Always a happy crowd as well.

Courts Parry

Quality of food is highly inconsistent

Emily F.

Great establishment. Go in there if you want some good food and good vibes. Hang out with the Bethlehem locals and college students. A fresh pie from here will do you wonders. Sit outside, smoke a cig! The bartenders are friendly and know what's up - you're trying to get drunk. Cheap butttt kinda overcharge college kids. Grab a couple of the boys and get some pitchers. Gamble on the machines a bit too.

Dee Buck

Great experience. Pizza taste the same for years and great good company and great regulars!

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