The Joint Coffee Co.

Facing the Sun Inn Courtyard, 77 W Broad St #18C, Bethlehem
(610) 419-9237

Recent Reviews

James Paxton

Great to have an independent coffee shop in downtown Bethlehem. Serves great Americano in a cozy atmosphere. We come here a lot.Food: 5/5

Lisa S

The Joint is a great coffee shop. The staff are friendly. If you go there enough times, they remember your order which is nice. ? They have a variety of coffee options and plant-based options as well. They also have a variety of teas and hot chocolate. The Joint also sells their own coffee beans and merch (hats, shirts, etc.).They do have a variety of croissants and snacks. I wish they had more vegan food options besides the occasional chips or cookie, but overall the vibe of this coffee shop is amazing. I highly recommend stopping by. I recommend the bourbon barrel americano with a shot a maple or cinnamon.Dietary restrictions: Non-dairy milk options, vegan and kosher snacks available

Katie Bahnck

My boyfriend and I visited here the other week. The baristas were super friendly and offered great suggestions and they have an excellent attention to detail. I'd recommend to anyone!Food: 5/5

Gretchen Trumble

Amazing coffee! I love their homemade lavender syrup ?? the staff is always super friendly and helpful and oh you cannot skip on the hazelnut croissant. Literally the perfect amount of moist yet crisp.

Daniel S.

I love the joint. it has quickly become my go-to coffee shop, complete with the beautiful scenery of the sun inn courtyard right outside its door. the baristas are knowledgable, quick, and personable, and they offer a wide selection of exceptional coffee. A fantastic choice for anyone in the area, truly great coffee with a stand-out smoothness that shows the mark of a good coffee shop.

Maryam Jetha

Vibes and atmosphere was really nice. The baristas were friendly and welcoming. Very warm inviting place, to go chill, we sat for a while and had the bourbon aged Corrado, which tastes pretty strongly of bourbon. Not for us, the alcohol flavor was too overpowering. Also had the lavender latte, it was too artifical. Would go back but order a basic drink.

Shayna Fenstermaker

Cute place and love supporting small business. I got a lavender cold brew, because I love lavender and well that just is not seen everyday. Well worth it! Coffee and smooth and great tasting. When I visit, I will definitely try to make this my coffee stop!

Abigail Carretas

I like coming here to order take out of either caramel, hazelnut or vanilla latte. It's kind a hidden gem and didn't even know it's in downtown Bethlehem because it's not advertised and tucked in a corner but once you know about it and tried their latte you can't find other ones that taste's as good.Many people come to do computer work and cozy and artistic ambience.

Samantha Jo

I got a maple latte and it was the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life. The espresso was perfect and it was incredible. It was VERY quiet when we went and my daughter was being a little loud and absolutely no one even acknowledged that, which I really appreciated since we were just getting one to go. We didn’t have any food, but it looked really good, I normally go to Starbucks but I will 100% be returning. The person who rang us up was polite and kindly changed my order when I asked if they had oat milk.

Sara Group

Good coffee, good treats! People working are always really nice.

David L.

There are a few times in life when a meal is so expertly crafted and planned that it is nothing short of genius.... I always wanted to start with Yelp's example. But seriously, I just had two cortado's made to order via the app, and used Apple Pay. By the time I arrived they were ready and waiting and it was my first time here so I definitely liked the interior. It's a coffee shop with a creative edge. For instance, the name....Joint Coffee, or the "pothead" logo coffee pot head. I love it, including the t-shirts they sell. The cortado was delicious. Woke me back up for the class/training I'm attending nearby and I look forward to coming back.

Elizabeth G.

We tried every coffee shop in downtown Bethlehem, and this was our favorite. It was a little hard to find, inside of a courtyard area with no entrance on the main road, but it's super cute inside and the courtyard is really lovely. The coffee is great and they have vegan cookies. The iced oat milk latte with peppermint tastes like peppermint ice cream. 10/10!

Katelyn M.

Some of the best coffee in the Lehigh Valley and the employees are so kind at both of their locations! My go to is a lavender latte or an iced matcha. Love going to The Joint!

Rose Lawless

I did not dig the atmosphere. Nowhere to sit, very crowded. Wasn't sure if the seating in the back was actually seating, there was a dirty old sofa in the back piled with stuff. Coffee was average. Staff was friendly. Had to drink my coffee outside in the courtyard on wet benches.

Justice Hoffman

The staff here is always so nice and friendly. I come here almost every day! The coffee is always amazing, especially the lattes. The atmosphere really brings it all together. It just gives me such a great vibe as I'm usually getting ready to go to work.

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