Hothouse Coffee

824 Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr
(610) 527-0690

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Very good Iced coffee double shot, thank you Alexis

Elvan Kama

I love this place! Everyone is friendly and the place has little cozy refreshing atmosphere. The location is very convenient for me to grab a quick coffee in between my therapy sessions because they are a minute walk from Better Being Main Line. Service is fast!

Miguel Santos

Yesterday was the first time we came to that fine restaurant. But It is surely not the last. We had a good time with the excellent service, with the excellent food and fine drinks and with the friendly payment. We will no doubt visit there soon.

Turk Trimbur

Great cup of Iced coffee, brownies, friendly server, Alexis

Reed Forden

Hello! I’m an employee of Hothouse, I thought it might be helpful for future visitors to leave these few notes as they come up frequently:

Mary C.

Dear Owner, You have a really cool coffee house but shame on you for only having one employee working on this Saturday morning. She did as best as she could, making a variety of drinks for your customers, as at least 8 people were lined up waiting to be served. It's not easy making a variety of drinks that take awhile to prepare, and she handled it well.Hire more servers!

Karen H.

I was there today for a coffee with a large group of friends. The place is very cute with couches and a warm vibe. However my pumpkin spice latte tasted like clorox and after 5-6 sips, I decided to ask the girl at the desk to please replace it with a black coffee. She said absolutely not, that was the taste of the pumpkin spice like it or not. She said if I wanted another coffee, she would have to charge me. I consider that HORRIBLE customer service and I left extremely disappointed in the coffee and the service. Don't take a chance on this place.

Reed Ceniviva

Love the service and the coffee! Can't get enough of this place

Cher Kennedy

There menu online isnt there actual menu. It's for a previous reastraunt.

Nannette C.

Fair warning. If you want to grab a coffee before or to bring with you to a movie, allow plenty of time. Last three times I was here the service was extremely slow. Last two times there were mistakes with orders that had to be redone before they got to mine. I almost missed the beginning of the movie, and I always allow plenty of time. The last time, after a good 15 minutes of waiting by the bar for my takeout latte, I was asked if I was waiting for an order. Tastes in coffee vary, so while I don't much care for their brew, I won't get into that, but they definitely need to up their efficiency. Straightening the counter while the only other barista is making coffee and three people are waiting to order doesn't seem like the best use of time.

Cher Kennedy

There menu online isnt there actual menu. It's for a previous reastraunt.

Deepika R.

I went there on a Friday evening with a friend to grab some tea and catch up. The café has a great vibe and was really cute and cozy and they were playing great music so I was happy I picked the right place. Then we walked up to the counter to order and that's when my happy feelings stopped :/ The lady who took our order was not the friendliest and felt like it was a chore. I always take into consideration that someone might just be having a bad day but she looked pretty happy with some other people maybe her friends sitting at the bar. So, weird. Anyway, I got a Seasonal drink the cinnamon matcha latte and my friend got a gunpowder tea. My friend was not asked if she wanted it for here or to go and got hers put in a to go cup generating unnecessary waste. But I guess she should have specified that it was for here. And so I made sure I let her know that mine was for here. Not even a smile. Sigh. Anyway I got my drink. No latte art. No sweat. But other pics on instagram had it. I took a sip and got hit with straight up cinnamon and matcha powder. Let's just say, I've had better. I always love supporting small coffee shops but they can do better. Sorry!

Olivia N.

So...I want to preface this with the fact that I a) don't write reviews that often and b) almost never notice/mind poor service when people I'm with comment on it. However, I've been in the area just over a year, and I think most of the times I've walked away from hot house I've felt uncomfortable due to the employee attitudes towards me and others in the shop. It's a shame, because there aren't any cosy coffee shops in the area and this would be my top choice for its location and atmosphere. Coffee is also all right--mochas etc have been sweet in my experience so I go when that's what I'm in the mood for. Food is a bit overpriced in my opinion and sometimes veggies are a little past their prime, but nice for a little meal before the movies. But yeah, the staff. I feel like on the once-to- twice-a-monthly occasion that I go something happens that makes me super uncomfortable. Like I've had whole ordering interactions where the barista didn't speak to me once, many times that I've worked there I've overheard baristas complaining loudly about people they know, swearing, and calling them pretty foul names and other things that feel inappropriate especially for a smallish-feeling town. A few times, I've come in during posted hours, but on the later end, and been told that they wouldn't serve me. I don't know, it just feels like something like that happens every time. This place has something going for it as it's really the only comfy coffee shop around, and that's why I kept going occasionally. I feel like as someone that really never complains about service, the fact that I almost always feel badly about being in that space is something the owner/managers ought to know and maybe work on.

Gregory Morton

Great comfortable vibe and coffee

Tim Stewart

Good latte, foaming was above average. Hot cider w/ whipped cream was delicious.

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