Andora's Bubble Tea Shop

516 State St, Erie
(814) 270-9060

Recent Reviews

Madeline Delgado

My girls and I love this place♥️ Specially coffee;They got the soft bobas ones again

Johanna Ghofulpo

I didn't know anywhere in Erie sold loose tea, so as a tea lover I bought two different kinds and a diffuser. My brother got some boba and said it's really good, but I can't eat boba so I didn't get any sadly. The amount of snack there is a lot and there's so many things to look at. Everyone there was polite and service was fast. Most people that go there are from Gannon so expect rushes when class gets out, obviously at no fault to the employees. I'm definitely coming back ??


The drink I ordered was perfectly made, the service was quick and the place is clean. One of the best boba teas I have had in a while, 10/10 recommend. The staff was friendly and offered suggestions since it was my first time visiting here. I will definitely be back here, no reasons to complain. 5 stars totally deserved

Lip Kit Laboratory

Such a cute tea shop with the best bubble tea around! So many flavors and options. They're seasonal flavors are the best! All the items in the store are really cool and unique too. This is my daughter's favorite place to come for a treat.

Tiara Jeong

Ordered taro/coconut and the flavor was spot on! Wow, taro flavor came through and it was sweeten perfectly. Before I knew it, I had drank it all in a flash. Brown sugar boba is nice and chewy. Anyways if I could- 10 stars.

Samaila Abdullahi Lako

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Pratik Naik

I liked what I had and they made for me. Tried the Taro bubble tea and Peach bubble tea

Thomas O'Sullivan

The Bubble tea I had was amazing! It is a cute shop with some unique items and snacks! Can't wait to visit again!

Tyler Harvey

Went to Andorra’s with my girlfriend after a day in Erie and the over all experience with staff was great We are both frequent boba drinkers and enjoyed the options of foam you can choose from for the drinks.However I tried the yogurt boba in my drink and it was honestly really weird and tasted like sour milk ( rest of drink was good besides the yogurt boba) They have a lot of options I just didn’t enjoy that oneAnother thing to keep in mind and this is no dig at Andora’s is that we parked within a 1 minute walking distance from the store and seen a lot of trouble near by for example at the meter where I parked the car we witnessed 2 gentlemen smoking a crack pipe and another having a meltdown near the crosswalk followed by some very sketchy activity not far past the shop. I would recommend parking as close as possible to the store and enjoying your drink inside. I don’t know the immediate neighborhood well but based on my experience that day it didn’t seem too nice.


This is not wheelchair Accesible !The products seem good , the drinks of various bubble teas are plentiful from what my aide has said and purchased that I have drank , I am a tea lover ( when friends are in town for business they come to my house for a “proper high tea “ in the afternoon . I still must order my loose teas from internet because Andorra’s is local but not Accesible , I don’t gamble on good tea .

Grace Gedney

We’re visiting from out of town and decided to come try this place out, so it was our first time. Each bubble tea place we’ve been to is a little different so we were expecting the same with this place, but before we even ordered it was already confusing. The girl who took our order, which was at 4:25pm today, cut us off a few times (which was pretty frustrating) and didn’t seem very confident. She offered to help us with our orders but essentially just explained the steps and any opinions that were given about the flavors/ what usually comes in each drink weren’t exactly helpful.The tea itself was great, but I would recommend training staff to be a little more helpful or get something up on the screens that tells guests what the cashiers need to make their order so they can help themselves.Make the guests’ first time easy and comfortable, and they’ll come back.

Elyse Niedomys M

Do you like cute things? Do you like bubble tea? Do you like imported snack? THEN THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING PLACE TO GO TO ????STAFF? AMAZING,KIND,AND CUTE. PRICES ARE CHEAP. I fully recommend the strawberry shortcake with almond milk and strawberry bobas ????. Phenomenal. Five stars isn't even enough.

Rachel A.

Soooo you're in Erie & you're craving boba! Have you ever been in this situation? I have. So, where we going? Andora's!! (*Cue the Yelp review*) - this boba shop in the heart of downtown Erie brings a lot of life and sheds light on the concept of boba to many who haven't experienced it. They have a wide variety of flavors from fruit to milk teas (that can be made hot or cold), but my personal favorites are the ones with chai! There's even a little area for drink pickup, fun Asian snacks and foods (like various types of ramen), and a little wall with teas that you can check out. Pro-tip: you'll likely crave boba often so ask for the punch card and get a free boba every now and then!

Emily Case

Visiting firends out of town and really wanted to get bubble tea so we decided to stop here! When I first walked in, the first thing I noticed was the music, they were playing k-pop! I had never heard that before in a store. I immediately fell in love. I loved all the foreign snacks and little treats. They had such cute merchandise as well. I got a traditional bubble tea and I imagine it's the powder mix ( I'm super picky about my bubble tea) but it was good! This store was exactly what I loved. If I'm ever back in the area, I would stop! Only downside is the parking is hit and miss. It's better to walk or take the buss!

Taylor H.

Great selection and customization of drinks. Nice staff. Take-home loose leaf tea is awesome.

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Andora's Bubble Tea Shop

516 State St, Erie, PA 16501
(814) 270-9060