Tulum Restaurant

17 W Morton St, Bethlehem
(610) 691-8300

Recent Reviews

Eliza C.

Amazing friendly helpful staff amazing food always fast and the prices are great too. Also they ACTUALLY clean their grill between veg and non veg meals which like I know that's what you're SUPPOSED to do but believe me most places do not in my experiance so I figured it deserved recognition


Foods alright but if you work for any kind of contractor, they don't itemize receipts so you kinda get screwed. Not worth the headache at all

Benjamin Kern

I am not a world traveler but this place has the best Burritos I have ever tasted! I love this place. I live about 5 minutes away from it and if i ever move it will be on the top 5 of things i will miss being close to. Most of my family lives between 40 min and 1 hour or more away and they go out of there way to come here regularly. You won't regret your visit.I especially like the wings, burrito bowls, chips and guacamole and salsa. Fish tacos.Everything is consistently good and fresh.

Stephen K.

Awesome burritos and quesadillas, as well as arguably the best wings on the south side. There is absolutely nothing to complain about food wise, however, I am going to take a star off due to the long wait times. They are perpetually understaffed with one poor soul working the kitchen making half a dozen orders at once.

Rajendra Thapa

Wow the wings were so good. I got a wingadilla and it was fresh and tasty. Fairy priced, close to campus, and good staff.

Timothy Kerns

Tulum has been doing Beth-Mex for a while now, there is a reason they are still around.Highly suggest their nachos, with a unique (I'm guessing) house made chip with their slow cooked beef.Burritos have a nice heft and there are a lot of great options.

Alex Zajacek

Best taco joint in the area hands down. The taco shells are nothing like grocery stores...the shells here are light, crunchy and taste amazing. It's how taco shells should all taste. They have beef, pork, Mahi Mahi, and veggie tacos...I've tried them all and each was amazing. You can sit outback and eat I'd you'd like. Never had a bad experience here. Go here for tacos...you won't regret it


Absolutely love their chips and guac, wings, and tacos. Everything is made in house and has delicious flavors.

Kiran Patel

Easy to order on the phone & amazing food! Very simple but hits the spot. The nachos and salsa are to die for, the chips are SO fresh and good!!

Natalia Hernandez

Not impress! Whoever rated this place 4+ stars have definitely not been to Mexico Lindo in Bethlehem.This guac has NO taste! No onions, no cilantro, basically…. No nothing….

Sara Group

Great burritos and wings! The Mayan is my fave. Can get busy so call ahead if you’re getting take out.

Sean N.

Wings are amazing and burritos are solid as well. Great small spot for affordable takeout.

Yiman Xu

Great taco with juicy beef! Love it!

Jay S

I was really shocked by the amount of positive reviews on the quality & taste of this food. Extra star for nice staff, great chips & salsa, and fair prices. But the burrito had no taste! I got the beth mex chicken burrito, and I seriously wished i went to Moes or chipotle instead. They literally put no seasoning on the chicken other than MAYBE salt...I should’ve known from the moment walking in that this is the farthest thing from an authentic Mexican owned spot, but it was too late. Other ingredients like rice also had no taste at all. Had to add a bunch of the hot sauce for some kick. Chips & salsa however were so tasty.Overall spend your $$$$ with a Mexican/Hispanic owned restaurant or at LEAST the typical tex mex chains! Never again

Robert Keyse

Small and cosy inside, courtyard garden outside. Super friendly staff and wonderful flavors in very neat packages ?

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