14 E 10th St, Erie
(814) 888-9464

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Tom Heyer

Great food. Great bartenders and staff. Generous portions on every order.

Astro Illogica

I've never eaten in the restaurant, because that sort of setup doesn't really appeal to me (though if you're a person who likes a bar atmosphere, it looks like it would be great.) However, what I can speak about is the quality of their food -- which is AMAZING. First, it's really reasonably priced, and they're actually one of the few restaurants who haven't migrated to Grubhub or Doordash, so their delivery fees are great. I can feed two people on $30, which is pretty solid for delivery gastropub/bar food (It would be like, $45 if it were on doordash.)I tend to get the black & bleu burger (I think its called the triple B) which is always a treat. They also have the best tornado-style fries that I've had in a long time. Additionally, if you like wings (or chicken tenders, no judgin') -- their sauces are extremely good. I suggest snagging the 24 Karat or the Gold Rush -- both are excellent. I've never had a bad meal from the place, and they're always generous with the portions, to the point where you can definitely stretch two or three meals out of it if you want.


The food is always so delicious!! You get a huge portion for a good price. The delivery is fast and everyone who works there is super friendly! Absolutely recommended!!!

Stephanie M

The staff was very nice. The food was surprisingly INCREDIBLE! It had a fun atmosphere. Will definitely come back.

Angelee Eller

One of my favorite places to order from. Delicious food, generous serving sizes, nice place to stay pre covid as well!never had a bad experience. Something i will come back for again and again!

John B.

I called to place a pizza order as they do have very good pizza (to be fair). The young woman answering the phone placed me on hold, no problem... For 18 minutes! I finally hung up and called back. The same young woman answered the phone. Instead of apologizing she handed the phone to manager, laughing hysterically. She thought it was hilarious. I wasn't laughing.

Sophia Kennedy

My husband and I came here for the first time tonight. Everything was DELICIOUS. I had the pulled pork sandwich and it was so flavorful and delicious! My husband had the grilled chicken and he was very pleased with it! We shared some fried pickles and jumbo shrimp and had 0 complaints and the waitress (I cannot remember her name) was very attentive and friendly! We will definitely come back again and bring others to try!

Nathaniel B.

Rude! Manager with tats and ear gauges doesn't have a concept that people may want to come back here again. 'Certainly Not' Pass!

jerry suchar

The place wasn't very busy. The good was really good and fairly priced. Will definitely be back to try other menu food. It was recommended that I try the monster burger.

phillip dudley

bar food and the setting at this location is super good. definitely worth a return visit. the bill was fair for the quality of the food.

Cheri Nelson

Fun downtown spot. Bet it's great when fully open.

Mike C.

i love the food everying good .you need call big bar.

Stephen Herbstritt

Very nice people. I had a few questions about the good there lol and the lady was very helpful with the answers I needed. I was very impressed on how good the food was.

Al-Mujahid Ibn Timun

Always a pleasure to eat there. Food is excellent.

Paul Rowell

Food was great, people were nice, didn't have to wait long either.

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